Hey guys. Yeah, so I'm sitting here in a really comfy chair at the hospital. My sister is asleep...and I'm quite bored..

Iggy: Me too. Can we please venture around the hospital?

Me: No...Okay, so anyway. Since I'm really bored, and slightly tired(it's almost 2 AM)I've decided to do something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Iggy: Venture aimlessly around this huge hospital?

Me: No. POETRY! So, I was inspired by the amazing St. Fang of Boredom to have my own poetry corner, so here I am, with nothing to do, so, why not start now?

Iggy: Come on, I'm hungry. Can we at least go down to the vending machines?

Me: Iggy, there's food in the window sill and in the Wendy's bag. Now shush it. So, here's the first official poem for Skittle's Poetry Corner! Yay...lol...and a warning, I'm not a really good poet.

Sitting in a hospital is quite boring

Especially really early in the morning.

My sister is sleeping in her bed,

and I'm about to hit Iggy in the head.

He wants to venture 'round this big hospital

But I keep telling him 'NO'.

Okay, so that wasn't the best...

Iggy: No, no it wasn't.

Me: I wonder if anyone is going to read this...

Iggy: -shrugs- Oooh, Good Eats!

Me: -sigh- There is nothing on the TV at 2 in the morning...Good thing I have this laptop and fish tycoon.

Iggy: What's fish tycoon?

Me: It's--Wait, I'll explain in poem.

Fish tycoon is this fun little game

In which selling fish is your aim.

You raise them and breed them until your done,

Then you set them in the store until they're gone.

I'm about to start a new new game,

because these stupid people, whom I wish to maim,

Refuse to buy my fishies.

It's quite entertaining, and frustrating.

Iggy: Sounds it.

Me: Argh, I haven't sold any fish in a whole hour!

Iggy: Don't you have something better to do now? Like feed me?

Me: Not really, I mean, I could sleep. Or read. But I don't feel like it. I feel like writing poetry.

Iggy: How come you get the comfortable chair? Where do I sleep?

Me: I'm the patients sister, so of course I get the comfortable chair. Your just the patient's sister's captive.

Iggy: Grrrreat.

My sis is in the hospital

Why is this possible?

Because, first off, this is the real world,

And secondly she's giving birth to a baby girl.

Not right now, but it will be soon,

Possibly by the light of the moon.

It is also one of the nurses' birthday,

She says her hair is turning gray.

She doesn't really seem that old,

At least not from what I was told.

There are needles in the top drawer over there,

Be careful in that drawer, for the needles are bare.

I've went through my sister's wallet twice,

She wouldn't let me steal her money, that wasn't real nice.

This is quite a long poem,


How to peel potatos...

Iggy: Wow, that was a decent poem.

Me: Why thank you Igmund.

Iggy: Uh, are there really needles in here?

Me: Yeah, in that drawer -points to needle filled drawer-. Joel(mysister)found them earlier, I just take her word for it, I ain't lookin'. I have needlephobia.

Iggy: Okay, so what do we do now?

Me: Continue writing and think of random scenarios that are probably never going to happen. I've already thought of a few...

Iggy: What are they?

The first scenario to pop in my head,

was what if we walk out and the doctor's are all dead.

What if there's a crazy man with a gun,

Standing in the hallway ready to shun,

People from their well deserved life,

And what if he had a friend with a knife?

What would we do then Igmund?

Iggy: A hospital shooting?

Me: And stabbing.

Iggy: What is your problem?

Me: Boredom. Tiredness. Freezing-ness.

In this room it is mighty cold

And it smells of sickly mold.

Okay, maybe not that,

but I just saw a flying bat!

It flew right by the third story window,

I think I'm going to name it Mo.

I'm sort of hungry at this time of day,

But I'm just going to wait till later today.

I knew I should've brought some string cheese...

Iggy: And you didn't, why?

Me: Didn't think it...dang I'm cold! Iggy, hand me a blanket.

Well, we're going to go to bed now...or at least try. I'll probably just look up random fanfiction.

Iggy: Night guys...I AM going to bed, I'll just pull chairs together or something. -situates chairs into bed-like form and lays down-

Me: R&R if you want...This is just something I'm doing to sorta keep ya'll updated on what I'm doing because I'm bored. I don't know if any of you cared, but now you know. And, unfortunantly, still no baby.