What started out as venting has turned into something fun.

I have NO idea how long this will be.

It will probably be rather short, and I adjusted ages a smidge.

It's angsty…but there's some fluff and bonding.

This first blip here is merely the introduction—everything will get longer as the story progresses, and again, dunno how long it will be yet.


Was this the way that it was supposed to be? Soft breeze, autumn leaves, October sky? For some reason it really didn't seem fitting to her to bury her parents in the same month that their wedding anniversary was in—the same month her mother's birthday was in. The tears hadn't stopped from the moment she looked at herself in the mirror that morning, Alfred telling her how beautiful she looked…how much she looked like her mother. In fact everyone always told her that she looked like her mother, but she had her father's brains and his adorable nose. This was almost too much for her.

"Do you want me to stay with you, Tara?" Alfred asked her, slipping his worn hand into hers and giving it a good squeeze. "Master Bruce and I can wait here with you or in the car if you want your privacy with them."

Tara held onto Alfred's hand firmly and he nodded, stepping closer to her and blotting his eyes with the back of his other hand. She couldn't voice what she wanted yet, but Alfred knew his great niece well enough to know that when she needed something, she held on for dear life. This was his niece in the ground with her husband, their daughter left behind, and since Alfred's sister had been deceased for a few years too, he was all the family that Tara had left. Bruce had gladly welcomed her into his home, having been a very close friend of her father's, and having known Tara all of her life.

"I'll stay too, Tara." Bruce promised, resting his hand on her head to pull her to him, kissing the top of her head softly.

Tara squeezed her eyes shut to push away the thoughts about Bruce as his chapped lips pressed against her soft hair. It was just the three of them, staring at where her parents had been buried a few hours ago, and she wanted to honor her parents…not think about how Bruce was making her fall even more in love with him at that very moment. Just a few days ago a car crash had taken her parents from her, and she honestly couldn't even begin to imagine how she was going to get through this. She was 22, freshly out of college, and only four months ago her parents had seen her graduate, Alfred and Bruce there as well, even though Bruce had been fidgety.

She understood that, seeing as how she knew the exact reason why Bruce was conflicted between leaving and staying—seeing as how she knew he was Batman. When she was 15, Bruce had finally come back from his traversing around the world, and Batman had shown, which made Tara rather curious. Alfred and Bruce had never planned on exposing the teenage girl to such things since she spent the majority of her time in the mansion anyway for private school in Gotham and had other things to focus on, but she caught on rather early on when Bruce sported his first bruises. She quickly figured out what the two men were always working on, and from that point on she'd been a large part of nursing Bruce back to health when he needed it, and figuring out riddles and such when she could.

"We can go." Tara finally managed. "I don't think there's anything more for me to do or say for now."

Alfred and Bruce both nodded, Bruce pulling Tara into a side hug as Alfred let go of her hand and headed for the car. Tara tried to shrug off the feelings for Bruce to remember her parents, and it worked mostly, but she couldn't help but breathe in the after shave and dirt smell. It wasn't a bad smell…in fact Tara quite enjoyed the fact that most of the time Bruce smelt like he'd been hard at work…it was when you added the smell of blood to the mix that she got a little worried. Especially theses days with the foes that both Bruce Wayne and Batman were accumulating.

"How about we all go out for a bite to eat? How is that?" Bruce asked her.

Tara looked up at him as he sat next to her in the backseat of the car, and nodded—she liked that idea more than she was willing to let on.

Note: Flash forward next part, and there will be a LOT of flashbacks. Feedback is love!