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"Wrap My Arms"

He looked down and saw that the midget has fallen asleep.


This isn't what he hoped their last night together would be. Well it's not like it's their final night, but it is the night before Rukia has to go back to Soul Society.

He had the whole night planned – a romantic dinner, star-gazing, heck he even made dessert and made sure his family was gone for the weekend. But no, she just had to be stubborn. Claiming she was too tired to go out and insisting that they just watch a movie after ordering take out.

And now look at them! The coffee table is littered with trash from their take out. The room is dark with only the TV glaring its ugly screen at them. And here he is wearing baggy sweat pants and a wife-beater holding the midget around her waist as they both lie down on the couch watching some chick flick…o yea and she fell asleep! On their date night! He was tempted to just push her off the couch right now. But even then Ichigo tightened his arm around her waist.

Well…it istheir last night.

With that thought in mind, Ichigo tightened his hold even more without disturbing her and buried his nose in her hair. As he took in her vanilla scent, his previous anger and resentment seemed to evaporate when he realized he won't see her again for god knows how long.

They've been dating for about six months and for four of them Rukia had to shuttle back and forth between the real world and Soul Society.

It was hard to let her go – every single time. He's amazed how he seems to manage to let her go. Because right now his arms are stuck around her petite waist and like hell he was letting go. But every time they had to say goodbye, she seemed so nonchalant about it saying it's her duty. And well if she's okay with it, he's not going to whine and beg like some sissy.

But he didn't want her to go. Because every time she looked back from the Senkai Gate he has to hold back and smile. Like it's just an everyday farewell, like he's okay with not knowing when she'll come back next time, like he doesn't want to run and grab her and beg her to stay.

Ichigo opened his eyes that he didn't even know were closed. The movie ended and the credits were rolling. He reached for the remote carefully and turned off the TV leaving the room in complete darkness and silence.

He lets out a sigh as he slowly feels his eyelids grow heavy.



He may not be willing to say anything while she's awake but she's asleep, right?

Ichigo wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close as he can and closed his eyes.

"Don't go"

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