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Chapter 34

Jim Kirk was anxious and excited as he bounced from one foot to the other where he stood on the platform of the shuttle bay. Beside him, Spock stood as calm and collected as ever, though he did allow the ghost of a smile to grace his face as he discreetly eyed his intended bond-mate's not so subtle display of nervous energy.

" Be calm Ashaya, they will be arriving in about five point seven minutes, and based off of the last communication from the transport, they are on schedule and have not experienced any difficulties en route." Spock said reassuringly.

" I know that Spock, but I can't help feel a bit antsy. It is a long journey from Earth to here you know, now I'm just wondering how horrible Bones's mood is gonna be when he gets here." Jim said with a warm grin that lit up his whole face.

Spock had to clamp down hard on the urges said grin caused to rise up inside him, it would not do to grab Jim and kiss the breath from him, because they would undoubtedly scandalize anyone else who was in their general vicinity in the transport ship hanger, although Jim probably would not have been too bothered. Instead, Spock reached out and gently ghosted the back of his hand across the back of Jim's in a quiet gesture of affection.

Jim's grin widened the moment he felt Spock's hand brush his own, and he also felt some of his nervous energy dissipate at Spock's calming presence.

" They will be here shortly, and we will be able to deal with Dr. McCoy's mercurial moods. It's not as if his grumbling are a new occurrence." Spock said with the barest hint of a long-suffering sigh, to which Jim chuckled happily, knowing how true his soon to be husband's words were.

Then Jim and Spock were both slightly jarred when a chime sounded followed by a Vulcan woman's voice first speaking in Vulcan, and then in standard.

" Please be advised that the transport ship, Pla-Masu is now arriving at landing pad number 21. The Pla-Masu from Earth is now arriving at landing pad number 21."

Following the announcement, Jim and Spock both watched as with a low rumble a long, steel gray ship hovered into the large hanger. The sleek and elegantly designed transport ship was expertly maneuvered past the various other space ships that were in various stages of docking, disembarking, or already securely docked.

Jim resisted the urge to bounce up and down like a child and instead did his best to keep some dignity about him, but it was understandably hard because it was hitting him full force that he was getting married in a few days, and his family has just arrived to attend said marriage.

The Pla-Masu gave a final roar of its engine before its landing gear unfurled out of its underbelly as the ship touched back down onto solid ground. The Ship's engine grew silent and then a soft hiss signaled the opening of the multiple doors that aligned either sides of the ship. Then the many door were opening and lowering down into sets of escalators ready to be used by all of the ship's disembarking passengers.

Spock and Jim walked closer to the newly landed transport ship, both of them keeping a look out for any familiar faces as a multitude of passengers started pouring out of the Pla-Masu and down the escalators that the ship was providing. As they drew closer, Jim was pleased to see the diversity of the numerous passengers that were disembarking. There were many Vulcans for sure, but in addition Jim could see people from other races as well, like Andorians, Deltans, Bajorans, and Orions to name a few. Jim was stunned when he even caught sight of a group of Cardassians merchants in the mix as well. However, Jim and Spock was keeping his eye out for some familiar humans amidst the sea of passengers.

Jim was still looking around for a familiar face, with Spock just a few feet ahead doing the same when he suddenly felt an arm loosely wrap around him and pull him backwards. Jim tensed for just a second before he relaxed and let out a happy laugh as he allowed himself to be pulled.

" You look every bit the blushing bride kid." Came the gruff and amused voice of Dr. Leonard H. McCoy as he playfully took his best friend and Captain into a gentle headlock.

" Switch the "bride' part with "groom" and you'd be more accurate." Jim said as he expertly maneuvered himself out of Bones's hold. The two men stood facing each other for a long moment, both smiling wide and happy before Jim decided to throw being manly and macho out the window and all but pounced on Bones.

Bones let out a gruff little laugh as he suddenly found himself with his arms full of blonde best friend.

" I'm really glad you're here. Thank you." Jim said softly into the doctor's ear as he embraced the older man tightly.

" Hey now, no need to get all sappy on me, you know I wouldn't have missed this for anything." Bones said gruffly, although he hugged Jim back just as hard.

When they drew back a few moments later, Spock had wordlessly materialized beside Jim. Bones quirked his brow as he took in his usual opponent for verbal sparring as he spoke.

" Well if it isn't the Hobgoblin himself." He said as he stepped forward and gave Spock a light tap on his upper arm, as opposed to a handshake.

" Greetings to you as well Doctor, I trust the journey to Vafer-Tor was pleasant." Spock said neutrally, though his dark coffee eyes were filled with veiled warmth.

He'd never say it out loud, but Spock was infinitely pleased to see the good doctor, who was not just Jim's friend but his as well.

" Pleasant as a herniated disk mind you, you know I hate space travel." Bones shot back.

" And yet you are the Chief Medical Officer of the flag-ship of the Federation, and are now here on Vafer-Tor to attend the nuptials of your Captain and First Officer." Spock countered with a quirked eyebrow of his own.

" Yeah yeah, but anything for family right?" Bones said with a half-grin.

" Indeed Doctor, you could not be more correct." Spock said with a nod, while Jim felt his cheeks heat up just a little as the words that were being exchanged. Jim opened his mouth to ask where everyone else he was expecting were at, but before he could say anything a familiar, deeply accented voice caught his ear.

" Keptain!"

Jim turned in the direction the voice came from and grinned wide and happy when he saw one Pavel Chekov making his way through the crowd towards him, Spock, and Bones.

" Chekov!" Jim called back as he stepped forward to meet the excited young ensign halfway.

Jim held out his hand for the young man to take expecting Chekov to still be a bit wary of him, he was the Captain after all, but to his surprise Chekov just beamed brightly before he bypassed Jim's hand and pulled the taller man into a surprisingly strong hug. Jim let out a small chuckled as he returned the young ensign's hug. The pair drew away as few moments later and Chekov spoke.

" Поздравления на свадьбу капитана." Chekov said in his native tongue of Russian before he quickly clarified it for Jim. " Vhat I mean to say eez, congratoolations on your vedding Keptain."

" Thank you Chekov, it means a great deal to me that you could make it." Jim beamed in reply.

" Pleez, call me Pavel seence vee are not on duty, and I vould not hef missed this ewent for anything sir. " Chekov said, with a light blush to his cheeks.

" And neither would we." Came a rich and familiar female voice from behind Chekov.

Jim, Spock, Chekov, and Bones all looked in the direction the voice came from to see a grinning Lt. Nyota Uhura with an equally happy looking Lt. Hikaru Sulu, and Cmdr. Montgomery Scotty standing beside her, the trio having found each other first in the deluge of passengers before spotting Jim and Chekov and making their way towards their Captain and fellow Star Fleet officers.

" Hey guys!" Jim called grinned as he stepped over to greet the two members of his command crew.

" Congratulations." Uhura said as she pulled Jim into a hug that Jim gladly returned. "thanks so much for inviting us." She added.

" I should be thanking you guys for coming." Jim said softly into Uhura's ear.

" Oh Jim, of course we'd be here." Uhura said in reply just as softly before she gave Jim a final squeeze and then released him so that he could greet Sulu properly and she could go greet Spock.

" Thank you for coming Hikaru, it means a lot." Jim said warmly as he clasped Sulu's hand and pulled him into a short one-armed embrace.

" Of course, it's not everyday you get to see your Captain get married, and besides that, you are my good friend so a three-day ride on a transport is nothing." Sulu replied with a smile.

If Jim felt his eyes suddenly start to burn a little, he'd just say it was the dry New Vulcan air as he gave Sulu a nod. He then turned his attention to the stout Scottsman standing beside his navigator.

" Thanks for making it Scotty." Jim beamed as he shook the engineer's hand.

" Think nothin' of it sir, anythin' for a good friend and cap'n." Scotty assured, before he drew a little closer and spoke in a hushed tone.

" Besides, I brough' some o' me best moonshine, cour'esy of the lovely Enterprise 'erself" Scotty waggled his eyebrows and sent an impish grin Jim's way, the latter laughing out loud at his friend's revelation.

" Well at least you didn't bring any chocolate, otherwise we might have had some drunk Vulcans on our hands." Jim chuckled.

" Who says ah didn' sir?" Scotty asked with a small quirk of his brow and his mischievous grin widening.

" Scotty you're the best." Jim said quietly with a breathless laugh as he clapped Scotty on the shoulder, plans of causing a little mischief as Spock's expense already forming in his mind. Rest assured these plans did not involve crazy drunken shenanigans from anyone, just the kind of fun that came with drinking responsibly. The last this he wanted to do was embarrass Spock or himself so soon before their bonding ceremony.

Jim and Scotty shared a few more laughs, especially about how Scotty schooled some of the Enterprise's would be upgraders back in San Francisco before the pair joined the rest of the group. After spending a few moments mingling in the transport hanger, Jim and Spock started leading their newly arrived guests towards the exit, all the while enjoying the banter that was going on between everyone.

" Hey Leonard that Tri-Ox compound you gave us is working wonders, none of us passed out so far, and it doesn't feel all that hot anyway." Sulu said as Chekov, Uhura, and Scotty all nodded in agreement.

" Well, at least you four didn't complain about getting said compound, unlike a certain fearless leader of ours." Bones groused as all eyes went to Jim, who just chuckled as he spoke.

" Hey, me and hyposprays are never gonna get along, so you may as well quit complaining Bones." He shot back.

" But rest assured Doctor, Jim has been consistently administering the compound you have supplied to him every morning as per your instructions." Spock added as Jim gave him a smile.

" Well, I bet he's had plenty of motivation to keep that up. Less time spent unconscious from heat stroke means more time with the pointy-earred fiance." Bones quipped, feeling a small spark of triumph as while the others laughed, Jim's cheeks flushed a light pink while the tips of Spock's aforementioned pointed ears turned a pale olive green.

The banter continued as Jim, Spock, and the newly arrived members of their extended family headed out of the hanger building to the large, van-sized hover car Sarek had arranged for them.

With Spock behind the wheel, Jim was free to join in the banter, giving and receiving some harmless teasing, and also answering the many question thrown his way regarding everything from the bonding ceremony, what the living arrangements were going to be like at Sarek's house where they were all staying, to how things were when he and Spock has first arrived to New Vulcan all those weeks ago. Needless to say it was a very lively conversation on the drive to Sarek's house.

Meanwhile, at Sarek's residence...

Khiori let out a happy trill as he was scratched behind the ears by weathered fingers. From where he sat in Sarek's living room, Elder Selik let the barest hit of a full smile spread across his face as he continued petting Jim and Spock's baby sehlat, who had made himself quite comfortable on the Elder's lap. A cup of freshly brew tea sat cooling on the small coffee table in front of the elder.

" Today is going to be a most eventful day little Khiori, you are going to meet some new family members, while I the ghosts of another life." Elder Selik said with the small sigh.

Khiori let out a small bark before he shuffled onto his hind legs, using his front paws to lean on the Elder's chest as he stretched up and lightly nuzzled at Spock Prime's chin, as though he had sensed the old man's sadness. It earned him a small, almost huff of laughter as the Elder's hands moved to gently cradle the cub closer. Khiori gave a happy trill as he snuggled against Elder Selik. In the days leading up to Jim and Spock's bonding, Elder Selik had become the unofficial wedding planner for both the ceremony and reception after it. Thankfully, things had gone quite smoothly regarding the nuptials, most likely because Vulcans being the ever logical beings that they were, were not particularly fussy about marriage ceremonies. This was not by any means an insult to any other customs of marriage throughout the universe, just Vulcan weddings, when not with the threat of Pon Farr were rather uncomplicated, mainly because the possibility of somebody dying on the sands during the Kunut Kalifi were subtracted from the equation. Elder Selik was all the more glad that Spock's time had not yet approached. Both he and Jim were going to be happy and relaxed as they bonded, well at least that was the idea that most everyone had regarding what would go down on the big day.

Elder Selik had it in mind that while the Bonding ceremony itself would be moderately traditional, hopefully with a few very human moments from either Jim or Spock, Elder Selik had it in mind that the reception afterwards would be a less formal affair. As he had been in the midsts of planning everything, Elder Selik had done so with the mentality that it would be good to ease up on the almost rigid formality once the main event was complete.

Elder Selik was shaken from his musings about Jim and Spock's upcoming bonding when Khiori grew alert and then let out a small bark before he lightly wriggled out of the Elder's hold and bound off down the hallway, all the while barking excitedly. It took Elder Selik barely a second before he realized why Khiori had bound off.

They had arrived.

As Elder Selik rose to his feet, movement in the corner of his eye had him turning in time to see Sarek entering the living room. Sarek paused so that the Elder could reach his side, the two of them sharing a look as the Elder spoke.

" I take it Khiori's barking informed you as well that the rest of the family has arrived." Elder Selik said knowingly.

" Khiori's rather uncanny and enthusiastic way of knowing whenever Jim and Spock have arrived here safely after having gone out is hard to miss." Sarek said with veiled fondness for the baby sehlat as he and Elder Selik made their way down the hallway towards the front door after Khiori.

The pair of Vulcans came to the front door to find Khiori propped up on his hind legs, pawing eagerly on the front door while making high-pitched yips of excitement while his little stub of a tail wagged back and forth vigorously.

" Patience little one, patience." Sarek said with veiled warmth in his dark eyes as he gazed down at the baby sehlat.

Sarek reached out and pushed the button to open the front door, and no sooner had the door opened, Khiori was galloping full speed out into the early afternoon sunshine.

Jim had just shared a laugh with Scotty as they and the others were making their way up the front steps to Sarek's house when a high-pitched barking caught his ear, and he turned to see his Khiori barreling down the stone stairs towards them.

" Oh hey!" Jim called as he lightly ran forward and knelt on the steps with his arms wide open.

With a happy yip Khiori launched himself into Jim's waiting arms. Jim laughed brightly as he hugged Khiori to him, who in turn proceeded to bathe his grinning face in sehlat kisses.

" Well, looks like we are all finally gonna get to meet the little living Teddy-bear that's got our commanding officers wrapped around his little paw." Bones said with good-natured gruff as he and the others all watched Jim soaking up the sehlat love.

" Rest assured Doctor, Khiori does not have such control over us as your words would imply." Spock said in all seriousness as he stood beside Bones with his arms folded behind his back.

Just a second after Spock spoke these words, Khiori caught site of him and let out a shrill little howl as he held out on of his snow white paws towards Spock with a bit of a desperate look in his pale blue eyes. Jim of course just let out a happy laugh at this while Chekov, Sulu, Scotty and Uhura came up to stand behind Jim and admire the adorable little cub. When Khiori again let out that beckoning call once more, Spock wordlessly stepped away from Bones and cross the short distance between himself and Jim and smoothly took Khiori from Jim into his own arms.

Bones looked smug as the cat that got the canary while Jim and the others all beamed or awed in the case of Uhura as Khiori proceeded to try to swallow Spock's nose whole, while the Vulcan himself simply stood there as neutral as ever, allowing Khiori's impromptu mouthing at his face. While he may have looked as impassive as ever, Jim just grinned as he caught the barely veiled contentment that was shining in his soon-to-be bondmates eyes.

Everyone was so busy watching the unbelievably cute scene of Khiori nibbling on Spock's face, that they never noticed Sarek and Elder Selik's arrival until the latter spoke.

" Greetings my young ones." The weathered Vulcan said, happiness clearly shining in his eyes as he took in the site of the younger versions of the people who in another world had just as much been his family.

" Eldeer Selik!" Chekov called excitedly as he bound forward to greet the elder Vulcan, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Bones all following suit. They all clamored around the old man much like children would their beloved grandfather. Pretty soon Sarek, who had at first had it in mind to remain somewhat detached and formal was also basically sucked into the circle, everyone excitedly yet respectfully congratulating him and expressing how happy they were to see him and how grateful they were to him for opening up his home for them to stay in the days leading up to the event. Sarek took it all with his Vulcan grace, but on the inside he was quite moved that the friends and colleagues of both his sons were so happy both for the happy couple and for him, the father who would be gaining a new son in a few short days.

After a few minutes of much excited chatter from the newly arrived senior crew of the Enterprise, Sarek spoke over the light din.

" Everyone, it is well within my knowledge that you have all just arrived here after a long journey, let us all proceed inside where you may all unpack and be settled into the guest quarters I have arranged." He said with a gesture to his house behind him.

Everyone whole heartedly agreed to this and followed after Sarek and he and Elder Selik led the way up the stairs to the house, with Jim and Spock at the very back with Khiori cradled in Spock's arms, happily yipping away as he playfully reached up towards Spock with his little paws. Jim chuckled as he reached out and dangled his hand over Khiori was they walked, wiggling his fingers and grinning ear to ear as Khiori batted at them with his paws.

Jim looked up to meet Spock's warm dark eyes and spoke.

" Once Chris gets here, we'll be able to get this show on the road."

Spock gave Jim and small nod and stepped aside so that Jim could enter their father's house first after the big group of people had gone through, and as he stepped after Jim with Khiori, he voiced his response.

" Indeed Jim, and if I were to make a hypothesis, judging by my older self's obvious enthusiasm in these past few days, it will be quite a show indeed."