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Author's Note: Okay. Uh. I started this out of despair because I suck at writing multi-chapter fics... So I thought I'd try a oneshot-series and it turned out I liked it. So, here it is.^^ (It's rather short though...)


Naruto and Sasuke were connected – everyone who knew them knew at least this much about them. It usually went unsaid, though sometimes, people – stupid people – felt a need to comment on it.

Sakura had once said if both Naruto and Sasuke only focused half of their attention on a fight, they would still win, for the very simple reason that two halves still made one whole.

Kiba had said it was amazing they were still both alive, for the very simple reason that every single thing they did turned into a fight.

Tsunade had said she had no idea how the heck they managed, for the very simple reason that they were complete opposites.

Ino had said that sometimes she wished she could hear the song to which they moved, for the very simple reason that it had to be an incredibly beautiful one.

Kakashi had said watching them interact was almost as amusing as watching one of his most favorite porn movies, for the very simple reason that their special kind of tension made everything they did seem like sex with their clothes on.

Sai had simply said he didn't understand them, for the very simple reason that they were beyond any kind of logic.

Naruto and Sasuke usually said those people were crazy. Then, they usually fought about how crazy.