What if everything that happens in life really did happen for a reason? If there was someone or something behind the scenes, pulling the strings to manipulate interactions and scenarios so that your life followed a certain course?

There is a bit of mythology in this story, but please don't be intimidated by it. You don't need to be an expert. We'll fill in the blanks for you where you need them. While you'll see a lot of familiar names, remember, in the end, this is all about our beloved Edward and Bella, and the story of the life.

Characters – not ours. Warped application of ideas? That's all us.


A soul shred into tiny pieces,
but souls cannot be seen,
only damage to physical things.
slices through her heart,
pain of another disloyal friend,
the Fates are playing with this young soul.

The tiny cuts are so fine, so hard to see,
like fine lines on blankets of silk,
her wrists are a map to a heaven.

The pain slices through her heart,
pain of another disloyal friend,
the Fates are playing with this young soul.

Maybe she will be rescued...
No, the Fates have decided,
they like this game.

March 26, 1986

I tried. I feel like that's all I can say anymore. I've tried and I've failed.

I know that you mean well, and that everything you do is for me, for Edward, for us. But I can't keep up the charade.

It was easy to blame you. But it was my fault. No one else's, only mine. And for that I must pay.

You want to save me. I can't be saved. Nor do I deserve to be.

Give your strength to our son. He'll need you. Please love him enough for both of us, and let him know that I truly do love him with all my heart, but I couldn't stay here and risk hurting him too.

I am so sorry, Carlisle. Sorry for my mistakes. Sorry for not being woman enough to fight through my faults. You and Edward deserve better than I could ever be.

No one will ever move me like you do. I know that isn't much consolation right now, but it's all that I can give you. I don't have anything left.

I will always love you.


I've Got the World on a String

"You've really outdone yourself this time, brother."

"Just doing my job." My response to Aro was nonchalant, belying the glee I truly felt.

"And mine as well, it would seem."

"Come now, Marcus, we all understand the symbiotic nature of our work. The cutting of one thread sometimes unravels others. Caius cannot allow his decisions to be affected by the possible consequences on remaining threads," Aro gently admonished Marcus.

"Can he allow his decisions to be affected by petty grudges?"

I seethed. "You dare show such impudence to your brother?" Marcus was right, of course, but I wasn't about to let him know that.

"Only as much as you showed me. The spinning of the threads is no less important than their cutting."

"A point I concede. But wouldn't we all agree that responsibility for the threads belongs to us, and us alone?"

Marcus said nothing, but concession was plain on his face.

"I do not deny the pleasure I take at her frustration. But I was merely doing my job. Teaching her a lesson is an added benefit."

"I think we can all agree that she was overdue for some retribution," Aro concurred. "But let us be mindful of our roles—and our bond. We cannot allow her to come between us."

A look exchanged among us was all we needed to confirm the truth of Aro's words.

My brothers and I twine the threads of life for every human on earth. Marcus spins each thread. Aro measures. I cut.

We are The Fates.

Even Gods do Suffer

I was absolutely beside myself. Desperately saddened and incredibly livid. I paced, and I threw things. I screamed and cried. This was absolutely not supposed to happen.

This was perfect. They were perfect. Oh my goodness, I hadn't known such a powerful love in eons. It was the kind of love I knew would be contagious. Those were the ones I was most proud of, the ones I tried hardest to foster. The greatest rate of return for my efforts so to speak. But it was more than that. Seeing love like that also made me happy. How could it not? It fueled me.

This love didn't fade or deteriorate; the connection was needlessly severed by a trio of evil harpies.

How dare they? It was just wrong.

And that just made so mad I wanted to go on a warpath. My rage was blinding.

In the old days, I would have made someone pay. My powers may lie in the realms of love and beauty, but I'm equally known for my passion driven acts. The golden apple of jealousy, turning people into birds or killing off all the men. I used to have a bit of a problem with my emotions.

I'm much more in control these days. I've tempered. I've also learned a few things.

As fun as instant gratification is, sometimes, the greater good comes in waiting. In setting pieces in motion. In strategy. In pouncing when someone least expects it.

They've called me many things over the ages. Today, when I play in the human world, I go by Tanya. It's a simple, inconspicuous name. I promise you the change in strategy, the unassuming moniker. They don't make me any less Mighty.

I would make Caius pay. Undoubtedly. But I wouldn't do it the old way. They would expect that.

I looked at the sweet boy with the start of a crazy head of auburn hair, and things started clicking.

Time. Patience. Love.

All good things come to those who wait.

Time had also improved my own relationships. Ages ago, I would never admit to needing help, but I had a feeling with the assistance of one particular old friend, the next twenty or so years would fly by.

I could be patient. I could control my anger and avoid acting out against The Fates.

Well, I couldn't resist taunting them just a little bit. There was a little rumor I liked to encourage. Once upon a time, I led the humans to believe the Fates were a trio of women. They've never lived it down or gotten over it. Caius, a misogynistic ass if ever there was one, was still very bitter about the whole thing.

So, I had a new painting of The Fates commissioned by the hottest artist of the day. Oh he did a lovely job.

He made them so very pretty.

The Poem is Gamble with Fates by Jennifer English

So back in May when Breakfast at Tiffany's was wrapping up, Lucette21 left a review about how nothing could tear that couple apart, and Profmom chewed on that idea …what if there really was a reason for everything to happen…falling in love for no reason, accidents, clumsiness, all those things that we see over and over…

Out of that thought came The Fates. One quarter romance. One quarter suspense. One quarter satire. One quarter supernatural. Wholly original.

Logistics will be similar to Breakfast at Tiffany's, with Edward/Bella POV's, but with a few twists. Format will be almost identical, with little added POV's in each chapter from those pulling the strings, just like you see here. You've meet 2 of the 3 groups pulling the strings…there is one more still to be introduced.

And btw – one of the twists has already been introduced. The Fates (Marcus, Aro and Caius) will be written by our lovely mastabeta Legna989…you got it, she's not just a beta, she's a writer too. Her fates will pop in here and there to keep things…interesting….

So sit back, buckle your seatbelts, and get ready for a ride unlike anything you've ever been on. If you feel the need to dust up on some mythology (not necessary, but always fun) there are links in our profiles).

Glad you are joining us for the ride!