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Chapter One

Denying The Truth

People say that everything happens for a reason… but what they don't know or don't tell you if they do, is that sometimes those reasons have bad origins. Even now, as Aunt Sara walks with him across the hospital's parking lot, completely cancer free, back to the old beat up car containing his father, little brother, younger cousin, and myself (I can't tell you what I was to Matt at that point, I didn't really know myself) I still couldn't comprehend what sick twisted reasons whatever the hell that was in that house had for doing the things that they did to my Mattie. But hey, I didn't understand a lot of things back then, and I don't think I'll ever find answers to some of the questions I still have, but now that I think about it, I think that some questions are better left unanswered.


His left hand was tangled in her hair as he trailed wet openmouthed kisses down her jaw and across her neck to her pulse point gently sucking, making her next exhale of breath come out as a moan, while his right hand was tracing circles and designs across her back. He couldn't stand it any longer as he extracted his fangs that he carefully had kept hidden until this point. Just as he was about break the skin and turn her into a creature of the night…

"Boo." I gasped out loud and hastily slammed the book that I was reading shut as goose bumps appeared on my arms. The goose bumps weren't because I was scared though. They were caused by the way my body reacted to hearing the low, throaty, seductive whisper and the hot breath on my neck coming from the one person in the world who could get that kind of reaction out of me by doing something that he thought to be harmless. Yeah right. "Man Wen, you're losing your touch. Usually it takes a lot more for you to jump like that." Matt chuckled as he walked around the arm of the living room couch that I was currently leaning against, a smirk playing on his lips.

I laughed. "So, that was lucky timing." I set my book on the coffee table as Matt slowly sat down next to me on the couch. It was taking him longer and longer to be able to do that. He raised an eyebrow and leaned in towards me placing his left hand on the arm of the couch so that I was cornered. "Oh really?" he tilted his head to the side. "Want to see if I can get those goose bumps on your arms again, because I'm pretty sure I can think of a few ways." He said smugly. Before I had a chance to answer (or for my heart to start again) Billy and Mary come running into the living room like chickens without heads making Matt shove himself to the other end of the couch with a grunt.

They were both dressed as pirates and Mary was wailing "You'll never take me alive!" Matt and I gave each other a look and started laughing at their giddiness. It was amazing how they could do that nonstop. And I really do mean nonstop. "Ok guys give it a rest why don't you?" came Aunt Sara's voice. She had just walked into the room to tell us that dinner was ready and we should all go wash up. "K." Matt and I both coursed. The little ones had all but flown over to the kitchen at the mention of food. Matt was now trying to get a good enough grip on the couch so he could lift himself up without irritating the burns on his chest.

The radiation treatments were taking their toll. I heaved myself up quickly and tried to put my arm under his so I could help him up. He forced himself back down with an annoyed sigh. "God, Wendy! You know if I was going to croak from standing up on my own Mom would have me in St. Michael's already ok? He gave me a sad smile. I suddenly felt my stomach lurch and guilt start to creep in along with an undeniable sadness.

I slumped back down on the couch next to him. "Matt, I know as well as you do that you can do it by yourself. The reason I try to help you with things is that… I care about you so much Mattie, and I can't stand seeing you in pain." My hands were now fisted in the hem of my shirt and my eyes couldn't look at him at that moment so I rested them on one of the swirling patterns that dotted a throw pillow on the love seat next to us.

Matt had been quiet for a while now so I figured he wasn't going to answer me. Usually he would have come back with a retort by now. Thinking that he didn't want to talk to me a knot formed in my chest. Just as I was about to stand he slowly reached out and laid his hand on my upper arm. "Wendy"… He whispered. "Look at me. Please?" He sounded on the verge of begging. How could I not? I looked up into his eyes.

He carefully leaned in and rested his for head against mine. "Thank you." It came out so throaty and low I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hear it. "You're welcome." I replied. We still hadn't moved from our very close position. I could clearly see the dark purplish circles under his eyes and the way his they didn't glisten like they used to along with the fact that his breathing was coming out irregularly and he also looked so pale.

My stomach dropped. Suddenly I could feel something wet on my hand. I looked down. I was crying. God how could I be crying? I was supposed to be the strong one. I had to be strong enough to help Matt through this. Not to mention the rest of my family. But there I was, about to have a breakdown because I couldn't stand seeing him like this anymore and knowing that I could do nothing to stop it from getting worse.

"Wendy?" Matt pulled away from me looking like a deer in headlights. "Oh man Wendy, please don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry." I was getting closer to just sobbing on the spot. I tried to stop but just feeling so helpless scared me. I didn't know how to handle that kind of feeling. So I cried. "Wendy, I don't think the house is covered for floods so you might want to stop now." Matt grazed his knuckles across my cheeks trying to stop my tears. "Please? Because if you don't we might be swimming to dinner. Huh?" That earned a small laugh and a smile on my part.

I sniffed. "What are you talking about Matt? It must be you're meds talking because I wasn't crying." Matt quirked an eyebrow, His eyes playful. "Oh no?" "No." I said defiantly. "Ok." He said accompanied by a shrug of his shoulders. "I guess I'm just going crazy then." He joked. My eyes became wide and my face serious. "Oh no Matt, you were crazy way before the medications." I nodded my head up and down for emphasis.

"Now there is something that I can totally agree with you on Wendy." Aunt Sara was standing right behind us with a small knowing smile and a big wooden spoon. Across her waist was an apron that said, "I may be a bad cook but the kids eat it anyways." We both hadn't noticed her entry, causing us to jump a little. "I thought you two were getting ready for dinner. What, trying to avoid my home made meatloaf? I think I've improved exponentially upon it since last time." She said with a wink. All three of us let out a laugh. I was the first to recover. "Sorry Aunt Sara. Matt was blackmailing me so that I wouldn't go." "Oh!" Matt had hovered his hand over his shirt with a mixture framed hurt and genuine laughter on his face.

"Oh right in the back Wen! That was a fatal blow too. I fully expect you to pay for my funeral." The mood in the room suddenly shifted. "Matt, don't say things like that." Aunt Sara scolded. Matt gave her a look from his spot on the couch. "Mom I didn't mean…" I interrupted. I could tell this was going to turn into a fight fast. "Well we should go wash up huh Matt?" I nudged his knee with mine. He lowered his eyes and sighed. "Hn. I'm not hungry anymore." He shoved himself off the couch with a grunt and started for the basement. Aunt Sara looked hurt. "But Matt," she faltered. I stood up. "It's ok Aunt Sara I'll bring him down something to eat." She didn't even reply, just nodded and walked into the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen and scurried around looking for things that Matt might actually eat because since the start of the radiation his stomach just couldn't handle most things. I finally decided on two pieces of white bread, a big glob of mashed potatoes, no gravy, a leftover chicken leg from last night, and a huge glass of ice water. I completely avoided everything on the table to night because Matt never liked his mom's meatloaf anyway and he couldn't stomach any of the vegetables that were cooked tonight so I didn't have much to work with. Money was very tight so we kind of scrounged every day for meals. I heated up the food and walked over to the basement door.

Once I opened it and took the first step down on the stairs it felt as if something cold just walked right through me. I tried not to look creped out as I walked down the stairs and over to Matt's bed. He was sitting up on his elbows facing the room that used to be the morgue with a look of hate and fright on his face. "Matt," I said hesitantly. His head whipped around to face me. "What?" His voice came out menacingly. The tone he was using scared me. Matt had never answered me like that. I recoiled a little. "Uh, I…" Great, now I was stuttering. Come on. I thought. Its only Matt Wendy, you're Matt. I forced a halfhearted smile. "I thought you might have changed your mind about the food." He blinked.

"Oh, right." He shifted himself so that his feet were on the floor and patted the spot next to him. I set the water on his nightstand and sat down beside him. He took one look at his food and scrunched his nose. How does he look so cute when he does that? I thought. "Jeez now even my food looks like it died." I shook my head at him. I didn't answer as I took the spoon I brought with me and dunked it in the mashed potatoes bringing it back up and placing it in front of his mouth. "Eat?" That was my fabulous retort.

It came out wimpier than I wanted it to. Matt gave me an incredulous look. "Wendy. You do realize I haven't been fed food since I was four, right? I shrugged my shoulders. "I know. But I want to." He looked at me like I was a talking squid. "Oh come on Mattie, please? It'll be just like when you were little but without the bib and high chair. Please?" I lowered my head and batted my eyelashes giving him the puppy dog eyes all at the same time. He rolled his eyes and sighed. He knew I had him.

"Fine but if you miss my mouth and shove potatoes up my nose…" I didn't even let him finish. I gave a little girl squeal and giggled. "Yay!" I shifted my weight so that I was leaning back against the concrete wall up against Matt's bed placing my legs underneath me. Matt scooted along with me. By the time he had finished his fifth bite of potatoes we had talked our way through all of the usual things like new music, movies, and random things that were on our minds like how Billy and Mary could come up with new costumes every other day and why every food in the house was ether white or tasted like glue. Our conversation had died down and I had just torn off a piece of bread when Matt suddenly grabbed my wrist and asked, "Wendy… how much longer do you think I have? Be honest with me." I deadpanned.

Words couldn't come to me for a minute but finally my voice hollow and hurt, said, "Matt how could, you ask me that?" My eyebrows pulled together and I could feel my hands starting to shake under his but I had to keep talking. I set the plate down next to me and placed Matt's hands in mine. "Matt you have all the time you could ever want. We're going to make it through this. I promise. Now you need to promise me that you'll believe that. Mattie, please." I was begging and my eyes had started to water.

I placed my hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes and leaned into my touch ever so slightly. He opened his eyes and looked up at me. He looked broken and scared and I didn't know what to do. "Wendy," His reached up and placed his hand over mine. Even though his skin was pale, it was soft and warm. "I think that that's one thing I can't promise you." I swear I could hear my heart shatter at his words. "But…" was all I could choke out before his throaty voice said, "Wendy I can feel it. I can feel myself dying and I can't keep fighting it anymore. Every day that goes by I can feel some part of me go. I can't even look at myself in the mirror any more without looking like I'm already dead. I know I am. We just haven't been given the news yet."

His, eyes started glittering, from the unshed tears and was looking at me with such remorse and knowing I wanted to go curl up in a corner somewhere. He drew in a deep shaky breath and held my hand that was still cupped to his face. "Wendy, I need you to know something before I die." What was left of my heart coiled so tight it hurt. How could he be saying something that someone our age shouldn't even be thinking about for another seventy years! The fact that Matt thought he was going to die soon made me think that I could actually lose him. The tears I had tried so hard to keep in started cascading down my cheeks but at that point but I didn't care about being strong anymore.

All I cared about was Matt and how if he died I didn't know what I would do. How I wouldn't here his laughter, or witty remarks to everything I said. I wouldn't see his sparkling eyes or how he could still carry himself with grace even through the cancer, and the way his cheeks would flare a pretty pink on the few rare occasions when I could embarrass him. Or the fact that Matt dying would send our family into a living hell. He would always find a way to be my own personal light when I was younger because even when I thought he world would spiral out of control, (Like when my first boyfriend who I thought I was in love with broke up with me when I was thirteen,) Matt always knew how to cofort me and keep me grounded.

I suddenly remembered the night that Matt stayed with me the night I had found out my parents had decided on getting a divorce. Mary was spending a night at her friend's house and Matt's family was visiting for Christmas. I remember him and I in my bed, me curled up to his chest clutching his shirt, and wailing my heart out, telling him crazy reasons as to why my parents didn't love each other because of me. He sat there smoothing my hair and whispering soothing words in my ear until I finally exhausted myself into sleep.

Without him there I don't think I would have made it through the night. He had been there for me when I needed him most and was the sole reason I had made it through. Now I wanted so much to help him through his problems that I couldn't handle him telling me that there was no hope. There had to be. So that's why when he said all strong and determined, "Wendy I…" I snapped. I tore my hand away from him and almost screamed at him "No! I won't let you die. Not you. Never you." My voice had dropped to a whisper and had cracked at the end. Matt looked like he was going to throw up. He probably was. "But I need to tell you," "Tell me when your fifty." I retorted. I stood up, turned on my heel and walked up the stairs.

Aunt Sara was waiting for me. "What happened? I heard," I tried to give her a smile. "It's ok. I'm really tired, so I think I'm going to get to bed early." My voice was shaking. I walked right past Aunt Sara, heading for my room. "But Wendy," came, Mary's innocent sweet voice that was currently jumbled by the gallons of meat loaf in her mouth. "Don't you want dinner? I couldn't even muster a smile. Pathetic. "No sweetie, I'll eat later." That satisfied her but not Billy. He gave me a knowing look but was smart enough not to mention anything. Billy was always smarter than I gave him credit for. I turned and made my way up to my room. The second I got out of the kitchen I barreled up the stairs and slammed my door shut behind me. Not two seconds later my legs collapsed and I started bawling while I literally crawled over and on to my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I was awakened by the sound of rustling sheets and a weight next to me on the bed. I gave my mind a second to recall where I was. As I opened my eyes I realized that it was still late in the night and the weight was ether Billy or Mary coming in to sleep with me because they were scared. They often came to me or Aunt Sara at night when they were scared. I drew a deep breath and turned to acknowledge who was coming to sleep with me. As I rolled my stomach came in contact with something solid. I looked up and by the light of the moon that was coming through my bed room window I could see a man standing over me with rotting yellow flesh that looked like he had been roasted and the most eerily sad blue eyes I had ever seen. And I screamed.

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