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--Chapter 3: Don't Play With Fire--

The next day on the way to the great hall on the way to breakfast, the dorm mates were looking for new people to try their pick up lines on. Just telling them to each other wasn't as entertaining as one might think.

"Hey Malfoy!" Harry yelled, and the blond turned to sneer at him. "Since you're so good on a broom, you want to ride my wood?!"

Draco cheeks flushed a light pink and he sent a weak glare at them before scurrying off.

When walking past Hannah Abbott, Seamus reached out and tugged on one of her ever present plaits. She turned to look at him in confusion and he winked at her, causing her to turn bright red.

As they walked into the great hall Ron yelled his comment to the first person he laid eyes on.

"Want to polish my handle?" Lots of heads turned his way, including that of the person who he had shouted out to.

Snape, the greasy git, turned and glared; looking like a bat out of hell.

"Detention Weasley, with Filtch for two weeks. I don't even want to spend time in your presence."

He sneered before striding away, robes billowing out behind him.

Ron was gaping, pale-faced and Harry patted him on the back twice.

"There, there mate. There's always next time."

Seamus laughed before running off to get breakfast, pulling Dean along behind him.

Neville smiled slightly before placing a hand on Harry's arm.

"Common Harry, let's go have breakfast. Ron can go plan his date with Filtch. Maybe they can have a threesome with Mrs Norris."