The Doctor twiddled absently with the controls. "…hold on, what's that?"

Brittany groaned. "Oh, let me guess – alien signal from Earth."

The Doctor rolled his eyes, but nodded. "Definitely something unusual. Can't quite decipher it but I can trace it…coming from… New Zealand. Auckland in fact."

"Omigod, omigod, omigod, omigod," Sam Taylor chanted under his breath as he pounded down the footpath, narrowly avoiding major injuries for himself as well as other pedestrians.

He couldn't believe it! It wasn't possible, it just wasn't possible! An actual real alien spacecraft, here in Auckland.

"Ship started out from the Aerin Cluster, and used rift technology to complete the journey." The Doctor tapped his fingers across the keyboard. "'Scout Ship Llarindaal K-34, en route from Shadooth system; planet of origin, Kowaric…Kowaric? But that means…Ma'ark!

"We have to find Sam Taylor, because the Ma'ark seem to have an interest in them. And people the Ma'ark take an interest in usually end up missing vital parts of their anatomy." He gave Brittany a dark look. "Namely, their heads."

There was something chasing him. Normally, he would have assumed it was his friends trying to give him a bit of a scare, but he wasn't so sure anymore. He wasn't so sure of anything anymore, not after what he'd seen.

Sam Taylor was running for his life.

Sam caught a glimpse of a patch of darker shadow, the impression of wings, clashing mandibles and light glinting off compound eyes before the creature leapt at him.

And still he was turning, not nearly fast enough.

Sam's only hope lies with a man he doesn't know, a man who calls himself 'the Doctor'. However, the Doctor was a lot closer than he realised.

The Doctor and Brittany will return in Fractured Glass, for more alien-ass-kicking adventures. HAI-YAH!