A/N: This story came to me after reading the spoilers for season ten and I didn't want to lose it. I hit a roadblock with my last story. As soon as I can think of a way to end the chapter I was in the middle of, I will post it but until then I'm trying out this. Reviews are always appreciated.

Considering Gil not longer worked here, Sara thought she would never walk these halls again. Everything looked the same, smelled the same. Besides the addition of some new faces, and the missing of some old, it was the same. She was beginning to think that this building was unchangeable.

As she smiled and nodded at a clearly awe struck Judy, Sara made the all but familiar trek toward what use to be her now husband's office. After confirming no one was there (and noticing the name plates on the two desks that now took up the space) Sara found her way to another office, which name plate clearly read Willows.

She knocked on the door frame and gave the blonde a smile as she looked up from her work.

Catherine's jaw dropped and she carefully took off her glasses to insure she was not seeing things. "Sara?" she said softly.

"It's me." She responded with a grin.

"Come in, take a seat. What brings you here?"

"You, actually. Your last email had me worried."

Catherine seemed dumbstruck. "What do you mean? Where's Gil?"

Sara's smile slightly faded. "He's in California. And the way you worded it, you act as if you're at a loss with all this. Taking Gil's place is a hard task, and well, do you have time to grab something to eat? It's a long discussion and I'd like to have it in a less professional environment. I'm here as a friend Catherine. I want to help you out, if I can."

Catherine slowly nodded. "Okay. Where did you have in mind?"