Miss me? Me neither. Today's song has no name. Crazy, right? It's by Angus and Julia Stone again because I love them and they're so sweet. This song can *only* be found on YouTube. So to find it search "Angus Julia Stone Wedding Song Basement Live." Unlike in "Just A Boy," Julia sings the song instead of Angus so just pretend it's Chuck singing (as a man). This time I decided to not put any text between versus. This is the kind of song you lose yourself in completely, so instead of skipping over the lyrics which we've probably all done at one point, try listening to the song as you read them. Pretty much everything you'll feel while listening will be everything Sarah's feeling.

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Chuck was writing a song. She just knew it. He was doing that annoying thing where he'd go off randomly, leaving Sarah to go into their room and see that low and behold: no guitar. She wasn't sure what exactly bothered her about it, but there was some feeling that she just didn't like. Maybe it was the secretiveness of it all. Chuck rarely, if ever, hid things from her and when he wouldn't share what he was doing she felt like reality had just given her a hard slap to the face. 'No, you idiot, you aren't an exception.' She just felt less special, which was a dumb thing to think considering she had never even known what being special felt like until she met Chuck. She often found solace in the fact that it never took him more than a few days to finish and then she would ask, sometimes he would volunteer, for him to play the song for her and everything would go back to normal.

Sarah talked to Ellie about it on several occasions and always felt better after. It was nice knowing there was someone else in the world that had experience with dealing with her fiancé's quirks. Sarah was actually headed over there now to meet up with Ellie. While Sarah had lived her whole life doing things on her own, she had grown to realize it was okay to rely on people sometimes.

Knocking on the door, Sarah heard footsteps nearing and was soon greeted by the face of the brunette doctor as the door swung open.

"Hey, Ellie," she said with a bright smile.

Ellie smiled equally and said, "Sarah! Come in." Sarah followed her in and closed the door behind her. "No Chuck today?" Ellie was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine as Sarah walked over and sat on the couch. Ellie brought over two wine glasses and set them down on the table before sitting next to Sarah.

As Ellie filled the glasses, Sarah shook her head and sighed, "It's that time again."

Ellie took her eyes from the wine and looked at Sarah knowing full well what she was referring to. "Come on, it can't be that bad. What girl doesn't want to be with a musician? Let alone a smart musician." Ellie raised her eyes and stared at her to accent her point, looking eerily like her husband when he had one of his "awesome" ideas.

"You don't have to keep selling me on your brother, Elle. I'm marrying him, aren't I?" Sarah picked up the glass and took a sip and Ellie tucked her knees under her on the couch.

"I know, I know," she said. "And pretty soon, might I add. What is it? Next month?" Ellie looked away and brought the rim of the glass to her lips.

Sarah laughed. "Oh don't even! I know," Sarah pointed at her chest, "that you know," she pointed at Ellie, "that it's in three days. And I also know you're practically bouncing off the walls when Chuck and I aren't around."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she said, pretending to be shocked at the accusation.

"Please," Sarah scoffed. "Awe—Devon practically begged me to move up the date so he could have his "mildly" sane wife back. I know more than you think."

Nodding, Ellie said, "Yeah, for some reason nothing gets by you. It's like you're in the freaking CIA."

Sarah choked on her wine and started coughing forcefully as her face became redder by the second. Ellie quickly put hers down and went to check on her soon to be sister-in-law. Sarah's throat finally cleared up once again and her normal complexion slowly came back.

"Jesus," Ellie said. "What caused that?"

Sarah's face suddenly got very serious as she set down her wineglass on the table and turned to face the sister of her fiancé. "Ellie, there's something I need to tell you." She paused for a long while and Ellie's neck craned inwards continuously as she waited for her to finish. Sarah mentally prepared herself for this. She wasn't sure if she should have Chuck with her when she did this but Ellie was going to be her family and Sarah wanted a family with no secrets, no lies. CIA be damned. Ellie was practically her sister and the only woman in the world she actually trusted. Must be something about Bartowskis. Sarah had been thinking a lot about doing this lately and she figured what the hell. Why not now? Taking a deep breath, Sarah said slowly, "I am in the CIA."

Ellie looked at her blankly before she burst out laughing. Sarah sat there watching for another twenty seconds. "Okay, Sare, you had me just then. Good one, that was actually funny," she said between laughs.

"Ellie, I'm not kidding," she insisted. "I'm a CIA agent. Sarah Walker isn't even my real name!" This caused more laughter from the older of the two.

"Where did you even come up with this stuff? And since when are you funny?" Ellie continued to laugh and Sarah slowly came to the realization this was not going her way. Sarah gradually eased into laughing along with her.

"Haha, yeah… I don't know. I guess I've been around Chuck for so long it finally rubbed off on me..."

"…Wow, thirsty much?" Ellie said after watching Sarah down the rest of the contents of her wineglass in one gulp. Sarah didn't answer, still too in shock of what had just occurred. Maybe it was for the best. "Listen, Chuck means well. And when he's writing random songs he always tells you about them, right?" Sarah's big blue eyes looked at her as she innocently nodded. "And every time you get upset when he leaves, he always ends up playing you a song. For you. And then the next time I see you you're practically glowing and can't shut up about it. Why do you keep torturing yourself like this?"

Sarah groaned and threw her head back against the couch and stared at the ceiling. "I just miss him." Ellie didn't say anything and so Sarah rolled her head to the side and saw Ellie's face looking as if she had just seen a dachshund puppy trip on its own ears. Sarah lifted her head up. "What?"

Ellie pursed her lips together before squealing, "You're just so cute!" Sarah looked at her disgustedly. "Seriously, what's the longest period of time Chuck's spent writing a song and distancing himself?" Sarah began speaking but Ellie cut her off. "Don't even answer that, I already know. Three days, Sarah. Three! Devon goes on camping trips for a whole week."

Sarah sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "It's just… I just don't want him… shutting off! I mean, when we have kids is he just going to leave me for three days to take care of everything while he goes off and "writes a song"? I can't handle that!"

"Sarah!" Ellie snapped her fingers in front of her face. With her palms facing the floor, Ellie held them out and said, "Calm. Down. Honestly you are the biggest drama queen about this stuff."

"That's because I suck at it! "Sarah, say your feelings," "Sarah, don't throw your clothes around the apartment," "Sarah, what are you thinking about." Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! I'm going insane because I'm horrible at all this stuff! I do everything wrong," she exaggerated.

Ellie now had a worried expression with a hint of anger. "Does Chuck tell you that? Say yes and I'll go find him and kick his ass."

Sarah threw her hands in the air. "No! He thinks everything I do is perfect. But I'm not perfect. I'm the opposite of perfect. I'm… I'm…"

"Imperfect?" Ellie said completing Sarah's thought.

Sarah snapped her fingers and pointed at her, now really worked up. "Why does he think that? It's not fair."

"In what way is that not fair to you?" Ellie thought Sarah was describing the ideal man, which was awkward because he's her brother. She had always admired their relationship, often telling Devon to be more like them.

Sarah calmed down and somewhat pathetically said, "Because every time he leaves I can't help but think he finally realized how imperfect I am."

"Oh, Sarah," Ellie cooed, making Sarah feel even dumber. "Chuck's just writing you a song. Don't think so much about it just keep living your life."

"I know," she sighed. "It's just hard to keep "living my life" when Chuck is my life."

Just then the door swung open and Devon walked in with his bike shorts on and carrying his bike. His headphones were still in, prompting him to be even louder than usual, which was practically yelling. "Girl time! Awesome! Don't mind me, ladies!"

Ellie rolled her eyes at his spandex shorts and motioned towards him with her hand as he walked through the apartment. "See what I have to deal with? I'd much rather Devon was doing something for me rather than every other woman whose eyes wander south."

Sarah laughed sympathetically just as her phone went off. She looked down to see a text from Chuck that said, "Dinner? It's important."

"Fantastic," she said to herself sardonically. Looking up at Ellie, she said, "That was Chuck. You'd think the guys planned their timing or something."

"Wouldn't put it past them."

Sarah grabbed her jacket next to her and started putting it on. "I've got to go now. Talk to you later?"

"Sounds good," Ellie responded.

"Hey, babe, where's my protein shake?" Devon boomed from the kitchen ten. feet. away.

Ignoring him, Ellie said to Sarah, "Call me and tell me what happens. I've got to go take care of that one."

Sarah gave her a quick hug before letting herself out as she heard Ellie say, "I didn't touch your disgusting—" She was cut off by Sarah closing the door.

Throughout the drive home Sarah thought of what she should say to him, if anything. She had gotten better at knowing when she should speak up, but that knowledge didn't make her hate doing it any less.

Walking into their condo Sarah was immediately met with the smell of… something. Chuck came out from behind the corner as he was pulling off oven mitts.

"Hey. You get my text?" He threw the gloves onto the table and walked over, giving her a longer-than-usual kiss on the lips.

Opening her eyes after the contact, she said, "…Yeah. Is everything okay?"

Chuck smiled that crooked smile he got whenever he was confused. "Yeah, why wouldn't it be?"

"Well your text said it was important…" Sarah looked around. "Are you cooking?"

"Yes ma'm. Your favorite." Sarah couldn't help the smile that formed on her face. She doesn't know why she gets so happy. That and Hamburger Helper is about all he knows how to make. He learned it only for the sole purpose of being able to cook it for her. Sarah saw that the table they usually ate at was empty.

"You want me to set the table?" She was already walking to the silverware drawer when he stopped her.

"No no. It's all taken care of." He went over to stand behind her and placed his hands on her hips, turning her towards their balcony, where she then saw the romantic dinner he had planned. He kept his hands where they were as he walked her over to the small candle-lit table outside.

Chuck pulled the chair out for her and pushed it in once she sat down. "What's the occasion, Romeo?"

"I know I've been a little MIA the past few days so I wanted to make it up to you. Just me and you tonight, okay?" His smile was infectious.

"That's sweet, Chuck, but you really didn't have to."

"Of course I did," he said. "Now do as you're told and sit back and enjoy. I'll be right back." Chuck went to go check on dinner, leaving Sarah to revel in that fact that he had come through for her yet again.

"I love this man," she sighed to herself as she stared out at the view. Nighttime Los Angeles was never tough to look at. A familiar thought in the back of her brain started moving front and center the longer she sat there. He must have finished writing the song, meaning he'll play it for her. The end result was always her favorite part of the process. Sarah grew more and more excited the more she thought about it and was absolutely positive that when Chuck came out he'd have his Les Paul in hand. It would just be so Chuck.

But when Chuck came back outside the only thing in his hands were dinner and a bottle of wine. Sarah figured he was probably waiting until after they ate. She got nervous seeing the wine knowing she had just been at Ellie's. She tended to get a little emotional when she drank too much. Chuck noticed the visible drop in morale and quickly placed them on the small table and sat down.

"What's wrong?"

Sarah soon realized what she must have looked like at that moment and following a closed-mouth smile with raised eyebrows to match said, "Nothing! I just feel bad you had to do all this for me." That was a lie. Forget armed thugs, nuclear bombs, torture, even. They all paled in comparison to her fear and just plain hatred of things not going as planned. Routines are what had kept her sane and right now Chuck was breaking one she held very close to her heart. And to think, she was in love with him before she even knew he could play the guitar. Sarah told herself that's all it was. Chuck was going off book. She found his spontaneity to be a huge turn-on most occasions. This, however, was not one of those occasions. This was all she had to look forward to whenever he'd go all Mystery Man on her.

"He's probably just saving it until later," she decided.

"I apologize for the lack of rose petals, if that's it," he said half-jokingly. "That whole seduction phase kind of ruined that for me."

Sarah was looking down, but smiled when she heard him and looked back up at him. "I think that might be a little too conventional for a couple like us."

Chuck smiled back at her. "Probably."


After dinner, Chuck got up to clear the table and then came back with dessert, which just so happened to be the most conventional romantic dessert of all time: Chocolate covered strawberries. Despite her previous statement, Sarah's eyes lit up. It wasn't clear if the strawberries or Chuck himself caused that. He told himself it was probably a combination of both. Instead of sitting back down at the table, Chuck walked past it, grabbing her hand in the process and pulled her over to their reclining chair that Sarah may or may not have stolen from poolside (that still remained a mystery to him). The back was set to a little less than 45 degrees and Chuck sat down first. He waited for Sarah to sit against him before leaning them both back together. Sarah held his hand in hers as she brought it around her, his thumb ending up barely pressed against the underside of her left breast. Sarah stretched and contracted her fingers slowly over his knuckles as they stared up at the sky. Due to being in the city the stars were scarce, but it didn't take away from how good it felt to be pressed up against him.

Chuck held the gourmet fruit in front of her mouth, which she happily bit into. He then brought it to his own mouth and finished it off. Seeing as it was her turn, Sarah grabbed a strawberry and without turning, held it up to the general area of where his lips were. She heard the chocolate shell break and felt a tug as Chuck mimicked her previous actions. Juice dripped down her thumb and to the small of her wrist, leaving a pink trail going all the way to the tiny freckle located just off to the side of her inner wrist. Before it could go any further, Chuck caught it in his lips and followed the trail all the way back up, sweeping his tongue over and gently sucking on her sweet porcelain skin in the process. Sarah closed her eyes at the touch and her forehead creased slightly in a pleading kind of way.

To put it simply, Chuck was the devil. Sarah had absolutely no idea whatsoever how he knew to do that. For some reason unknown to her, or anyone else for that matter, Sarah had especially sensitive wrists. She never told him this, fully aware of his aversion to anything blood related, but she soon found out that he loved every micrometer of her body, be it veins or the thumping of her heart when he tells her he loves her. It wasn't even her body, though that did help. Mostly it was just her. Just Sarah Walker that he loved, including everything that fell under that title. She remembered Bryce having a great sense of pride in his sexual competency. But he had always seen it as a big picture, never looking into the details. Chuck, however, paid attention to every gasp, flutter, and whimper made by her and mentally took note of everything he could possibly learn.

"Why do you know me so well?" she asked him, her voice doing that raspy whisper thing that always happened when she didn't want anyone else to hear. They were the only people on that entire floor, but still, it kept the moment intimate.

Without missing a beat and as if it was the simplest thing in the world, Chuck said, "Because I love you." Sarah pulled his hand up over her chest and set it down over her heart.

"Can I hear the song now?" Sarah turned her head back diagonally, half sitting up so she could look at him. By the look of his smile she could already tell she wouldn't like the answer to the question that's been nagging her the past few days, not to mention all through dinner.

The sad smile coupled with him reaching to tuck her hair behind her ear despite it already being there was followed by, "Not yet."

"Not yet? What the hell does that mean?" Today marks the third day of his songwriting and if she waited any longer she could finally shove in Ellie's face, "Not three days! Four days!" But Sarah really didn't want or need another reason to be upset. The ever-tightening knot in her stomach was doing just fine on its own.

"…What?" Contrary to her asking the question, she heard him the first time perfectly. Why she would like to relive the feeling once more was just a twisted subconscious self-punishment for nothing at all. "I mean you finished it, didn't you?" Sarah was now turned around and could easily look into his unwavering brown eyes.

Chuck nodded and began to find it hard looking into those permanent mood rings often referred to as her beautiful could-stare-into-them-forever cobalt eyes. His mood ring theory came through yet again as he saw the disappointment paired with impatience. She was doing that thing where she looks back and forth from both his eyes, as if even though one eye might not tell her anything, the other might have a clue. …No dice.

"It's finished… it's just that now isn't the right time." His softly stroking her left cheek with his right hand somewhat helped in comforting her.

Sarah pouted and Chuck couldn't tell if she was playing or not. He didn't have much time to check before she had her face pressed into his shoulder. Chuck knew that this wasn't a Sarah-needs-to-be-held situation, but more of a Sarah's-completely-lost-about-how-she-should-feel-and-that's-frustrating-for-her situation. Chuck squeezed her tight and she mumbled, "When is it the right time?"

"Very soon," he said. Sarah could tell he was smiling when he said that.

Sarah lifted her head and with her hands on his pectorals leaned in to kiss him. He tasted like strawberries. Pulling back only enough so that her lips still brushed his, she said, "Promise?"


Sarah leaned her head onto his chest and continued to look out over the balcony. "Thank you for tonight."

Chuck rubbed her arm gently and instead of warming her up like he had planned, the touch only gave her goosebumps. "I think I should be the one doing the thanking."

"Why's that?" By now Sarah's voice had become near inaudible.

He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her even more. "I just got to spend a romantic night with the most beautiful woman in the world and she even forgave me for being an asshole. I'd say I hit the jackpot."

The corners of Sarah's mouth started lifting, forming a barely visible smile. "Night's not over, Chuck…" Sarah then sat up. Standing, she said, "And who says I've forgiven you?" Sarah walked around him and dragged her hand across his chest as she did. Running her hands all the way down his chest, she whispered in to his ear, "You've been a naughty, naughty boy…"


The next morning, Chuck was woken up by the sound of his phone going off. Removing himself from the spooning position he was in with his very naked fiancée, Chuck answered on the fourth ring.

"Hey, Ellie," he mumbled into the receiver.

"Chuck, did you talk to Sarah last night?"

"And good morning to you, too," he deadpanned. "I did in fact talk to Sarah last night. Kind of hard not to when we live together."

"Not like that. Sarah—Wait. Is she there right now?"

"Yeah, she's sleeping next to me. Why, do you want to talk to her? Because if you do, I would suggest not calling in the morning. You might not like what you see. Or in this case hear."

"No, I don't want to talk to Sarah, I want to talk to you. But she's there so could you come over?"

Chuck didn't know why his sister was calling at nine in the morning telling him drive to Echo so she could talk to him without Sarah being there. It sounded a little sketchy. But unable to say no to his big sister, he sighed and said, "Alright I'll come over but not right now, okay?"

"Okay, see you later," he heard her say.

Chuck said a quick goodbye as he was ending the call. Not a hundred percent polite but she had interrupted his morning Sarah time. Placing the phone on the nightstand, he rolled onto his side to go back to his previous position of being wrapped around the secret agent. He wrapped his arms around her smooth, flat stomach and pulled her into him. Chuck found it funny that the agent, who was usually so resistant to other people, happened to be the best snuggling partner in the world. She smelled nice, too.

"What was that about?" Chuck was startled to hear her speak since he thought she was still asleep. Sarah rolled over to face him and said, "I only heard the last part."

"What are you doing up?" he asked her.

Sarah shrugged. "All of a sudden I was cold. I think it's because my boyfriend moved so he could talk on the phone."

"Fiancé," he corrected. "Sorry about waking you. That was Ellie. I need to go over there," he answered.

"Anything wrong?" She still had her face pressed against the pillow looking at him doing the same on his own pillow.

Chuck placed his hand on her hip and stroked his thumb over it. "I'm not sure. I don't think there's any emergency; she just said she wanted to talk. Probably that threatening speech from the bride's best friend to the groom about taking care of her," he joked.

Sarah smiled. "Well in that case, make sure you take good notes."

"Will do," he told her. "You want breakfast?"

Sarah shook her head a little. "I'm not that hungry."

"Makes sense…" Chuck had a shit-eating grin on his face as he sat up and pulled the covers off him. "…You did swallow a lot last night."

Sarah's eyes widened to saucers at the same time her jaw dropped. Chuck was already halfway out of bed and managed to dodge the forceful slap aimed at his head. However he didn't anticipate the hard kick to his thigh as he walked away.

"You're going to pay for that," she called out as he limped away into the kitchen.


Chuck found himself sitting on the Woodcomb couch as his sister, Mrs. Woodcomb, was eyeing him.

"Chuck what did you and Sarah do last night?"

Chuck awkwardly shifted and said, "I think if I told you I'd cross a few lines in this brother/sister relationship."

Ellie's faced twisted into a disgusted look. "Chuck. Ew. I mean did you finally end your music break?" Chuck face displayed no trace of knowing what she was referring to. "Every once in a while you take a break from your life to focus on music and don't even realize what that does to Sarah. That's not fair, Chuck. She's going to be your wife soon and you can't do that. Not only does it leave her with no one but it also puts the wrong idea in her head." Chuck looked horrible so Ellie lowered her level of assault. "Listen, Chuck, I don't know about Sarah's past but from what I've figured out on my own she's obviously been scarred just like we were when mom and dad left. She's not like everyone else. Her mind goes through a different process. And trust me, I know that you don't do it on purpose. And I've told her a thousand times she has nothing to worry about but you need to be the one to do that." Ellie waited to see what he had to say.

Chuck now knew what he had done wrong. Why she had looked so disappointed and lost. He hadn't even considered what must have been going through her head.

"I was doing it for her, I swear," he told Ellie.

"I know, Chuck. She just wants to know that you'll be there for her all of the time. Not just most of the time. Did you at least play her the song? That's the only thing she has to look forward to, you know."

Chuck regrettably shook his head. "I wasn't going to play it to her until the wedding. That's why I wrote it."

"Does she know that?"

Chuck shook his head again. "No."

Ellie smiled sadly. "You know her better than I do. Is Sarah really the kind of person who will stay ignorant to what's going on just for the sake of perfect timing? If yes, by all means, do it your way. But if no, you might want to start rethinking your strategy."


Later that night, when Sarah walked out of the bathroom after her shower, she was drying her hair with a towel that was blocking her view of Chuck. The only reason she knew he was there was after five seconds she heard a guitar playing. It was slow and her heart became fast and everything just seemed okay now that he was there, sitting on the edge of the bed that they shared with his Les Paul guitar on his lap and his fingers on the strings. She put her arm down to her side, still holding the towel, and watched him as he made her forget about everything else in the world. At that moment, the only thing on her mind was him sitting there, and her standing there, and the song. The song that he wrote for her. The song he was playing for her. Right now.

"We're gonna build a life together
You and I forever and ever and we'll
Make babies on the beach
Under the stardust and
I'll hear your voice come through the door
A thousand times, maybe more
And I'll smile inside to know you're mine

"Do you know how lovely you are
In the starlight, in the starlight of my heart
Do you know how lovely you are
In the moonlight, in the moonlight of my heart

"We're gonna build a home together
You and I forever and ever and we'll
We'll make babies on the beach
Under the stardust and
I'll hear your voice come through the door|
A thousand times, maybe more
And I'll smile inside to know you're mine
Completely mine

"And I wind up every day
Thinking about the way you make me feel
When your lips touch my lips
And I could crawl inside a cave
Or live somewhere strange
As long as I'm with you
I've got what I need

"We're gonna build a life together
You and I forever and ever and we'll
We'll make babies on the beach
Under the stardust and
I'll hear you voice come through the door
A thousand times, maybe more
And I'll smile inside to know you're mine
You're mine
Completely mine"

Sarah was still standing. Some point through the song she had leaned against the wall. She couldn't remember even blinking. Before she knew it, Chuck was standing in front of her apologizing. "Apologizing for what?" She noticed she was still holding the damp towel. Her shirt was getting wet from the hair resting on it and she thinks she might have to change again. She feels lighter. She bets she looks like Chuck after he got the Intersect removed all that time ago. She still hasn't paid attention to what he's saying. "He talks a lot." Sarah was feeling immense affection towards him and softly hugged him. He wasn't talking as much now. She was nervous her hair might be getting his shirt wet. She just stayed there hugging him as her mind caught up to the real world.

Everything feels so real now. Like all her life she has been waiting for him to sing this song to her. Her life is different. As far as she's concerned, she's already his wife. If by wife, it means he's her husband. And if by husband, it means he's the person she's been unknowingly looking for her whole life. After such a long and twisted and just really messed up ride, she has finally arrived. Arrived where? She isn't exactly sure. She's never been here before. But she knows nothing has felt more right. Everything that happens from now on is meant to be. Because she is finally here.

When she let go of him, her eyes went to the dark spot on his shoulder. "Sorry about getting your shirt wet."

"What?" Chuck didn't even look down to see what she was talking about. "Sarah, I mean everything I said. I'm sorry for doing this to you and I promise it wasn't intentional. I wasn't thinking."

"Do you really want kids?"

Chuck stopped himself to focus on her question. "With you, yeah."


Chuck didn't know why she seemed so… cleansed. "Sarah, are you okay?"

"I'm crazy in love with you," she blurted out. "I have been for a really long time. Like, way before I told you." Chuck just watched her not knowing what to say. "But that doesn't matter now."

"It doesn't?"

Sighing quickly, she said, "No. Because I wouldn't change a thing. And in two days we're getting married! Fucking married! And then I'll be Sarah Bartowski and you'll be Chuck Bartowski and I just can't wait."

Now Chuck was smiling. For once, she was the one with the infectious smile. She was the one lighting up the room by just being herself.

"You're pretty excited for this, huh?"

"Don't you get it?" She looked borderline ecstatic. "All of the shit that's happened? It doesn't matter! None of it matters! Because we're here. And this," she said waving her arms around, "this is why we put up with all that shit. Because no government is going to tell me you're not mine or tell you I'm not yours. You're right. I'm completely yours. I'm with the man I love and that's the only thing that matters. Everything's so simple now. And all that stuff you were singing about? That's going to happen. Nothing's stopping that from happening. Besides maybe public indecency for having sex on the beach. And I don't even care about that!"

Chuck was laughing now. Sarah was literally giddy. And that was making him feel giddy. And now they were just two giddy idiots in love telling the world to go screw itself.

That whole Intersect thing? "Fuck that. I'm with Sarah." Stanford? "Who cares? I'm with Sarah." Jill Roberts? "Who? I'm with Sarah." And nothing else matters.

Chuck wrapped his arms around her and picked her up to spin her around. The second Sarah's feet hit the floor she was kissing him. Kissing him like it was the first time. Forget that one where she broke his heart. That might as well not exist. This was their first kiss. This was the first kiss they had knowing nothing else mattered. That's the only real kind of kiss.

They are going to build a life together. Forever and ever. And they are going to make babies on the beach because they want to. And they'll hear their voices come through the door a million times for all they care. And at that moment, they don't know if they'll ever stop smiling. Because she is his completely. And he is hers completely.

And anyone who has a problem with that can go to hell.


The End.

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