Stacy awoke in sheer panic. She was sweating from her head down to her toes. She was panting heavily as she searched around her room for her two best friends, Amber and Drea. As usual they were sound asleep in there bunk beds across the room from Stacy. She takes a deep breath and remembers that it was only a dream. But for Stacy, it was more like a nightmare. Unlike most normal nightmares that teenage girls have, Stacy's nightmares come true, most of the time. She was still hyped up from her nightmare that Stacy decided to go for a walk. She glanced at the clock. It read three o'clock in the morning. She doesn't care. She slips on her monkey shaped slippers and steps out of their dorm room as quiet as possible. She walks down the hall towards the two wide entrance doors to the dorm. She steps out and sees Jacob, her beloved boyfriend, waiting on the steps with two cups of coffee and a blanket. He stands up, hands her a cup of coffee, and kisses her on the cheek. Like Stacy, Jacob's nightmares also come true. One of the main reasons they are so close is because they love being able to sense each others feelings and when they have a premonition. He sensed something was wrong when he awoke from a strange nightmare, but knows better then to ask about it right away. They walk away from the school, hand in hand, toward the forest. Stacy loves being in the forest at night, she loves the way the moon tells her secrets and the light from the night sky leads her in the dark. She especially loves it when Jacob comes.

"Are you okay?" Jacob whispers, afraid to ruin the quiet.

"I am now," Stacy smiles, "I'm glad you came."

Jacob looks at her, still with question in his eyes. He drops it, deciding that the way things were at the very moment were a dream to him. Walking hand in hand with his beautiful girlfriend, wrapped up in the cold, and not saying a word because the situation needs none. He looks at Stacy with so much love in his eyes. He loves the way the moon light aluminates her beautiful brown hair, and the way her eyes suddenly look brighter. He loves her and whether or not she can say it at the time, deep down he knows she loves him just as much.

And at this point he isn't even worried about the fact that he might die and the fact that Stacy might already know.