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Story So Far:a half human, half cat hybrid named Naruto is taken home by Uchiha Itachi. Just when Naruto starts loving his home and the Uchiha family, a nasty visit from Orochimaru throws things askew. Naruto goes back to Orochimaru to protect Itachi and Sasuke and winds up forgetting how to transform into a human. Will Naruto ever be able to get back to normal? Will Itachi and Sasuke be able to hold together?

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Chapter 19 – Communication

(Warning: there is MATURE subject matter later in this chapter! You have been warned and the rating of this story has gone up!)

Previously: Kyuubi cautiously looked around and called out, "Hello?"

He heard a tiny call from Itachi's closet. The blonde haired boy moved closer and peered in. All he saw was a little orange and white kitten sitting nicely in the middle. "Naruto? What are you doing in here? Was that you who made the noise?"

Naruto nodded and beckoned Kyuubi to come closer. Kyuubi obeyed and knelt. Then Naruto opened his mouth and did something amazing. He talked.

"I figured it out," came the tiny, frail voice. It was more of a raspy whisper like he had a throat cold, but it was still there. Kyuubi clearly heard it.

Goosebumps rose on his skin and his yellow eyes widened as he gaped down at his brother. "Holy shit," Kyuubi gasped. "How'd you figure it out?"

Naruto shrugged his little shoulders, as much as a cat can shrug, "You and Sasuke were playing so I came up here and started mumbling. I thought my voice sounded odd so I tried speaking words and it took a bit but my meowing turned into words eventually and I tried shouting… that's probably what you heard…" the boy explained.

"That's great, Naruto! That's amazing! I'm so glad it's coming back to you!" Kyuubi hugged his brother in warm arms, nuzzling into the purring kittens neck. "Any luck on transforming yet?"

Naruto shook his head no. "Nothing… not even a hint of success… but I'll keep trying…"

Kyuubi set Naruto down and sighed, "Well, you're making progress and that's a good thing… Itachi and Sasuke really miss you but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that…"

A small silence passed between them before Naruto spoke again. "I can't tell them, Kyuubi. Not yet. I want to make sure I am myself again. I don't want to get their hopes up."

"But I think you waiting to tell them is killing them. It's doing more harm than good."

"No. They still hope. They still believe I will come back. Ignorance is bliss… I don't want them knowing what I'm going through."

Kyuubi knew he wasn't going to win with his brother so he sighed, ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair and stood. "Alright. Well, let me know if anything else changes, ok? In the mean time, I have a young Uchiha to ravish so… see ya," he grinned mischievously and took off down stairs to conquer the willing boy still lying on the floor where he was left.

With a jealous sigh, Naruto leapt onto Itachi's bed and curled up on the sweatpants he used to wear. His excitement at having found his voice was gone. None of it was worth it if he couldn't transform… he wouldn't be happy until Itachi could hold him in his arms properly.

Itachi was drained. Exhausted. Though, he was positive he found the perfect place for Sasuke to live. It was a nice, roomy, one bedroom apartment that was close to Sasuke's school of choice. Fully furnished too and the rent wasn't too expensive. He would take Sasuke there later to see what he thought about it.

Itachi already had his place picked out. He had found a cute little house in a smaller, more residential area. There would be no mansions for this Uchiha. It was a 2 storey, 3 bedroom home. It was a lot smaller than he was used to but he planned on downsizing a lot. He would buy new furniture to fit and new everything so that he wasn't using his parents' things. But it had a large yard, fully updated interior, a garage, finished basement… he was looking forward to it.

It was the perfect place for him to settle down and he knew that Naruto would…no, he couldn't think that way. Naruto will come back… he had to.

Of course, Itachi would get rid of Kisame too. The bodyguard had really been useless this past while. There was no need for him anymore. Itachi was perfectly capable of driving himself around and there was usually enough security around the studios that Kisame was really superfluous.

But making the decision to get rid of his parents for good was really hard. He felt like he was obligated to keep them in his life but the more they argued with him and tried to keep him in his pretty little place, the less he felt the need. And when Mikoto got mad at him for keeping his Fathers' affairs a secret, he damn near lost his temper completely. How dare she blame him for something his Father was doing?

Now Itachi was glad to be free of them. He wouldn't miss the constant disappointment of dates missed, cancelled, or rescheduled. He wouldn't miss the steady stream of money draining from his accounts. He wouldn't miss the badgering of taking over the family business or living up to the 'Uchiha Standards'.

It would just be him and Naruto.

Not to mention poor little Sasuke would be free of the stress too and able to happily pursue his dream. This was apparently to become a mechanic. That only slightly surprised Itachi. But then it didn't. Sasuke really loved cars. Especially old cars like his silver Banshee. Sasuke was incredibly immaculate when it came to looking after his car.

And Kyuubi…Itachi really wasn't too sure what to think about Kyuubi. The hybrid was an…interesting fellow. He was playful, mischievous, secretive, and didn't take shit from anyone. He really looked after himself the way a con man would but he seemed to have taken quite the liking to Sasuke. This concerned the older Uchiha.

He really should have a discussion with that boy. Though, as much as he distrusted the tabby, he also saw how happy he made Sasuke. Sasuke was no dumb kid, he could tell a person's character right away and despite that, he really, really liked Kyuubi. It was like he had found a similar soul. They bonded straight away; playing, teasing and roughing each other up.

Itachi had once walked in on the two of them making out. It caught him quite by surprise. Not that there was anything wrong with Sasuke liking a boy. He was just surprised that Kyuubi could show much more than anger, distrust and caution towards people. He really hoped Kyuubi wouldn't push Sasuke into something he didn't want to do. He'd hate to have to kill Naruto's brother…

He would have to talk to Sasuke about that too. How he really felt about everything. They hadn't really had the chance to talk seriously about much since he told him that they were moving out and cutting ties. That was a week ago. Now it was only a couple of days till Christmas and Itachi, for once, felt more relaxed now than he had in quite a while. He felt better now that more issues had been resolved and only small ones popped up. Like Sasuke and Kyuubi's relationship. Or Sasuke liking his new apartment. Moving into his own home. Itachi felt like for once, he didn't have so much on his shoulders.

Making his way back home, Itachi tried very hard not to think about poor Naruto. He tried not to think of the fact that it had been 5 weeks since Naruto had been saved and brought back home.

The first couple days were extremely hard and Itachi had a hard time looking at Naruto without thinking about everything the poor boy had been through. It pained him. He couldn't stay near Naruto for long without feeling that deep, gut-wrenching sadness. The Uchiha felt lost without him. But as the days wore on and turned into weeks, Itachi felt a hard realization settle over him. Naruto was gone.

That in itself was hard to bear. Even though the kitten had been acting strangely the last while, Itachi wouldn't dare let himself hope that Naruto was coming back. He didn't want to get his hopes up. Naruto was acting strange though… eating less cat food and getting rather skinny because of it. Using the litter box less, which worried Itachi that he might be going elsewhere but no matter where he looked he couldn't find anything. Naruto was also immersing himself in the task of always being where he or Sasuke was.

Like last week when Itachi talked to Sasuke about moving out. When Sasuke had left excitedly, Naruto had made himself known by jumping up on his desk in front of him and seeming to listen. Even meowing in response to what he said. Even pushing his nose against his like Sasuke said he used to.

But Itachi dared not hope. Not even when Naruto would curl up next to him in bed under the covers and purr as Itachi touched him. Not even when he would wake up to Naruto watching him carefully. Not even when Naruto sat by the door expectantly, waiting for him to come home. He dared not hope.

Sasuke was in much the same boat as him when it came to the little orange tabby. Though for some reason Kyuubi seemed less bothered by it than Itachi would have expected. At first, when it first happened, and for the first little while, Kyuubi was just as depressed about it as the rest of them. But then one day he seemed to come to terms with it because he would turn into his own, rust colored tabby form and play with Naruto or talk to him. Like Naruto being gone and stuck like a normal cat didn't bother him.

But Itachi didn't like to think about it like that. He didn't really like to think about it at all. He would continue to dream but he wouldn't hope.

Getting home, he saw that Naruto was sitting by the front door as usual, waiting for him. He mewed his greeting and rubbed against his legs as Itachi set down his bag and took off his shoes. He gingerly picked up the kitten and cradled him lovingly against his chest as he walked into the living room and sat down.

"Hey, Naruto…How was your day today? Catch any imaginary bugs?"

Naruto seemed to understand the sarcasm because he started mewling and whining in protest. Of course he caught bugs! What kind of cat would he be if he didn't protect his house from bugs?

Itachi let a small grin form on his lips and pet Naruto's soft, furry ears. "Take long naps?" Naruto purred and nuzzled against Itachi's chest, seeming to breathe deep and sigh. He couldn't possibly sleep without Itachi there! That's a silly question.

The Uchiha was more than content to just hold Naruto against him gently, petting the purring fluff. These little moments made Itachi happy. These moments helped him believe that Naruto was still in there somewhere.

Though that moment was short lived as a few minutes later, Sasuke came stumbling down the stairs with a foolish grin on his flushed face. When he saw Itachi though, he hesitated for a moment. Then Kyuubi came barreling down the stairs and leapt onto Sasuke's back.

"Sasu-chan! I'm not done with you yet! Oh…" Kyuubi finally noticed Itachi and Naruto on the couch.

Itachi was looking over at them with a raised eyebrow. "Having fun?" he asked casually.

Sasuke's face flushed darker and Kyuubi had a cheeky grin on his tanned face. "As always," he boasted.

In embarrassment, Sasuke shoved the bigger boy off of him. "N-not like that or anything…"

Kyuubi chuckled but Itachi was the one who spoke. "Might I have a word with you, Sasuke? In private?" Sasuke nodded hesitantly and Kyuubi took the hint, retreating back upstairs.

Sasuke sat across from his brother and a curious looking kitty in Itachi's arms. "How are things going between you two?"

"Fine, uhm… good. I really like him."

"Yes, I've noticed. And he seems to have taken quite the liking to you. Are you ok with that?" Itachi asked, not out of nosiness, just out of genuine concern.

"Well… its' strange and I'm not used to it but Kyuubi is… he's gentle and different. He doesn't force anything, you know?" Sasuke smiled gently at his brother.

Itachi nodded in understanding. "Do you think he'd like to live with you? Or do you think he will just leave you when he gets what he wants?" It was a rather direct and almost rude question but Sasuke could understand.

"I don't know, to be honest. But he doesn't seem to want to leave any time soon. He mentioned once that it's annoying for him to travel back and forth so often. When I asked him why he did it then, he said cuz he had a very good reason for coming back everyday… then he kissed me," Sasuke flushed a little again, his onyx eyes bright with spark.

Itachi smiled inwardly. Clever.

"Alright. Well, I hope you two are very happy together. Anyways, I think I've found the perfect apartment for you. I'd like you to come see it tomorrow."

As an older brother, he knew his limits to pry.

"Yeah, sure, that'd be great!"

Itachi nodded and dismissed Sasuke, telling him to send Kyuubi down.

"Don't be hard on him, Aniki," Sasuke pleaded before he went upstairs to do as bidden.

Kyuubi came down shortly after, sitting across from Itachi. "What's up?"

"I just wanted to ask you a few questions. What is my brother to you?" Itachi asked. Not coldly, mind you. Itachi was rarely cold or rude towards people. That was just his way of asking questions without beating around the bush.

"Sasuke is amazing," Kyuubi smiled. "He's incredibly resilient and talented. I really like him. I'd like to think of him as my boyfriend if that term didn't make Sasuke blush and protest so much," the tabby chuckled, his tail swishing playfully and his red-orange ears twitching slightly.

"You're not after just sex, are you?"

Kyuubi frowned and sat forward a little, his pallid eyes locking with Itachi's crimson ones, his voice lowering. "No. That is not my intent with Sasuke. Despite me working for prostitution rings and pimps and drug lords, I never partook in any of the 'festivities'. That's not my style. I like your brother and I'd like to keep him around for as long as possible."

Itachi nodded his approval. He liked Kyuubi a little more already. Absent mindedly, he rubbed Naruto up the length up his nose to between his eyes and onto his forehead where his fur was softest, something he loved to do.

"What about you, Uchiha? What are you gonna do when Naruto comes back?" Kyuubi boldly asked, throwing a glance in Naruto's direction.

Itachi blinked and looked down at his kitten that seemed to have stopped purring; listening to their conversation perhaps? "You mean 'if' he comes back? I'd tell him how much I missed him, yell at him for being so stupid as to go back to Orochimaru, hold him and never let him go, yell at him some more for making me worry, then hold him some more…" Itachi admitted. There were a lot of things he would do if Naruto would come back. "But if he doesn't come back…" Itachi looked into Naruto's big blue eyes when the kitten lifted his head to look up at him. "I don't know… I already feel so lost without him…"

Kyuubi nodded. "Then Naruto better work on finding a way back, huh?" The boy stood, clapped a hand on Itachi's shoulder and went back upstairs to Sasuke.

The older Uchiha sighed and kissed the top of Naruto's head.

Tuesday came and went. Itachi showed Sasuke the apartment he had picked and the boy loved it. He got so excited that he asked when he could move in. Itachi, of course unable to say no to his little brother, said anytime.

Naturally, Sasuke wanted to move in that day. So Itachi made it happen. He rented a moving truck just big enough for Sasuke's things and moved him in within a few hours. He even brought Naruto along for the ride and stayed to help Sasuke unpack and get acquainted with his new home. Sasuke's school term wouldn't start till January 11th so he had a little less than 3 weeks to get used to his new location.

Kyuubi showed up to help of course. With the three of them, they got it done quite fast; Sasuke didn't really have much other than clothes, a couple video game systems, books and various odd miscellaneous items.

Itachi would never say it but he was sad to see Sasuke go. With only 3 days to Christmas, for some reason it just didn't feel right to not have Sasuke there. The mansion felt extremely empty and lifeless without Sasuke there.

Naruto meowed loudly and jumped slightly at the echo that came back. "Yeah, I agree," Itachi murmured as he went up to his room to start packing his own belongings. He would be moving the day after Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve, however, when Itachi got his hopes up about Naruto, something he had been trying not to do. He had been downstairs watching TV, alone, when he heard a noise from up in his room. He ran upstairs to check it out. As he was going down the hallway, he saw a flash of light under the door. His heart was hammering, pounding with excitement; he flung open his door to see a little orange tabby squirming underneath the pair of sweatpants that he used to wear.

"Naruto? Naruto can you transform again?" Itachi exclaimed, falling to his knees to pick up the tabby and look in his face. His heart raced, his breathing quickened as he waited expectantly, hopefully, longing to see what he thought he saw.

The kitten merely looked shocked and meowed at Itachi, blinking his wide blue eyes and swishing his tail. Had he imagined it? Was the noise just Naruto falling off the bed, playing with his sweatpants? His heart started breaking, crushing, and dying even as he looked at his lover. Desperate to find proof that he hadn't imagined it, he kept trying.

"Naruto?" Itachi's voice was low, afraid. He felt the despair settle over him like a heavy blanket.

The kitten flicked his ears and mewed, squirming out of Itachi's grasp and curling around the mans' neck like a warm, vibrating scarf. It wasn't Naruto. It wasn't him. He was still just a kitten.

Would the light never come at the end of this long tunnel?

Sasuke didn't feel right about leaving the house either. Leaving the house and his brother behind. It felt alien and strange to him. He had never been away from Itachi for than a couple of days so being away permanently felt so odd. It almost made him feel guilty. How broken must his brother be feeling? Without a brother to hang with, without a lover to be with. Just a cat and a painful memory of what the man once had.

While Sasuke felt strange and oddly empty, he at least, had Kyuubi to distract him. Kyuubi had been such a wild ride for the usually conservative, reserved boy of 19. Sasuke had never wrestled so much in his life! Or blushed so much! There were a lot of things that Kyuubi made him do that he just wasn't used to.

But Kyuubi had been gentle and soothing, gradually lulling Sasuke into trusting him and letting him do more and more things. Kyuubi was coming over again tonight and Sasuke was excited. The hybrid said he would even spend the night with him and that would be a first!

It didn't take long for the hours to tick by and soon Kyuubi was knocking on Sasuke's door. Letting the boy in, Sasuke asked what he wanted to do that night. Kyuubi, being the mischief-maker he was, hinted towards very sexual things, making Sasuke blush, fluster, and go to the kitchen to fix up some food.

It wasn't like Sasuke didn't want the same things, it was just that it was all so scary and new and Sasuke was trying to take his time getting used to it. Though he knew it must have been frustrating to Kyuubi; the boy had left with hard-ons plenty of times before. But the hybrid had patience, Sasuke would give him that.

The great thing about Kyuubi was that no matter how turned on or frustrated he got, he never pushed Sasuke or forced him to do anything he didn't want to. Though he had been cleverly and slowly leading him into it.

They agreed on movies so Sasuke set everything up, popped a movie in, grabbed some popcorn and sat next to Kyuubi on his little couch. The pair cuddled and watched in comfortable silence for a little while but it seemed Kyuubi could not keep silent.

"Sasuke?" he murmured, voice low as he ran his fingers through that soft black hair.


"How do you feel about this?"

Sasuke frowned and sat up properly to look Kyuubi in the face. He had kind of gotten used to the furry ears and tail but sometimes they still caught him off guard. He forgot that they told emotion for cats, like now; Kyuubi's orange-red ears were folded down half way and the tip of his tail flicked here and there.

"What do you mean?" the Uchiha asked.

"How do you feel about us? About me?" Kyuubi repeated.

"Well… I feel fine. Happy, I guess? I feel satisfied, full, like I don't need anything else. Why do you ask?" Sasuke's onyx eyes glued to the small smile on Kyuubi's lips.

"Just wanted to know," he said softly before leaning in and capturing Sasuke's lips with his own. The raven-haired teen gasped slightly but did nothing to stop it. He enjoyed Kyuubi's kisses and touch. He liked the attention and the thrill he got from being touched in such an intimate way. He also really liked the way Kyuubi took charge, always leading Sasuke, teaching, showing.

Even now, as Kyuubi crawled over Sasuke and gently pressed him to lie down on the couch, their lips never losing contact. It was wonderful, the feeling of just losing the world and feeling nothing but that moment, that person, everything the two were together right there.

The comfort, the trust, the openness and togetherness Sasuke felt was nearly indescribable. He just completely lost himself in Kyuubi. Sasuke gasped and groaned slightly as Kyuubi's warm hand slid up under his shirt and brushed over his chest, stomach and hips, his long fingers leaving trails of tingly fire in their wake.

Eagerly, Sasuke pushed his own hands up Kyuubi's shirt, clinging to his firm, muscled skin on his back. Touching Kyuubi was just as exciting as being touched. It was like touching him kept him grounded, tied down to the earth otherwise he'd float away. Kyuubi was his pillar and he really didn't mind being tied to him.

Kyuubi moved his kisses down along Sasuke's jaw, the way he liked it, to his throat were Kyuubi fervently raked his teeth along Sasuke's sensitive flesh, down his throat, over his shoulder and back, earning him a throaty groan.

The hybrid had definitely taken his time to get to know Sasuke's sensitive points. One of them was Sasuke's neck. Another being the tender muscle of his hips where it formed that sexy 'V'. Kyuubi's hand wandered there next, rubbing and massaging that muscle, making Sasuke squirm with pleasure. Sasuke, up to this point, had never let Kyuubi go further down than this. But Kyuubi, clever, sneaky and slightly greedy Kyuubi, was so, so good at testing boundaries and did so by distracting Sasuke.

First he captured his lips in a deep kiss, even coaxing the boy to open his mouth and dominate the kiss with his tongue. Their tongues danced, their breaths mingled, Sasuke was lost in euphoria, and Kyuubi slid his hand down that flat, smooth stomach to the zipper on Sasuke's jeans and slowly, patiently, he undid them and pulled them open.

Sasuke stopped the kiss to look down at Kyuubi's hand then back up to Kyuubi, a light flush on his pale cheeks and a panicked/curious look in his eyes. Kyuubi paused to let Sasuke think and get used to it for a moment.

"I-I don't know…" Sasuke stammered, feeling only a little afraid. It was only the fear of the unknown. Kyuubi knew that.

"It doesn't hurt to try…You know I won't hurt you. If you don't like it, I'll stop, I promise," Kyuubi spoke gently. But in his head he knew that Sasuke wouldn't say no. Sasuke wouldn't be able to refuse once he accepted the pleasure.

After a moment of quiet contemplation and wincing as his own member twitched with anticipation, Sasuke agreed by pulling Kyuubi in for a harsh kiss. With a smirk, Kyuubi took his time working Sasuke into relaxed comfort, touching him where he liked it and comforting him with kisses. When Sasuke relaxed again, Kyuubi slid his hand down and pushed down the jeans to his lower hips, giving him better access.

First he only light brushed his fingers over the fabric of Sasuke's underwear. Sasuke gasped and tensed at the sudden sensation. His onyx eyes closed tight, his brows furrowed; that was new! Kyuubi grinned and nibbled Sasuke's neck as he did it again; loving the way Sasuke squirmed and tensed at his touch. He continued his assault on Sasuke's member, gently teasing it and coaxing it to life. Sasuke eventually gave in, enjoying the sensation. His face flushed darker and he looked up at Kyuubi with lust in his black eyes.

Sasuke was his. There was nothing to hold back anymore. Sasuke wouldn't stop Kyuubi and he knew it. So he gently laid his hand over the clothed shaft and squeezed softly. The boy let out a small cry and closed his eyes, tensing again.

He had never been touched like that!

Kyuubi smirked against the soft skin and kissed his way down to Sasuke's bare chest. Then he slid his hand up the length of Sasuke's shaft, squeezing and running his thumb over the tip. He knew it was driving Sasuke wild. He flicked his tongue out to tease Sasuke's nipple as he slid his hand back down and Sasuke arched his back.

How delightful… Kyuubi thoroughly enjoyed Sasuke's reactions and continued his assault on the boy. Sasuke's hands flew to grip Kyuubi's hair and back, gripping tightly, almost painfully, but it only served to spark Kyuubi's hunger and eagerness.

The wonderful torture went on slowly until Sasuke was gasping and moaning. Then Kyuubi felt bold and daring enough to push his hand into Sasuke's underwear and wrap his warm fingers around Sasuke's length. Sasuke cried out and dug his nails into Kyuubi's back, tensing at this brand new sensation. The friction of skin on skin was… was so… there were no words!

Just Kyuubi. Just his kisses, his tongue, his hand and the immense pleasure that overwhelmed the Uchiha. It damn near took his breath away when Kyuubi finally started moving his hand up and down the length, pumping slowly, steadily, rubbing his thumb across the tip on the upward strokes and squeezing gently on the downward ones. It was almost too much for poor Sasuke. He didn't know what to do with himself. His mind was completely blank.

He was close, oh so close to that sweet release when Kyuubi paused and loosened his grip, making Sasuke come down from that high and earning him a disapproving groan. Then Kyuubi, smirked, kissed those pink lips, kissed his way down that smooth chest and suddenly engulfed Sasuke's member in his hot, wet mouth.

Sasuke almost blacked out from the intense feeling that gave him. He yelped, tangled his fingers in Kyuubi's dirty blonde hair, and tensed, his face scrunched up in concentration.

"Sh-shit…" Sasuke gasped, trying extremely hard not to come right that second. "Kyu-Kyuubi…" he panted, forcing his hazy, lust filled eyes open.

The second their eyes met, Kyuubi swirled his tongue around the hard length in his mouth and sucked. Sasuke nearly screamed, throwing his head back, closing his eyes and trying hard to remember to breathe.

Kyuubi tried to keep it at a slow pace and paused quite often to keep Sasuke from finishing too quickly. But the constant high and frustrating low was irritating Sasuke. He just wanted to finish. He wanted to feel his release. When Kyuubi paused again, Sasuke growled and rolled his hips, forcing his member deeper into Kyuubi's mouth.

Kyuubi got the hint. He gladly obliged, moving his mouth up and down Sasuke's length, sucking and swirling his tongue around every inch it could reach. It didn't take long for Sasuke to be brought to orgasm. With a cry, Sasuke came. His face was flushed as he opened his eyes to watch Kyuubi swallow all the seed Sasuke released. He groaned as Kyuubi licked and sucked until there was nothing left.

Then the hybrid crawled on top of Sasuke and gently lowered his weight onto the boy so he could shakily wrap his arms around him, panting.

"Holy…shit…" Sasuke breathed into Kyuubi's shoulder. The feline grinned and kissed Sasuke's temple.

"Glad you liked it."

Sasuke smirked tiredly and moved one hand down to tease Kyuubi's own hard member through his pants. "Your turn," he breathed.

Kyuubi chuckled. This was an awesome Christmas Eve.

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