Author's note: I don't own Harry Potter, no matter how much I wish I did. I hope you enjoy this fanfic that is mostly about Teddy, but does involve more than them. I've been dying to write this, so here it goes. I thought I'd change the beginning of this chapter because a better idea hit me while I was working at the dinosaur quarry in the hot sun. I hope you like the change!

Chapter 1: Let's Get It Started

Harry was running at top speed through Diagon Alley, Ron hot on his heels. They dodged and jumped and ducked their way through the milling crowd. Many witches and wizards stared at them.

"Move!" Harry yelled at a particularly stubborn witch. "I'm an Auror, get out of the way!"

The moment Harry said this, the crowd parted. Harry continued to shout that he was an Auror as he pelted down the street. A child crossed in front of him and he leapt over her, leaving her parents very angry.

"Sorry, it's an emergency! Auror business!" he called over his shoulder. Soon he reached a store that the door was just closing on and he rushed to keep it open long enough for him to slip in. He dashed down an aisle and grabbed a plastic bag, and ran back to the counter to find a long line. He stared in frustration.

"Can't the Chosen One walk into a store without having to wait in line? It's an emergency!" he shouted over the crowd. The wizard at the counter's jaw dropped.

"Mr. Potter! Of course, move let him come forward," he said. Harry pushed his way to the front and slammed the bag down.

"10 Sickles," the wizard said. Harry flung down the money and dashed out again…just to run into Ron.

"Did you get them?" he gasped. Harry held up the bag and the two Apparated to a small neighborhood with neat little houses. They pelted up the street and ran into the most over colored house Harry had ever seen. The moment he opened the door a foul smell reached his nostrils. A woman kneeling on the floor looked up.

"Oh good, you got them," she said grabbing the bag of diapers and ripping them open. Harry and Ron held their hands over their noses.

"That's foul," Ron said in a muffled voice.

"I told you it was an emergency," Harry said. "We should have bought Fabreeze."

Andromeda stood up with the offending diaper and rolled her eyes.

"This is why Ted had to change Nymphadora, because he complained of the smell," she said, walking upstairs to dispose of the diaper in the diaper genie.

Harry looked down at the baby lying on the floor, smiling innocently.

"You are one foul little boy, Teddy," he said. Teddy laughed and his hair flashed yellow.

"He thinks it's funny," Ron said incredulously.

"He doesn't think he did anything wrong, that's why," Harry said, kneeling down and picking Teddy up. Teddy struggled.

"Mooey, Mooey!" he shouted pointing at the floor.

"What's a Mooey?" Ron asked. Harry bent down and picked up a stuffed wolf.

"Moony," he said giving the child his toy.

Harry hadn't seen Molly this excited since Ginny had told her she was dating him. She was flushed with anticipation as she hovered around the green door waiting anxiously for her son to come out and tell them what was going on.

Harry had been tucking Teddy into bed when a silver weasel had flown through the curtained window and spoken with Arthur's voice.

"The baby's coming! I know it's late, but Fleur asked for me to grab you!"

The excited voice had woken Teddy, who hardly ever cried, and made him whimper. He had never seen a Patronus before and it frightened him. Harry had picked up the two-year-old and Flooed to St. Mungo's Hospital. Twelve hours later, he sat in a hard green chair, his left arm numb from Teddy's dead weight. Bill still hadn't made an appearance yet.

"I hope everything's going all right," Molly fretted.

"Molly, you were in labor for 36 hours with Bill, everything's fine," Arthur assured her. He too sat in a chair, holding a sleeping red-headed girl. Molly smiled fondly at her.

"The poor dear, if her mother wasn't working I'd say take her straight home and to bed!" she said.

"Molly, you know Giselle wanted to see her knew cousin. She told me herself that Teddy wasn't fun to play with," he winked at Harry.

Teddy was a bit of a pest. He liked to play tricks on Giselle because she was quite gullible. Giselle didn't find it funny at all. Harry had jokingly told Teddy that if he didn't stop picking on her, somebody would turn around and do the same to him.

The green door opened and everyone tensed. A Healer came out holding a blue bundle. She smiled sweetly.

"You aren't the Blevins, are you?" she asked.

"No, we're the Weasleys." George said as if this was obvious (which it should have been). "Oh, and the Potters and the Lupins," he added, winking at Harry and his sleeping godson. The Healer looked surprised.

"Harry Potter? What on earth are you doing here?" she asked.

"Er…seeing my friend's baby," Harry stated confused. Was that not obvious either?

"Oh, of course, well congratulations," she said to the group as a whole as she walked away.

"What a bimbo," George muttered. Molly tapped him disapprovingly.

"She was just being polite, did you see those bags? She's probably been here all night!"

"Like we haven't?" Ginny mumbled so that only Harry, Ron, and Hermione could hear.

The doors opened again and another Healer came out.

"I'm looking for Doug Snider, have you seen him?" she asked.

"Er, I think he went to the lobby to find his mother. I think she was lost," Arthur said.

The Healer rolled her eyes.

"That man…if you see him, tell him it's a girl," And she strode back behind the green door.

"One hell of a night for births, huh?" Ron asked.

"It would seem that way," Harry said, shifting Teddy so that he slept more on his chest than his arm. George looked sympathetic.

"Do you want me to take him for a bit?" he asked.

"It would be helpful, thanks," Harry said. George got up from the couch and took the sleeping toddler in his arms. He settled back down, bearing most of Teddy's weight on his legs, placing his head on the arm of the couch.

Several hours, a few toddler fits about being hungry, potty breaks and grumblings later, the doors opened again. Bill came out looking harassed. Molly jumped up immediately looking worried.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"The contractions still haven't changed. It's been nearly forty-eight hours and nothing's changed!" he sat down in Molly's vacated seat. He rubbed his temples as his mother and father tried to soothe him. Hermione and Ginny exchanged nervous glances. Teddy and Giselle, who were playing with the blocks Harry had brought along just in case, didn't seem to feel the tension and fear. Harry glanced at Ron. He looked pale and worried. It was well known that he nursed a soft spot for Fleur, though not a very romantic one anymore.

"What's wrong? It can't be too soon, can it?" Arthur asked. Bill shook his head.

"On the contrary, her due date was April 27th," he said frazzled. The green doors burst open and an elderly Healer came out. He smiled kindly.

"Mr. Weasley, good news, the contractions have grown closer together. We think the baby's nearly here."

Bill was out of his seat faster than a Snitch. The Healer barely noticed that his quarry had bolted past him. He smiled kindly to everyone else and followed the father-to-be.

Molly sat back down looking relieved.

"I hope, for Fleur's sake mostly, that the baby is almost here," she said. "The poor thing must be exhausted!"

"I would be," George muttered. Percy nudged him slightly. George glared but then went back to reading the paper he'd nicked off a passing Healer. Percy and George had become quite close, strange as it was to the rest of the family. They were affected most by Fred's untimely death, George, because Fred had been his identical twin and Percy because he'd seen it happen.

Not more than twenty minutes later, the elderly Healer came back smiling widely.

"Congratulations! It's a girl!" he announced. Ginny and Hermione squealed in delight. George whooped and Percy grinned madly. Harry and Ron smiled broadly to each other and then their girls. Molly sighed loudly and Arthur kissed her cheek tenderly.

"The grandparents and other family may see them now," The Healer said.

"Er, actually, all of us are family." Arthur said awkwardly. The Healer's eyes widened.

"Well, in that case, go in twos and threes," he suggested, leading Molly and Arthur through the doors.

"Blimey, was that the longest wait ever or what?" Ron said. Harry nodded. He wasn't really paying attention. He was remembering another birth…a very different one.

There was a bang on the front door. Everyone's head turned toward it. Fleur came running out of the kitchen, looking frightened; Bill jumped to his feet, his wand pointing at the door; Harry, Ron, and Hermione did the same. Silently Griphook slipped beneath the table, out of sight.

"Who is it?" Bill called.

"It is I, Remus John Lupin!" called a voice over the howling wind. Harry experienced a thrill of fear; what had happened? "I am a werewolf, married to Nymphadora Tonks, and you, the Secret-Keeper of Shell Cottage, told me the address and bade me come in emergency!"

"Lupin," muttered Bill, and he ran to the door and wrenched it open.

Lupin fell over the threshold. He was white-faced, wrapped in a traveling cloak, his graying hair windswept. He straightened up, looked around the room, making sure of who was there, then cried aloud, "It's a boy! We've named him Ted, after Dora's father!"

Harry grinned at the thought of what Remus had asked of him, even though Harry had chased him out of Grimmauld Place, calling him a coward.

"You'll be godfather? He said as he released Harry.

"M-me?" stammered Harry

"You, yes, of course—Dora quite agrees, no one better-"


Harry remember how caught off guard he'd been. He hadn't even remembered that Tonks had been expecting.

"Harry!" Harry jerked and looked at Ron.

"Are you coming or do I have to take both pesky two-year-olds?" he asked.

"Sorry," Harry apologized. He quickly picked up Teddy as Ron picked up Giselle and they made their way through the double door after the Healer. He led them down a hallway to the second to last room. The light green sign read: Room 12, Birthing Ward. Inside, Bill was talking quietly to Fleur as he held her hand. She was a right mess, considering her slivery blonde hair was generally shiny and straight, her skin usually shone and she was typically very petite. Now her hair was tangled and plain, her skin was covered in sweat and she still looked quite pregnant. In the small bed between the happy couple lay a sleeping pink bundle. Fleur looked up as they entered.

"'Arry, you made it!" she exclaimed happily.

"Teddy would have killed me otherwise; he wanted to see the baby," Harry chuckled.

"I'm afraid she's sleeping now, but we could annoy 'er jus' zis once," Fleur said cheerfully. She sat up gingerly.

"I'll get her," Bill said patiently. He gently picked up the tiny bundle and placed her in her mother's arms.

Teddy and Giselle were placed on the bed. They crawled up to the baby.

"She's pink!" Giselle squealed happily. Fleur smiled.

"Most babies are, Giselle," Fleur explained.

"Was I?" Giselle asked.

"Oui, of course you were," Fleur answered.

"I wasn't…boys aren't pink," Teddy said defiantly. Harry repressed a laugh, as did Bill.

"Of course you weren't, you were born blue," Harry teased. Teddy looked horrified.

"No I wasn't!"

"Suit yourself," Harry said.

"Would you like to hold her?" Bill asked Harry.

"I'd better not today, I didn't tell Andromeda where we were so I ought to get back to Grimmauld Place before she panics," Harry replied.

"Yes, you'd better. I've seen her panic attacks. Dora was quite good at causing them," he winked. Harry smirked and picked up Teddy.

"You ready to see Grandma?" he asked the little boy.

"Wait, what's her name?" Teddy asked Fleur.

"Victoire," Fleur answered "Victoire Mai."