The Light in the Shadows:

Chapter 68: Be My Treasure


Golden feline eyes narrowed, "what do you want now thief?" Snowy wings shifted restlessly as their owner took a deep calming breath.

Dark snorted softly at the other spirit's attitude, "ah, as charming as ever my other self." He cocked his head purple bangs falling into his eyes, "I think you are very well aware of why I am here… again."

"As I have informed you many times before." The light angel took another deep breath. "I, am, fine. Now leave me be." Krad turned away a scowl darkening alabaster features giving the angelic being a coldly harsh appearance.

"Yes," the kaito's voice was now literally dripping with sarcasm, "because you look just so happy." Amethyst eyes rolled, "admit it my counterpart; you're board… you're lonely, and you would probably kill for intelligent conversation." Tan arms folded across a black clad chest, "stop being stubborn and reconsider my offer." He didn't even so much as flinch as the Hikari seraph turned swiftly back to face him bristling in fury.

Krad struggled for several moments to rain in his anger taking first and then another deep breath, "I have told you repeatedly that I want nothing to do with you."

Black wings spread glossy ebony feathers glistening with health and vibrancy. "Have it your way then." Tan lips twitched up into an amused smirk. "If you change your mind you know where to find me." With two powerful flaps the leather clad thief leapt into the air leaving his blond angel standing sullenly on the clock tower's roof.

Golden eyes watched the other entity vanish into the predawn sky; once the other had disappeared tense white clad shoulders slumped in silent defeat. As much as he hated to admit it, even in the privacy of his own mind. The galling truth of the matter was that the purple haired Kaito was devastatingly correct. He had no purpose, no goal… and he had no real understanding of happiness having never really experienced the emotion for himself.

He'd thought that gaining his own form and being freed from the brat's mind would make him happy. When in fact he was adrift trapped in a world that he did not understand and where he did not belong. His tamer wanted nothing to do with him and frankly he wanted nothing to do with the boy either. He was alone with nowhere to turn and nowhere to go. Haunting the clock tower like some kind of pathetic ghost.

The question now was, could he swallow his pride, the only thing he really had left and go crawling to his opposite? His other half had come mere days after they had gained their own bodies with promises of safety, of comfort, of care and companionship. Of course Krad had rejected the very idea of accepting any type of assistance from his enemy chasing the other spirit away with fireballs and lightning. But his opposite kept coming back doggedly persistence and with each day that drug past the offer became more and more appealing. He was tired of looking over his shoulder, of waiting on pins and needles for the humans to ambush him. He knew that they wished to seal him back into his art peace. He was exhausted hovering on the edge of mental and physical collapse.

Pale lips twisted self-loathing curling through the hunter's mind. They were not mint to be alone, to be isolated, he craved attention just as much as any of the other Hikari Artworks. He desperately desired to know what it was like to be cherished, protected, admired. He wanted to be someone's treasure for once in his miserable existence. Even if… that mint submitting to his rival.

Oh how the brat would laugh when he found out. Feline eyes slowly opened tired resignation showing in golden depths. It looked as if his counterpart had won yet another of their battles.