Disclaimer: I don't own the Loonatics Unleashed nor would the creators probably be happy with this story I wrote about them. But still, it was purely for my own reasons and not for profit that I wrote this.

Author's Note: This fic has rape in it. I can't stress this enough. If you do not want to read your favorite characters being abused and one in particularly getting brutally raped, then please don't read this. I will say this, the ending does end on a happy note, but it's not butterflies, bunnies and kittens, it's painful and not very pretty. I wanted to take a realistic approach to rape and what it could do to a relationship. So please, read with caution and please, no flaming. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I did put ample warning before hand. For those that are brave enough to attempt the angst-filled bog I have written, I hope you enjoy it and come to appreciate it as I have. Thank you.

Song Bird

Chapter 1

Shattering the World

By: Melissa the Damgel

They had called them for help, but instead they were the ones who needed the help. It had been a simple catch and retrieve job - going after Master Mind and Sypher so they could then go home and have a nice dinner of pizza, beer and a movie.

But it didn't turn out like that. He was supposed to be back at home, in his lab lighting dumb candles because Rev had once mentioned to him that he always wanted to make love in a room filled with candles.

This was nothing like that. It wasn't going to be anything like that.

They had gotten a tip as to Sypher's and Master Mind's whereabouts. Tech had instantly suspected a trap - it had been way too easy to find them. Ace had agreed but the team had all decided it was worth the risk and they had gone in, storming the warehouse only to have the walls close in on them and darts flying from the walls at all angles like they were in some bizarre Indiana Jones movie. Rev and Slam had been hit, as was Duck; but everyone else had been able to stop the darts from hitting them - that is, until the gas began to fill the room.

That was the last thing he remembered, hitting the ground, watching the walls collapse and Mallory standing there with Sypher at her side with a smirk and a raised brow.

"Make sure you tie the puppy down first."

Then he woke up - and his world shattered.

---------- ---------

Tech's head was yanked back by his ears and he gasped in pain. He struggled, but found his hands shackled behind his back and his legs held wide and strapped down at the ankles. He was lying atop a sort of block with his knees on the ground. He wasn't going to be escaping anytime soon – that he calculated within the two seconds from realizing the situation, the pain and then being startled by Mallory's face appearing just to the side of him and she had a grin that chilled his bones.

"I decided the puppy needs to play." She purred, smirking down at him. "You are far too uptight, you need to relax." She whispered then stood, shoving his head down. She smoothly sauntered away from him, walking off to the side just out of Tech's line of sight only to return with a very confused and dazed Ace. She led the rabbit over towards him, his eyes blindfolded, hands cuffed, and - and an erection, dripping and hard between his legs.

Tech's eyes snapped away from his friend's thighs, his mind going blank and his tail subconsciously tucking between his legs - and that simple instinctual move had him realizing he too was naked. "What..." He dared to ask only to falter from the grin spreading across Master Mind's face.

"We're going to play a little game." She purred even as she kicked Ace in the back of the knees. The rabbit collapsed, gasping in surprise - and probably pleasure as his erection brushed across Tech's muzzle.

The coyote recoiled, struggling against the block under his chest, but he was bound and unable to move. "What the hell-"

"Such language." She tsked, waggling her finger at Tech as she reached for him, gripping his jaw, "You are going to learn something new today, Tech. You are going to learn how to pleasure a rabbit - because we all know you already know how to please a bird." Her eyes began to shine with malice and her lips curled back in eagerness. "You are going to show everyone here what a good puppy you are-" She snapped her fingers and from the gasps and shouts of protest from Duck, Tech realized everyone was strapped to the wall just over Ace's shoulder, staring down at the scene in horror - and with needles pressed to their necks by machines. "-or they die. Go on, be a good little puppy and suck your leader off." Her voice instantly went sharp and demanding, and she dared him, glaring at him as though hoping he would defy her.

Tech recoiled, jerking his chin out of her grasp and he snarled, ignoring her mocking laughter that curled his spine and put a vile taste in his mouth. "Mallory...." He began only to get his ears yanked up on and her cheek pressing against his.

"Don't even think about it, dog. Look at what my lovely pretties hold in their tanks. Water, and battery acid."

Tech's stomach jumped and his eyes widened as he stared first at a wide eyed Lexi - then to her left at Rev, who was just now beginning to return to the land of the living.

"You're insane..." He whispered, his voice quivering.

"Just think about it," Mallory grinned, her eyes widening in joy. "Just think of the absolute pain and agony they will suffer if you don't suck his cock. Writhing, screaming, and clawing at their own skin as their veins and organs erupt and burn right through them. It would be marvelous." A sigh fluttered from her lips and she giggled - giggled! - at the thought.

Jerking on his ears and forcing him to look at her, Mallory's eyes narrowed and she growled right back at him. "Or are you going to suck his dick and save their lives?"

Tech's body was frozen and he trembled. He knew what he had to do but... Ace moaned above him, his hands were hoisted above his head by a chain - and that was when Tech noticed that Sypher was in the room with them. The man smirked and winked at the coyote, locking the chain in place.

"What did you do to him?" Tech dared to ask; his voice so much weaker than he was expecting.

Mallory waved her hand and stood, swaying her hips as she moved across the room and took a seat upon a chair of iron and machinery, slowly rising above him as she crossed her legs and leaned forward to stare down at him. "A hormone drug; an aphrodisiac; Viagra; whatever you wish to call it really. It's just something to help him.... get in the mood." she chuckled. "Now then; make your decision." She said, snapping her fingers and the machines whirred to life, pressing closer to their victims' necks. "Oh yes; by the way Tech; the bird will be the first to go."

Tech's eyes darted to Rev, who blinked sleepily at him, just now beginning to realize that he was shackled to the wall and that two of his teammates were in front of him absolutely naked.

There was no way Rev was going to die. Duck, maybe, but not Rev.

Squeezing his eyes shut and suppressing a whine in his chest, Tech turned his head, his lips quivering as they parted and... he swiped his tongue out over the heated flesh between Ace's thighs.

The blinded rabbit cried out, arching forward using the chain as leverage and he bumping and nudging at Tech's lips with his cock. He cried out again as that tongue lapped at him once more and began to whimper and thrust.

"Go on, puppy, be good and take it all." Mallory cooed from her throne on high.

Tech couldn't stop the whimper this time - he didn't know if he could do it...

"Do it or your little song bird dies." She sighed as though this threat was already old.

Struggling, Tech's tongue ran across the length of the erection before him, struggling against his bonds and wishing Sypher hadn't taken their powers.

Sighing in exasperation, Mallory jumped from her seat and marched over to him, grabbing him by the ears once more and forcing his head down and shoving the cock into his mouth. "Don't you dare make me get up again! If I have to force you to do it right, they will die!" She snarled, jerking his head up and down over Ace's cock, smirking at the pained expression on Tech's face the louder the rabbit was crying out in pleasure.

"Take it all; then swallow." The woman snapped, forcing the coyote's head up and down faster before she threw him down and stood, walking back to her chair to continue watching.

Tech went still the moment she released him - but Ace didn't. He bucked and thrust himself deeper into Tech's mouth, panting out barely coherent words - though Tech did pick out the name 'Lexi' every few breaths.

The salty tang of the rabbit's precum blossomed over his pallet and invaded his senses, causing him to want to recoil and wash his mouth out with soap. He didn't want this! He didn't....

"Bring the other one, my pet." Mallory suddenly cooed, sounding very much like those crazy women who take their small pets into department stores and gush over them.

A large and cumbersome machine suddenly stepped away from the wall, a large 'package' strapped to the front of it. Slowly but surely it made its way over towards the scene and then settled with a hissing sigh. Sypher stepped forward, waving his hand and peeling the metal back, to reveal a sedated Slam who was just coherent enough to moan and babble something in his deep voice.

"Give him the hormone, my dearest little oochie-kins." Mallory cooed and giggled as she stroked and petted a flying needle. The thing squeaked at her and then flapped its tiny wings towards Slam and immediately stuck its nose into his neck, injecting him with its liquid contents before pulling away.

Tech didn't know what was going on, but all he knew was that Ace had somehow gotten his cuffs out of the chains hook and his leader's hands were now bobbing his head up and down, forcing him to lap and suckle at an erection that was so unfamiliar and even tasted horrible to him.... the smell was wrong, the shape was wrong... He gagged suddenly and Ace howled, pushing past his gag reflexes and into his tight and gripping throat.

Tech struggled against his bonds, bucking his hips as though that would help him undo his bindings.


The voice was so small and pleading that Tech's eyes couldn't keep from snapping open to stare at a wide eyed and pale Rev.

It just made the moment worse - staring at his lover as Ace released in his mouth, flooding his senses with his orgasm; coating his tongue and forcing him to swallow a portion of his cum and the rest leaked from Tech's mouth. He choked and gagged, trying to shake his head but Ace's grip was tight and determined to keep him in place and he was forced to endure, feeling the hot, salty liquid drip from his lips and chin while feeling the erection wane against his tongue till it finally softened completely and slipped from his mouth.

Ace went limp and fell sideways, his breathing fast and his tail twitching as he lay there, useless to the world.

Another moan behind him brought Tech's eyes over to Slam - and he instantly struggled, mangling a howl of protest and agony as he watched Mallories robots cutting Slam's suit from his body and freeing the enormous erection that was still growing between the Tasmanian devil's legs.

"Hold him open." Mallory ordered and Tech felt his tail being forced up and held tight. He struggled, pulling his tail free and hiding it between his legs to protect what little pride he had left.

Sypher laughed and lifted a hand, and before Tech knew it, he was on his back, ass in the air and tail pinned to the ground under the raised metal platform the man had formed.

"How does it feel? Knowing you are about to get raped because of your own powers being used against you?" Sypher barked in laughter.

Another of those flying needles buzzed over to Slam, administering to him another dose of something - Tech had to guess sedatives because he watched Slam's eyes cloud over and his mouth slacken - but it also seemed to make him focus on only one thing - his need. Slam's hand wrapped about his organ and he began to pump it roughly, his cloudy eyes focusing solely on Tech's legs and he stumbled forward.

"Slam! No!" Tech shouted desperately, struggling and fighting against his bonds. He managed to get a hand free - having cut it up fairly badly from the way he wrenched it out of the folded metal Sypher had wrapped about his wrist. He shoved at Slam's face the moment he reached him - but Slam only grabbed his arm, his tongue lolling over the blood pumping from his wrist and then slammed forward, burying himself to the hilt inside of Tech's body.

Never had any of the team members heard such an agonized and tortured howl of pain. Rev turned his head and trembled, tugging on his own bonds; and Lexi was sobbing, shaking her head and trying to look at anything else but what was happening. Duck began begging, struggling against his restrained, eyes wide and wild and his voice quivering in horror. But that one howl wasn't the last - it continued, rising and falling depending on how hard Slam would thrust forward, how fast he pounded into him, how painful Slam's grip upon his hips had become....

Tech couldn't stop himself from sobbing and whining in pain, howling again as Slam's enormous erection buried itself into his body - and all the while Slam suckled and lapped at the wound on his arm like some demented vampire. Tears soaked his fur and sweat beaded across his brow; and Tech turned, whimpering once again as he looked to Mallory - and wanted to sob all the more as he watched, so totally turned on by his pain and agony that she was rubbing her breasts, teasing her nipples and twisting them between her fingers - while she had one leg propped up on the arm rest of her chair and she had several of her little robots hard at work thrusting into her wet pussy. She smiled down at him, eyes dark and lusty and growing all the more hungry the harder Slam began to move and the louder he cried. She was sick...

"Bitch..." Tech hissed out then howled and shook his head, squeezing more tears past his eyes.

Sypher grunted from his position by the wall, he was rubbing his crotch, his eyes flickering back and forth between Mallory and the rape. He fidgeted in place, his fingers outlining his dick and rubbing it slowly. 'This is so hot.' He decided, grunting to stop a moan from escaping his lips.

Slam buried himself one last time within the coyote's body and snarled himself, his head tilted back and his body shaking as he pumped forward a few times, emptying himself into his friend's body.

Something in Tech snapped and his stared at nothing, his body listless and his free hand falling to his side. He stopped his struggles, he even stopped crying, all he did was lay there as he waited for Slam to leave his body.

"So you like that, huh?" Duck barked suddenly, staring directly at Sypher. "I bet it feels good. Wouldn't mind getting my own run at the mutt."

"Duck!" Lexi choked out, eyes puffy and tears falling freely down her face and dripping off her chin.

"What? It's true! I mean look at him; all laid out and ready to be taken. He wouldn't even put up much of a struggle!" Duck glared at Tech, then shot his eyes over to Sypher who was staring at the scene with new interest. "How often do you get such a willing partner who just lays there wanting to let you please yourself? You could soooooooo get away with anything with a broken thing like that."

Mallory gasped and arched her back, cooing happily as she coaxed her 'precious little toys' along. They chirped happily as they pleasured her, burrying into her depths with eager abandon.

Slam fell off to the side, dazed and still confused as to what just happened, and Tech stared at nothing for a very long while - then he caught the eye of Duck, and he felt something inside his chest begin to waver; to crack at his fellow comrades'' words. Was he no more than a toy?

"I'd like to get my beak on some of that." Duck purred as best as his lisp would allow.

Before any of them saw it happen - because Sypher had used Rev's super speed - the man was kneeling between those spread and bruised legs with his pants down and pushing his way into the abused body of the coyote.

Howling in pain, Tech arched against the newest assault and gasped as he felt his powers return and with a simple wave of his free hand, the bindings holding his friend's hostage were ripped from the walls, the machines holding them hostage imploded and three desperate bodies tackled Sypher right off of him, and ripping the man out of his body.

Sypher shouted in pain, writhing in a mixture of agony and protest as power after power was sucked from his body. Lexi dove forward, rolling back up to her feet and turned, focusing her brain blast upon a charging machine and Duck covered her, sliding in at her back and throwing several of his eggs, blinding another approaching her before toppling it over by quacking in atop of it.

Tech whimpered and struggled, his fingers curling and grasping at the ground, tugging at his metal bonds. He flinched away from Rev's touch, golden eyes wide and his ears laid back.

"Idiot!" Mallory shrieked, struggling out of her chair and leaping down to the ground.

Sypher groaned, touching his skull and willing the throbbing pain to go away. "I'll get 'em! Don't worry!" he snapped back, managing to get to his feet while buckling his pants. His eyes narrowed and several fire blasts shot across the room, aiming for any moving body.

Lexi shook, struggling to lift Ace into her arms. The drugged rabbit moaned softly, shaking his head and pushing at her shoulders. His body was on pins and needles, burning from just the gentlest of touches. "Nooo~" he gagged, curling in on himself and holding his stomach.

"You need to get up. Ace; come on, we need you." Her lips trembled as she shook him lightly; flinching and ducking down as another blast from Sypher flew over her head.

Forcing his eyes open and fighting to see straight at all, Ace stared up at her, his head lolling to the side. "Lexi.... count on me..." He whispered weakly.

Wiping her eyes, Lexi gently laid Ace back to the ground and looked to Sypher. Anger engulfed her body and she snarled at the man as though having given up her former status as a prey animal and she was now an attacking huntress; she fired a blast at him, concentrating on just the one man.

Tech pushed Rev away, sliding down the little hill that Sypher had made under his hips; then he vomited, coughing and choking on his puke. Rev reached out for him but Tech quickly slapped his hand away, hacking against the floor.

Squeezing his eyes shut against the sight, Rev ran, his hands fast at work as he began to disassemble the robots Master Mind created. A bolt here, a screw here... a good kick here.... and then Rev continued to run, running counter clockwise of Sypher's tornado attacks, at least canceling out enough of the winds to keep his fellow team mates from being swept away.

Mallory screamed in frustration at Rev's petty attempts to keep her from getting what she wanted. Deciding to change her tactics, Mallory rushed to Tech's body and grabbed for his ears, yanking on them and forcing him to sit up. "I will not be denied my revenge." She hissed and slapped him across the face, eyes burning and heart raging in satisfaction from the hit.

He was terrified; he had never once been as afraid of her as he was in that moment. He struggled and whimpered, fighting against her grasp. He reached for her hands, meaning to force her fingers to let his ears go - but she only laughed, lifting another syringe filled to the max and ready to inject him with it. "You will be begging for release." She whispered then laughed. "You'll probably be humping my leg like any good dog." She snorted, moving to thrust the needle into his thigh.

Rev crowed, leaping upon the woman and wrapping his arms about her neck, attempting to jerk her away from his lover by pecking wildly at her head and neck. "Leave him alone you bitch!" He squawked, his legs working in his attempt to pull her away.

Mallory cackled and lifted the needle, showing a glistening drop poised at the end of the sharp tip like poison from a cobra's fang. Her eyes were hungry and wicked, crazed to the point of her disregarding everything and even the blow that followed Rev leaping atop her as she shoved the needle into Tech's thigh and slammed the hammer down, injecting him with enough drugs to put even an elephant into the most randy of moods.

Coughing and clawing at the floor, Tech crawled away, flinching at the blasts around him - an egg splattering upon the ground by his hand to the left, another blast just over his shoulder to the right... then he watched at Mallory twisted about, stabbing Rev in the side with one of her little machines and throwing him over her shoulder like he was a piece of trash.

Howling and leaping to his feet on shaky legs and with unknown strength, Tech's fur stood on end as everything in the room suddenly became magnetized and lifted into the air. Rev whimpered and held his side, touching the machine in his body where it still wiggled about.

Flashing eyes locked with Mallory and even Sypher paused in his continued battle with Lexi and Duck to stare in awe of Tech. Sheets of metal ripped from the walls and flooring, crumbling, folding and twisting about into jagged balls of shrapnel with enough razor sharp sides to ensure his target was destroyed. over twenty of these weapons circled Tech's body and he howled again, his head falling back in a primal echo of his heritage. Throwing his hands forward was like releasing a bomb; the air hummed and the metal erupted, plowing through walls and scraping across the floor, digging free chuncks of concrete and iron rods.

Sypher ducked an attack and rolled head over heels to the side and then sent another eye blast at the female rabbit - only to get an egg smashed in the head and he stumbled backwards, wiping the yolk from his vision.

Mallory was in awe, but that didn't stop her from waving her hands and building herself a sort of robot soldier that immediately dove in front of the onslaught, metal arms raised to fight against the barrage; but one, two, three, four, and five metal balls smashed into its body and sent it spiraling backwards into the wall, utterly destroyed except for the occasional beep of a light.

Working hard, the two villains regained their footing and launched a counter attack; Sypher pointed a whirlwind of hurricane power at Duck - only to miss him and get Lexi's boot in his face. Stumbling backwards, the man shouted, holding his nose and tripping over something large and furry - and Slam groaned as he felt his power return even in his drugged up and dazed state. "No!" Sypher bellowed - this wasn't fair!

building machine after machine and knowing full well it was going to be destroyed in a matter of minutes, Mallory glared right back at Tech and flicked one of her flying needles towards him - but shock tumbled over her system as she watched Tech's finger rise, flick upwards and the little metal flying syringe shot up and shattered against the ceiling. He had such control!

Sweeping his arms upwards and then back down, the twenty or so shrapnel balls darted upwards then back down, falling like meteors to the earth and shattering concrete back into dust.

Mallory screamed, just barely jumping out of the way and holding her leg where a long jagged cut ran from her hip to her knee.

Tech twisted, throwing a foot up in a round house kick and four of his weapons flew straight at her.

Fumbling with the nearest piece of metal, she zapped it and it leapt to her defense, managing to get the balls to collide with it and roll upwards and back towards him, affording Mallory time to get away... but Tech was already prepared and Mallory turned, her eyes widening.

Slow motion had always been a stupid effect in movies - at least that's what Mallory had thought till this moment. She felt as though life was in slow motion as she stared at the twisting ball of jagged metal spiral towards her head. She was going to die; she was going to die with her brain splattered across the wall. Her brain would be nothing but jelly and completely useless towards science... this wasn't how she wanted it to end!

But a blur of blue and purple ran into her, yanking her out of the way and running as fast as sound. For a moment she was confused; dazed even as to why she was watching that same killer ball hit the wall instead of herself - but then her 'savior' slammed her into a wall at his full speed and Mallory screamed a silent cry; mouth open and eyes wide - her back snapping from the force of the impact and the light switch that had hit her in her back.

Rev panted, shaking and staring hard at the woman. Mallory stared at him; jaw agape and eyes sightless before they were able to focus on him. Glaring and gripping his fingers all the more tightly about her arms, Rev trembled, tears filling his eyes and a hatred he had never known radiated off his body. She had hurt Tech; and she had hurt him badly.

"Leave him alone." He hissed and shoved her into the wall, finally wringing a cry and sob from the genius and she crumpled to the floor. "Leave him alone." he said again, his body quivering from his effort.

Looking back towards Tech, Rev watched as his lover's body seemed to just give in the moment he saw Mallory lying there helpless. Tech met his eyes and it was almost as though time stopped and a conversation took place. 'What did you do?' Tech asked him and he could only shake his head. 'Why did you do it?' Turning, Rev looked down at Mallory and recoiled from her, his stomach tightening and flipping at the sight of the awkward angle her back was in. Golden eyes caught his own again and Tech could only shake his head and ask, 'Why?' Then Rev turned, grasping at the nearest thing and he bent over, his stomach releasing all of the contents it had held throughout the day.

Closing his eyes and panting, Tech grabbed at his belly, body curling in on itself as he hid the newly forming erection between his legs. The drugs Mallory had given him were raging through his blood and the coyote whimpered helplessly. Would her torture never end?

Lexi helped Ace to Sypher's side so he could retrieve his powers. Duck was already on the phone calling the police and yelling at the operator that they needed assistance and several ambulances.

Tech gazed about from his hunched over position at the destroyed room. All at once his shrapnel balls dropped from the air in a thunderous roar and he fell with them, his body giving out even as the pain of his drug induced erection took over. He heard Rev call out to him; but it was too late, he flinched away and then passed out.

---------- ---------

Tech only spent an hour at the hospital, lying about anything being wrong with him. Rev blamed it on his regenerative powers - healing him before even the ambulance showed up; and because physically nothing was wrong with him, he was released solely on moral code and the fact he was a Loonatic team member. Rev followed behind Tech cautiously, his brows knitting together tightly and his hands wringing. He knew what was wrong - hell, he could see it! The doctor had told him in private that the amount of drugs Mallory had pumped into him would take a good 48 hours before they ran their course and he was completely clean; and even then Tech might not feel in control of his body for a week or so.

"Tech..." Rev whispered, following him into his room.

"No! Get out!" Tech shouted, a wild look in his eyes.

Recoiling at the shout, Rev stared at him wide eyed, a bit frightened. "I just want to help; please..."

"No! No-nono; get out, better.... you out." Tech fumbled over his words, waving a hand back even as he stumbled, falling into his dresser and clinging to the top.

Rev rushed forward, grasping his arm to help, but his arm flailed and a fist collided with the side of his face and he stumbled back in turn to watch in horror as Tech struggled, clawing at ground, dragging himself back up to his feet by gripping at his bed, only to pull the bedding off in his attempt to stand. He sobbed, curling in on himself and pressing his hands to his crotch. "Just go away!"

Rev gritted his teeth, just barely managing to keep his tears at bay. "Lets just get you a shower; come on-"

"No! I can do - m-my-self!" He struggled back to his knees, clinging at the mattress. Once he managed to climb back to his feet he nearly ran and half fell to his bathroom door. Rev followed him despite his protests.

Fumbling with the knobs in the shower, Tech managed to get the water on and he dove inside, clothing and all. He struggled in the cold spray, washing his face and clawing at his clothes.

Reaching in and touching his shoulder, Tech shuddered and shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut - but he didn't pull away this time. Rev adjusted the heat of the shower and climbed in after him; his own clothing still on. Carefully, with slow and cautious movements, Rev began to slowly undress Tech, his voice a soft coo that explained everything and even praised him for being so brave. "I'm just going to undo your pants, just need to get these off so you can wash, all right? Yeah, that's it; nothing scary, it's just me, Rev, I'm here to help; you know I would never hurt you." He said, easing his hands over Tech's hips and pushing his soaked clothing away.

Tech's head fell forward once he stepped completely out of his pants, and he let a sob escape him, his arms curling about his chest and his head shaking. "It just won't go away..." He whimpered, his tail tucking between his legs.

"What won't?" Rev asked, his voice softer and lilting faintly as he asked, his hands already spreading soap across his shoulders and back, trying to sooth him with the fresh scent that soap always brought to the senses.

Shaking his head and trembling, Tech shifted just enough for Rev to see his problem down between his thighs, before he jerked away, his claws digging into his arms.

Setting the soap aside, Rev cautiously touched his hands, his brow moving to press against his shoulder. "Let me help; please Tech; you know me... I couldn't ever hurt you..."

Tech shook his head venomously and he growled in his chest. "No; don't."

"But you'll feel better; and it's only me; it's not..." Rev stopped and gripped at his hand as his stomach twisted and jumped in horror at the very idea of saying it. So he didn't. "Let me help."

"But..." Tech whimpered loudly, shying away from Rev.

"I love you Tech, I just want to help you." He cooed softly, his hand already trailing down Tech's side and to his hip where he very slowly, inch by inch, moved his hand around to his erection and then curled his fingers about the engorged member.

Tech whined and bit his lip, but as Rev's hand started to move, he couldn't stop the moan from leaving his lips even as his mind screamed and begged for him to run away. His hips thrust forward into his tight grip and he reached down to grip at Rev's wrist, urging him to move faster.

Pressing his face to his back and squeezing his eyes shut, Rev pumped his hand over Tech's cock, tugging and pulling on it gently and calming a bit when he felt him release - but it didn't end and Tech's hips continued to move and undulate against him to continue his ministrations. So he did. They were at it for more than an hour and six orgasms later before Tech's body couldn't take it anymore and seemed to finally allow him to go limp.

The coyote couldn't even stand on his own at the end. He hid his face in his arms as he turned towards the wall, kneeling on the tiles as he allowed Rev to finish soaping him up and washing his fur free of the suds before he was coaxed out of the hot shower.

He didn't know what to do or even really where he was; so he as Rev guided him, he followed. Rev dressed him and put him into bed, crawling in behind him and wrapping his light form around his body.

But it wasn't enough. Tech felt so cold; he was frozen to the core and dying slowly. He had stumbled upon the winter of his life in the most horrific of ways possible - and he just wanted the memories to go away.... he just didn't want to be there. And most of all, he didn't want Rev there, looking at him with those worried green eyes and begging to help him. He didn't want any of it. He didn't want Rev to look at him with such pity - he pitied himself enough. He just wanted to forget it all and pretend it never happened.

.... And so he did. The next day, Tech rose bright and early, made breakfast, managing to avoid everyone before they woke and later ignoring everyone's dire moods. He even threw out a joke here or there before he marched off to his lab after dinner with a whistle on his lips and a wag of his tail.

And thusly, Tech pretended... while hiding in his lab and never looking Rev directly in the eye. Yeah, he was hiding it real good.

---------- ---------

The first few days were the hardest. Tech felt like his skull was going to split, his stomach couldn't keep anything down, and he wanted to scream every time Rev touched him - and that killed him inside. Why did even Rev's touch make him want to flinch away and cower and scream and cry and... and be a sobbing child?

But Rev was his constant companion and his presence only confirmed what he had felt from the moment Rev had awkwardly pecked him on the cheek, looking all wide eyed and innocent and babbling about how he was sorry and that he really-really liked him and couldn't possibly think of living without him... even now that old memory brought a warmth to his heart.

Closing his eyes, Tech quietly went through his nightly self-therapy sessions. While Rev slept, Tech forced himself to reach out and touch the road runner's hand. He would hold his fingers for seven deep breaths and seven slow exhales before he opened his eyes to show himself that he was safe and sound even while touching another. Then he would move closer - sitting on the bed - first nearly as far away from Rev as possible, then inching closer as his heartbeat settled and his breathing evened out. These nightly routines helped too - he wasn't as jumpy. He didn't... cry... as much when he showered. He didn't stare off into space hearing himself scream. He didn't do a lot of things that first week had brought, but by the second week he had cold sweats and chills whenever he even heard the faint echo of one of their voices. The third week had been quiet with him sitting in the dark (typically the closet) and thinking of nothing, allowing the darkness to consume him. The only time it had been interrupted was when Rev came to sit with him in the dark - and it was the first time the coyote had ever had silence when in the roadrunner's presence.

And now, nearly a month and a half later, he was feeling... he was so close to feeling like he could smile again. He felt so close to feeling like he could reach out and just take Rev's hand without feeling those flashbacks against his body. He could be okay.... he would be. He knew he would be.....

---------- ---------

Tech finally dared to do the impossible! He was on the threshold of either victory of failure! He licked his lips, his blood pounding in his ears, his fingers twitching like a cowboys might at a quick draw. This was it....

"Tech, it's-just-breakfast.... but-if-you'd-rather-eat-it-in-the-bedroom-" Rev babbled but was stopped silent the moment Tech inhaled slowly took a step out of his bedroom - the place he had lived and breathed in for the last month without once leaving. Funny how something so simple - like stepping out of your bedroom - could suddenly be such a hard thing as well as such a successful victory.

"No; I... I'm ready." He nodded, trying to offer Rev that half smile he had started using in just the last few days.

Tech inhaled deeply and tried to march to the kitchen - but instead ended up walking behind Rev, gripping his hand so tightly the bird ruffled his feathers in mild pain and glanced back at him now and then.

The moment he entered the kitchen, Tech was greeted with a small smile from Lexi as she quickly offered him some bacon and eggs, and then he was caught in the terrified eyes of Ace as his leader stared back at him. Tech's jaw clamped shut and he shook - okay, this was harder than he thought it was going to be as well as this being just as terrifying as he had thought about; perhaps this was worse than his nightmares.

Tugging on his hand, Tech snapped his eyes back to his lover and felt a momentary flash of panic, as well as relief. Rev was here! Rev would keep him safe! He had promised! Rev smiled up at him, his thumb rubbing across his knuckles before he took a step forward, coaxing Tech after him. "Are you hungry for bacon?" He asked with a coo in his voice.

He hated that joke. That stupid dog commercial always got a growl out of him when they sat watching tv.

But, this time; it was rather comforting and he nodded meekly, staring at nothing else but Rev's green eyes and trying to get lost in them so he could forget the paralyzing fear of being in the same room as one of his rapists.... no, they weren't that; he had told himself he wouldn't think of them as that. They were just as much victims as he was. They were all scared and hurt and in pain over what happened. They weren't his attackers; they were his fellow comrades in pain. Yes, that was it. He nodded slightly, following after Rev one step at a time till he was seated next to him at the table.

Ace cleared his throat and Tech jumped, staring wide eyed down at his plate. He couldn't look at him! If he did he knew he would run. He couldn't! He was supposed to be getting better!

"Um... Hey, uh... Tech, buddy. Can we talk and all?" Ace asked, standing from the table.

NO! He couldn't! He wouldn't be able to handle it! He even felt Rev stiffen and shake his head next to him. "Okay." Tech whispered and stood, numbly shuffling from the kitchen and out to the hallway.

Tech just stood there, his mind reeling but nothing at all was being processed, just images and sounds, feelings, just meaningless babblings began to race though his thoughts. He could feel the cold release of adrenaline being let free into his veins and sweat beaded his brow.

Ace fidgeted in front of him, looking anywhere but at him. "Hey, uh... Tech. I just.... I'm sorry, 'kay?"

The rabbit peeked at him - and it was right about then that Tech's mind ground to a halt with one phrase running through his head. 'Ace liked it... he's not as hurt as me. Ace liked it...' Tech nodded numbly, staring somewhere down near Ace's chest.

"I know this is hard on us both - you most of all - but, it's like she was controlin' my thoughts and I wasn't able ta stop myself... but, you're my best bud." He reached out and clapped him on the shoulder - and Tech felt himself step away from his body, staring down at himself as he nodded, smiling that fake smile. "Are we okay then? It ain't like I wanna ruin our friendship over this."

Tech nodded several times, smiling that fake smile and staring over his shoulder. "Yeah; yeah. We're fine. I know it wasn't your fault." He rasped out, his eyes clouding over and he couldn't really see anything as his mind reeled back to the feel of Ace's hand on his shoulder at a different time and place and.... he wanted to brush his teeth...

"An' what 'boutz poor Slam? He's been holed up in his room just as much as you have been. He feels horrible and all. Duck convinced him to come out and eat just two weeks ago."

Oh, just two weeks ago. Wow, wasn't Slam brave.

Tech smiled that stupid grin and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine." He nodded, still staring at nothing and feeling so wooden and empty.

Ace smiled and nodded, clapping his shoulder a few times. "That's good to hear. No hard feelin's?"

"None." Tech whispered and Ace seemed so happy and relieved.

He looked like a weight had dropped off his shoulders - and Tech felt like those burdens were now atop his shoulders.

Tech stared at nothing as Ace loped back to the kitchen - his stomach curled and he felt like he was going to throw up... but he resisted the urge. He didn't have anything in his belly anyway. Then Slam walked past him from the hallway and jumped upon seeing him. He looked up at Slam; his entire body nearly collapsing in on itself upon seeing him and his tail instinctively tucked between his legs.

Slam's mouth moved wordlessly and he only managed a squeak before he ran into the kitchen, looking just as traumatized as Tech felt inside.

Tech turned and ran - he ran and ran till he was back in his room, the door slamming shut behind him and locking it - he even propped a chair up in front of it and he backed away, gasping for breath and holding his stomach. He couldn't; he wasn't strong enough! He rushed into the bathroom and bent over the toilet, dry heaving into it and choking on his sobs.

He was so weak!

Wiping the spittle and bile from his lower lip, Tech curled in on himself and held his ears, as he bowed his head and hid against his knees. He couldn't even look at them... how could he even think of talking to them? He was so useless....

He couldn't help the team, why was he even here?

Tech's breath caught in his throat and he lifted his head, placing his cheek upon his knees as he thought that question over and came to a decision. He was going to leave. He wasn't of any use to them, so why stick around and take up space?

"Tech?" Rev called, knocking on the bathroom door. He had probably done through the window again. That's what he had done the last twenty times Tech had locked himself in here. "Tech, come-on-babe; open-up." He whispered, his voice shaking.

Tech only shook his head and stifled a sob then hid his face. He couldn't. What was the use? He was going to leave; and Rev deserved better. He deserved someone not so.... so... broken.

---------- ---------

Author's Reflections: Well? What did you think so far? I know. It's horrible. Even I while editing it couldn't believe I had written it. The next chapter is a bit harder in a way, but by the third it's worth it. For those that are still braving it, keep going! You won't regret it!

``Melissa the Damgel