Authors Chat: This is my first time writing fanfic. I'm enjoying it. ^_^ I'm trying to stay with the character's.. well, character, but there are a few hard parts to appropriately characterize. That being because the situations the characters are in as the situations are purely fictitious. That being said, italics text are direct thoughts of characters, text is in quotes, noises are done with astricks.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

DISCLAIMER: Skip Beat! and it's characters are not my original creation, they are owned and created by Nakamura Yoshiki.

Story Timeline: This fanfic takes place on Valentine's day. All history taken place in the actual Manga is relavent to this fanfic up until Valentine's day (end of manga chapter 143).

Valentine's Disaster

Reino yawned and leaned back against the seat.

"Even I am beginning to think poorly of this idea. Staying out all night just to be awake when she leaves… Well… though it is better than the alternative." He shuddered at the thought of an early morning wake up call. He just couldn't leave things the way they were though; being defeated by mere mention of Tsuruga Ren. How despicable. How cowardly.

Reino looked out from the limo to the windows on the upper floor of Daruma-Ya as a light went on. A figure could be seen moving about behind the curtains.

"About time. How dare she make me wait all night," as if she actually had planned to meet him. Reino hefted himself off the seat and got out of the limo on the street side, straightened his back and closed the door to wait.

"Ittekimasu!" Kyoko said as she closed the door on her way out.

Unusual… Ren didn't drive today. Though, when he was unwell, we had to take a taxi. A limo is a bit conspicuous though. Maybe Yashiro makes him take a limo when he normally under the weather? No… but Ren hasn't been sick before that day.

Absorbed in her thoughts, she did not notice the figure walking around the vehicle when she opened the limo door and peaked in.

"Tsuruga-san…?" There was no one inside, though a horrible prickling feeling spread across Kyoko's skin and she slowly backed out the door.

"Ffuuuuuuu~ ~ ~ ~"

The puff of air wafted across her neck and sent a chill down her spine. Kyoko froze on the spot. No need to turn around, after being greeted like this twice before, she knew who it was.

All it took was a gentle shove and they were in the limo with Reino closing the door quickly.


The limo started to move before Kyoko realized and started to protest.

"Hey! Wai…" she was cut off by the sudden hand over her mouth, pushing her down onto the limo floor.

"Damn it! You take too long. It's already morning. Ooooh! That look! I bet you're thinking this is about the chocolates."

Kyoko's eyes began spinning. Reino was laying on top of her forcing the air out of her lungs.

Come on Kyoko! Just hang on a little more! You HAVE to stay with it!

"This isn't about the chocolates Kyoko. You have only to think of Fuwa Shou…. Only I can…. If you… force you…" his sentence parsed off as the light fled from Kyoko's vision.

The car came to a stop in front of the Daruma-Ya. Yashiro looked over at Ren who wasn't moving then got out and walked up to the doors to knock. The door opened, the woman inside looked at Yashiro with a hint of surprise, made a few gestures toward the street, then bowed her head and closed the door.

hmm? Yashiro's coming back… no Kyoko…

"Yashiro, was Kyoko not ready?"

"No… actually, the owners said she already left this morning. Someone in a limousine came to get her first thing this morning. I guess she'll already be at the set. Lets go."

"Yeah. We'll see her there then…"

*How could I accept an answer like that? Someone came for her in a limousine? And she willingly went with them? … it must be the president's limousine. Who else does she know that would have a limousine and know where she lives? It must be him… unless…* the name remained un-thought.

"Today's the day" Yashiro said with a grin. I wonder, will she or won't she?

"I've already told you. I do not expect chocolates from her, so stop trying to get my hopes up" Ren said.

True you said not to get your hopes up Ren, but then again, how can someone NOT want to receive chocolates on Valentines day from the one they like? In truth, just looking at your face Tsuruga Ren, its easy to see you already wish to receive chocolates. Are you worried I wonder?

Neither Yashiro nor Ren spoke and silence filled the car as they pulled into the parking lot of the studio.

That girl… Surely those chocolates were for Fuwa Shou. 'Hatred'… surely for him. I have not done anything lately to make her upset… oh… but that look… I was only teasing her, but to jump up quickly and run away like that. She was hiding those chocolates. Why would she make chocolates for someone she says she hates? Is he getting to her? sigh I'm going to have to do something soon, but what and how am I to do something without her despising me?"

Ren glanced over to the empty space where Yashiro had sat and saw him waiting for Ren at the studio entrance.

He sighed again and leaned on the wheel a moment.

Later. I need to be ready for whatever may happen today.

Ren's face took on the appearance of calm as he unfolded from the car and quietly walked up to meet Yashiro as he held the door for the Studio open.

A loud commotion greeted them as they stepped inside. All the cast and crew were gathered around Director Ogata shouting their congratulations and thanks. For a moment, Kyoko was forgotten as they moved in closer to hear what the excitement was about.

"We did it everyone! This week's ratings: 46.8 percent!"

"Wow! That much!?"

"Amazing! We passed Tsukigomori!"

"You did it Director Ogata!"

"Good work everyone!"

"Ren! This is fantastic! We have to tell Kyoko-chan!…. hm? Where's Kyoko-chan?" Yashiro looked around.

"Aah, she must still be with the president. I'll go get dressed as Katsuki for today's scenes."

Hm? Going already? Ren… you don't seem that eager to see Kyoko-chan… could it be you're still worried about yesterday? I wonder if he did see the same thing written on the chocolate that I saw after all…

Yashiro thought, but watching Ren retreat to the dressing rooms left no doubt there was an eager reluctance wanting to and not to see Kyoko today.

"Mmmm… Yes please Miss Featherlilly… take me to the fairy palace…" Kyoko's eyes fluttered and the harsh light forced them closed. Her chest felt heavy as she took a few deep breaths and opened her eyes a slit.

"Too bright" she mumbled and reached for her alarm clock. Not there. She forced her eyes all the way open and was immediately blinded by an array of lights. Music was playing softly in the background and an occasional "cli-chk" sound let her know someone was there.

Whatever peaceful dream she had been having fled her mind as she remembered Reino made her pass out in the limousine.

Slightly panicked, she jumped up and whirled around, looking for the number 2 idiot.

"You damn Beagle! Show yourself!" she found her legs were a little shaky but forced herself to remain standing.

No one came.

"I know you're there! I can feel it! … Makes my skin crawl!" Still nothing. "tch… Fine!" Kyoko took a step toward the lights, then another step, and another. She felt as if her feet were getting heavier and when she reached the lights at the edge of the circle surrounding her, her feet felt too heavy to even move. "What is this some trick from Hell? Grrr…." Kyoko tried to lift her foot, but all her energy was sapped.

"A trick? Mm.. yes. I lost my beloved pet, so I had to get a new one. You won't be able to leave the circle. The stones under each light… They keep you here until I'm ready to let you go."

Now looking at her feet, there was a golf-ball sized chunk of a reddish blackish stone. Kyoko didn't expect the sharp blue jolt from the rock to her fingertips when she reached down and extended her hand to pick the rock up..

She jerked upright holding her hand to her chest. "Ouch!" She glared at Reino "Tch… Whatever you want, you won't get it this time! I'm out of ingredients for chocolate! …and I can't make them in the kitchen at Daruma-Ya! I had to use Mouko-san's kitchen."

"So. You DO still this is about the chocolate? I assure you – I'm fine with the chocolate. …Haven't you noticed? The music?"

Kyoko forced herself to listen. The melody was from Shou's second album.

"GAAAAH! Why are you playing that bastards music? Were you going to steal music already released now?"

She really can be dense sometimes.

"No… that already has Fuwa Shou's name on it. I want something different. Don't you remember what I said last year in Karuizawa? I'm giving up on bothering Fuwa. Now I'm going to focus on you."

Reino stepped into the circle of light. His devilish good looks meant nothing to Kyoko, but he HAD planned specifically what to wear for this occasion. In fact, he spent an entire hour deciding on wardrobe alone. What look could he use to infuriate her the most? Something recent to remind her of when Fuwa dropped her would be best.

Black leather pants now hugged his hips and ran down his legs to emphasize and elongate his frame, just like Fuwa. A black leather belt set with lion heads and loose rings circled his waist drawing the attention upward to an Ivory shirt of silk shantung. The cuffs were rolled up at the sleeve and buttons left open to the chest perfectly framed the platinum bound lavender feather hanging from a black leather strap around his neck. Though this outfit on Fuwa looked very pleasing, on Reino, it was striking. His silver hair and lightly flushed skin complimented the clothing like strawberries and cream. Very tasty indeed.

Kyoko hardly noticed. She did however notice his intended likeness to Shou, and was less than pleased.

"You lied! You told me you were not trying to imitate Fuwa!"

"I'm not imitating Fuwa… and you came to that conclusion on your own."

"Then why are you wearing his clothes?!!"

Pleased she noticed the planned costume, "Oh. So you noticed. This is the same outfit from his new release right before you signed up with LME. I thought it would bring back memories for you of your time on the bottom."

Kyoko noticed the subtle hint that Reino no longer considered her at the bottom of the entertainment industry. This sparked a tiny flame of self satisfaction.

No! No Kyoko! No! He's the BEAGLE! It doesn't count when he says it! She shook her head vigorously.

Reino watched her as her face went from anger to excitement, and with a hard shake of her head, to neutral displeasure.

She's thinking I complimented her. Such a simple thinker. May as well have some fun with this.

Reino raised the camera and *cli-chk.*

"WAAAAAAAH! Why are you taking a picture?! Now you're a pervert as well as a kidnapper? No! You were already a pervert! Now you're a perverted kidnapper with a CAMERA! That's what these lights are for!"

Reino walked over to a tripod and set the camera to point toward the open lit area and walked back into the circle of lights.

"The lights are for lighting the photo set. The camera is for taking photographs. Photos of you Kyoko. In all your glory." He strode forward toward Kyoko while she shrunk back to the middle of the circle.