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There are things that the future holds, and in the vast world of Muglox intersecting with the human world, a small peak into the future isn't all that impossible anymore, and here we take a small preview of what Mirmo and the gang are up to ten years from now. Just imagine that Yashichi bought a strange "Future Peeking Kit" from Mimomo's shop because Azumi wanted to see if she and Setsu are going to get married, but something went wrong and it showed everybody's futures instead.

Mirmo: After King Marumo supposedly "retired" from his kingship, Mirmo was supposed to be the next king of Muglox. But he chose to live in the human world instead, and wait till you hear who's going to be the next king...in a short while. And of course he continues to be lazy, obsessive to kumo cho, and an avid fan of P-man.

Kaede: Kaede went to the local college and took up Business Administration, and now she has her own Chocolate Shop, thanks to Mirmo's persuasion. She has also married...*drum roll*...Kuichi! Yes, and Kuichi is an Olympic swimmer, who goes on to be one of Japan's greatest swimmers. She has a kid named Tomo, who has a rivalry with Azumi's kid who also has a crush on a boy from their school.

Setsu: Setsu was apparently a genius, and subsequently went to Harvard, taking up a pre-med course, and now he is a fresh graduate from Harvard Medical School, and now is in Japan to practice his profession. He has no wife or kids. He began to like medicine when he came across a book about medical ailments, and suddenly he became obsessed with reading medical books that he went on to be a doctor, and a pretty good one at that.

Rirumo: Rirumo, meanwhile, was the new queen of the Muglox world, so she stayed in the Muglox world. Since the new king was...*drum roll again*...Murumo, Rirumo was forced to marry him, but she refused, so she gave the queenship to another person...

Azumi: Azumi was so devastated because Setsu went off to Harvard that she was severely depressed. She changed her classic "evil girl" look and turned into an emo. She got involved with another guy from school and went on to marry him, and now she has a kid named Jummo. But as Setsu came over from Harvard, she suddenly dumped her emo lifestyle...and also dumped her husband through a divorce. Now she stalks Setsu just like old times.

Yashichi: Yashichi has the least change of all characters. He continues to draw panties, and trains Yamane (who grew to be a better ninja than him), Hanso (became the best speaker in all of Muglox), and Sasuke (who goes on to marry Yamane).

Kaoru: Kaoru became the successor of their family's business, and because of that he became even richer. He never had the chance to marry because he is now too much consumed with work, being a workaholic. He destroyed their relationship with Murumo, and because of that he wasn't very much involved much with Muglox affairs anymore.

Murumo: Murumo, having been totally hurt from his breakage from Kaoru, decided to return to the Muglox world for good. Here, he becomes the king, and, after Rirumo gave up her queenship, married Pappi instead and she became the new queen of Muglox. Now, his playful nature is gone, and he is now serious. He even detests marshmallows now.


"What? That's our future?" screamed Azumi.

"It sure did," whispered Yashichi. "Yep, you'll never have to marry Setsu..."


Yashichi was pounded by pure Azumi fist, and she stormed off away. Then Yashichi, bones crushed and all, said, "Should I tell her I just made that one up...?"

After much thought, he said, "Nah...let her suffer..."