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Song Bird

Chapter 3


By: Melissa the Damgel

Rev was so numb; he wasn't jumpy like Tech, but he felt lost, like he was floating in a vat of pudding. No matter where he turned he felt sluggish and not fully there. He was lost in his mind whenever he remembered what he was going to do at exactly 6:30 pm behind the blue door.

It had been going on for a month. At first it seemed like it wasn't helping; but then slowly Tech began to smile, and he didn't run away whenever Rev entered the room. In fact, he even smiled at him a few days after the third of fourth time. It was the only thing that kept him from breaking down.

It was so passionless, so impersonal; it wasn't how he and Tech had been before that stupid day now nearing its fourth month anniversary. He found himself lying in bed at night, curled in on himself and dreading the morning and the terrors of once again having to approach that blue door. He had cried the other night just thinking of it.

And here he was, slowly making his way to the door, his green eyes hollow and his fingers shaking. He didn't know how much more he could take; he didn't want to remember Tech like this.

A flare of stubbornness suddenly took root in his belly and he stopped about a yard from the door, his eyes squeezing shut and his hands curling into fists. His body shook and he ground his teeth, resisting the urge to step forward. And he succeeded. He stood there a full five minutes, listening to the clock in the hallway tick loudly next to him.

When he opened his eyes, he glanced to that said clock and watched at the minute hand slid upwards and marked the time as 6:35 pm.

Something inside of Rev jumped and he shivered, his mind pleased and scared all at once from his defiance. He had broken one of Tech's rules. He had done it willingly....

Licking his beak and gathering up his weak courage, Rev marched to the door and opened it up, stepping inside and instantly being pounced upon. He squawked and flapped his wings, struggling against Tech's heavier form.

The coyote above him growled and snapped his jaws, stilling the frightened bird just long enough for him yank on his head and force him to stare at the digital clock across the room. "Do you see what time it is?" He hissed, his hand already hard at work unzipping his pants and tugging Rev's clothing from his body.

Rev nodded as best he could and chirped nervously where he lay.

"You're late." He growled and pressed his fangs to Rev's neck, letting him feel the length and sharpness before he shoved his head away and reached for the ropes.

But it wasn't going to be so simple, not tonight. Rev had once again tasted freedom and he scrambled across the floor, his fingers digging at the flooring and his feet kicking out behind him so he could scramble away.

Tech yelped and reached for him only to get his hand kicked away and his prey scampering off across the room. He was confused at first, his face twisting up in question as he stared at Rev, but his hunger to feel some semblance of control flowed through him and he leapt to his feet, rushing across his room to recapture the bird.

Rev glared at him, watching the emotions play out across Tech's face. He wasn't going to cheat and use his super speed, but he was not going to be a willing victim for this; not any more. He darted away, side stepped Tech's lunges, and even laughed softly when his felt Tech's fingers just brush his body before he managed to slip away once more.

He could see and feel the frustration and anger boiling inside of his the coyote's core, but Rev continued their cat and mouse game, scrambling over chairs, jumping atop the bed and leaping over his head at the last second, rolling and tumbling under tables and crawling out the other side. He did everything in his power to keep Tech at bay - but even Rev wasn't that fast and the coyote finally caught the roadrunner.

Rev shouted and squawked in protest, he struggled and wiggled, reaching out for anything to aid him in his attempt to get away - but he was flipped around abruptly and came face to face with a snarling coyote that grabbed for his legs and shoved them wide. He spit into his hand - due to the fact the lube was on the other side of the room and Tech was not releasing his prey anytime soon - and reached between them, running his hand over his hard cock before he pushed into him.

Crying out at the abruptness of being filled, Rev arched under him and grabbed Tech's shoulders, cooing as a slow burning pain filled him. It wasn't sharp, nor was it excruciating, it was just the dull pain of unexpectedness. He gasped and shuddered, his fingers curling in the fur upon Tech's shoulders - and Rev suddenly whimpered, tears forming in his eyes and sliding down his face.

Tech yipped softly once he was fully inside of him. His body trembled and his eyes squeezed shut against the sensation - his routine had been first the blow job, and then penetration. This new development was... different.

Rev let a sob escape his throat and he struggled, arching under him and pushing against Tech's thighs with his feet, as the coyote yipped and began thrusting into him with one hand holding his hips and the other reaching out to grab his wrists.

No, he was not going to be helpless, not tonight! Squawking as one wrist was snatched, Rev's eyes grew huge and sightless, staring up at Tech as though he were a stranger - and then he slapped him. He slapped him hard. The roadrunner growled and slapped him again even as he forced his captured wrist above his head and brought Tech nose to nose with him willingly. Staring wide eyed down at him, Rev took mild pleasure in feeling his movements stop and watching those golden eyes question his slaps.

Inhaling shakily and feeling more tears sliding down his cheeks, Rev slapped him again and choked on his own words. "Look at me you bastard!"

He watched fear etch itself into Tech's face and the coyote did look at him. In fact he stared. He stared at him with trembling lips and with eyes that slowly began to regain their amber sheen.

Sniffling, Rev wiped at an eye then reached for him, wrapping his arm about his neck and slipping his legs about the coyote's hips and he pushed against him. Tech gasped and gripped at his hip and wrist. He jerked backwards till he was able to once again stare down at him with pure terror invading his eyes.

Rev could feel his heart thundering within in chest - but that didn't deter him at all. Arching his back, Rev thrust his hips against Tech's, forcing his erection in and out of him slowly and that dull pain faded, replacing it with a dull pleasure, a joy that he had forgotten in the last few weeks. He kept his eyes upon Tech - and Tech even began the slow movements, staring at him as a child might after returning home late and fearing he would be punished.

They moved, slowly but rhythmically, ebbing and flowing as their dance surged a bit higher, wringing gasps and shuddering breaths from the two of them the higher this new dance went. Just as suddenly as it began, Rev felt his body quiver and he inhaled sharply, shocked and yet pleased as the first hints of an orgasm rolled over his body and then exploded, bringing him higher and settling upon him like a warm blanket that kneaded his belly and warmed a part of him that had become so cold.

Above him, Tech let loose a sob - though he never once looked away from him. The coyote's shoulders hunched upwards and his hips pushed into him once more before warmth filled his bowels and tears rained down upon his face. Rev shivered and sniffled, reaching up to cup Tech's face and tug him closer where a trembling kiss was pressed to his eyelids.

Tech clung to him, his arms snaking under his body and pulling him closer where he hid his face against his neck and he wept - first quietly then loudly, howls of pain retching themselves free of his body. Rev curled about him and silently cried as well, stroking his neck and shoulders and held him in place while nuzzling him. The coyote sobbed and choked, nearly making himself sick as he cried against his chest - but that was okay, Rev whispered to him, a good cry sometimes fixed the worst pains.

---------- ---------

"...she didn't have the right to do that." Tech whispered, curling himself closer atop Rev - he wasn't ready to relinquish all control just yet and the simple act of laying atop the one person he trusted the most was reassuring and calming - and he was able to listen to his heartbeat from where he was with his head upon his chest.

Rev nodded, peeking down at Tech. They had managed to crawl over onto his bed - and it was perhaps the first time in two months they had shared a bed. His head flopped back onto the pillow and his fingers calmly stroked his fur, smoothing it and twisting it lovingly through his fingertips. "I know."

Tech lay still and blinked his tired, red and puffy eyes. He had cried before - yes - but never like that, and not in front of Rev. He was embarrassed, but at the same time, he was too exhausted to care; and in fact, if he could still cry, he would. "She shouldn't have done that. What she did to the others was wrong, but what she did to me was.... was..."

"Despicable?" Rev offered.

He snorted at the word - after all, that was Duck's trademark response to anything he disapproved of - but he nodded and sighed heavily, closing his eyes finally and allowing Rev's heartbeat to flutter through his and calm him. He didn't want to move, and he didn't want Rev to go - and the thought of the roadrunner leaving did bring the last hint of moisture to his eyes. "Stay here tonight." He whispered desperately, his fingers curling into his feathers and clinging to his body.

Rev inhaled shakily, uncertain if he himself was ready, but as his fingers continued combing through his fur, Rev finally relaxed upon the mattress and allowed it to curl about his body and claim him as a resident for the night. "Okay."

Tech whimpered faintly and shuddered against him. "I'm sorry; I'm so sorry for what I made you do." His face contorted in pain.

"I know." Rev said. "I'm sorry I allowed it to continue for so long." He smoothed his fur down then reached for his ears - and hesitated at the faint yip of fear. Frowning and taking a moment to let Tech calm, Rev then reached for them again and he very gently tickled his fingers across their length, allowing Tech to feel just how safe he was with him. It was hard, he knew Tech was having a tough time getting past the fear of his ears being yanked upon - he had admitted it to him not an hour ago - but he was forcing himself to allow Rev to touch them. The roadrunner continued the act for a few more minutes then settled his hand back upon his shoulder and he felt Tech's body relax against his.

They still had a long ways to go, but at least the air was clear between them now.

And 6:30 pm was now forbidden.

Tech slipped into an exhausted sleep and Rev soon followed - and they both had a dreamless night. Though they were still tired upon waking, it was the first morning they had awoken with each other and it was a kindling moment that made their belly flip and their cheeks flush like newly made lovers.

As awkward as that first morning back was, neither wanted to exchange it. It was perfect in its own way.

---------- ---------

It was silent the first few days afterwards - but in the good way. Rev hadn't been this happy in so many months. Tech was there, with him in everything he did! From passing the food at the dinner table (yes! He was sitting at the dinner table eating with him for real, not just for show), to whispering to him his new idea for an invention - which was his first idea for anything since 'that day'; and of course, when they dared to touch each other again two weeks later, Tech was there, in the moment with him... and it was spontaneous, a truly random event that found Rev between his quivering legs and staring into scared eyes even as his lips whispered for him to continue.

Rev hadn't closed his eyes. He stared down at him, his fingers looping and kneading his fur. He cooed softly in his throat and his feathers rustled the moment one of Tech's thighs pressed against his waist and urged him on, hands moving over his shoulders and across his back, his tongue darting out to lap at his throat.

He moved slow - too slow in fact, they never did technically consummate in that position, they had found themselves pressed together, shuddering together as their last threads snapped and they released in a gasping and quivering mass with beak to muzzle. They ignored the wetness between them and opted instead to curl close and Tech whisper fearfully an 'I love you' against his shoulder.

They spend another two months alone in the desert, whispering late into the nights, slowly coaxing Tech away from his fears and urging him to go back to his normal routines. They even talked to the team via comm-link. It had terrified Tech at first and he had left the conversation halfway through to hide in his lab, but over time he was finally able to smile at Ace and Slam, and mean it when he said, 'Good to see you too'. Rev had swelled in pride then, so proud of him for overcoming his nervousness.

Then one chilly day with a grisly sky that threatened rain for the first time that year in the desert, it was decided they should return. Rev had curled up on the bed with him, holding him close to his chest and listening to Tech voice fears of what might happen. He was so focused on the 'what ifs' that he forgot about the fact they were their friends and would be happy to see them once more. Stroking his fingers through his fur and scratching at his ears, Rev had peeked down at the coyote in that moment and smiled to him and had said: "I'll be by your side no matter what happens, all right?"

Tech had fallen asleep soon after with a sigh of contentment.

But it was still terrifying the moment Tech stepped foot into HQ and stared at his teammates gathered before him. Granted, he didn't break out into a cold sweat, hyperventilate or run away with irrational fear, but it was still hard to not allow himself to flash back to those moments almost nine months ago.

He shook their hands, offering a weak smile to Ace and Slam. He hugged Lexi back as she bounced into his arms, and him and Duck grunted and then promptly ignored each other as was their typical greeting - but even Rev had to smile at the quick up and down look Duck gave Tech as though just to make sure he was indeed all right. Who knew Duck had a heart.

"So, how ya feelin'?" Ace offered a scared smile, rubbing the back of his neck.

Nodding, Tech glanced away then back to him. "Uh, great... doin' better." He mumbled.

Ace bobbed his head and peeked over to Lexi who nodded her head and he turned back to Tech. "I uh... know it was hard-"

"Don't." Tech snapped, shaking his head; then he smiled, perhaps the most geniuine smile that was both honest, gentle, and heartbreaking. "It's behind us now. Forget it."

Ace's brows knotted together. He looked ready to say something but he snapped his mouth shut and nodded instead.

Sticking his hand out, Tech held his hand ready, his back straightening and his shoulders pushed back.

Smirking, Ace took his hand and shook it firmly, smiling at him. "Right, good ta have ya back, Tech."

"It's good to be back." Tech nodded, swelling with confidence and erasing the irrational fears he had originally felt.

Slam shuffled up, large, fat tears in his eyes and a quivering lower lip.

Tech did feel a moment of brief hesitation, but soon, the large beast was clapped on the shoulder and Tech was then scooped up and buried in a bear hug of the Tasmanian devil variety. He squirmed but managed to keep from shouting in panic, and perhaps Slam felt that, for he quickly released him and smiled sheepishly, babbling and grunting a few words before he chuckled and shuffled off - right to the kitchen.

Tech stood there awkwardly - it wasn't like he didn't know how to be around them, but he didn't know what to say to them. The same ugly topic hung in the air between them, and Rev inched forward to lace his fingers through the coyote's faintly shaking hand. The instant relief could be felt between the two, and Tech turned to him with a faint smile and a grateful look upon his face. At least he would have Rev by his side to help him weather through the rough patches of finding that rhythm in life between their team mates. Yeah; he was a rather lucky coyote indeed.

---------- ---------

Author's Reflection: You made it! I must ask, what did you think? I know it was scary and gut wrenching, but what did you think? Was it realistic? I know the idea of a Tech being so distraught and nervous was weird and very out of character, but I wanted something real, a drastic change for a horrific event in his life. And Rev, that devoted bird… he went through hell and back to try and help Tech, and I'm glad he knows how lucky he is to have him.

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