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Chapter 37

Jim let out the breath he wasn't aware he had been holding as T'Pau's words registered in his mind. He could scarcely belief that he and Spock were finally living this moment, together as bonded mates. There was a myriad of things that Jim wanted to do all at once, like scream, laugh, cry, jump up and down like he was a little kid, heck even run up and hug T'Pau even though she would probably nerve pinch the hell out of him if he dared, and above all kiss Spock, his new husband. But instead, Jim kept himself in check, standing tall and dignified beside Spock, who looked just as collected. They, and the rest of the audience in attendance remained silent and reserved as they watched the ceremonial bell-shakers stepped forward, rattling the many bells in their hands while the rest of the ceremonial guard wordlessly knelt along the rails of the chair on which T'Pau still sat. In perfect unison they lifted the ceremonial chair and bore the weight on their shoulders, all with the signature Vulcan stone-face.

Without missing a beat, Jim and Spock smoothly stepped off to the side to clear the way for the departing Clan Mother, bowing their heads in a sign of respect. The rest of the audience all rose from their seats and did the same as T'Pau was bourn away back down the aisle with all somberness and respect. With a final sounding of the distinctive bells, T'Pau was gone, leaving a hallowed silence in her wake.

Then a soft chuckle floated through the air, sensitive Vulcan and regular human ear alike catching the sound and looking towards where it had emanated from.


All eyes went to the Captain of the USS Enterprise, and newly bonded mate of S'chn T'gai Spock. There was mirth in his bright blue eyes, and a wide smile on his face as he looked to the side to meet Spock's dark eyed gaze. Then before he could do anything to stop it, Jim let out this loud, breathless laugh that made his whole face light up. Maybe it was nervousness, maybe it was disbelief at the entire monumental event that had just taken place, but beside the slightly nervous and giddy quality to it, Jim's laugh and expression could only be described as one of pure joy. Sobering slightly, Jim stepped forward and reached up to cup one of Spock's pale cheeks as he spoke.

"Sa Telsu." He said softly, his eyes never leaving Spock's as he watched his new husband's eyes widen slightly, probably realizing that Jim had just called him "Husband" for the first time. But the veiled shock quickly fled from Spock's dark eyes, replaced with a deep and true warmth that Spock never held for anyone else but the blond young man smiling back at him.

" T'hy'la". Spock said just as softly as he leaned into the hand.

Then with the superior speed of his Vulcan heritage, Spock was suddenly surging forward, closing the arm's length of distance that separated him from Jim. Jim had enough time to let out maybe half a startle gasp before a pair of warm and familiar lips were sealing themselves over his own in a deep kiss. Jim let out a muffled chuckle before he melted completely, his arms wrapping themselves around Spock and squeezing back just as tightly as he and his T'hy'la shared there first human kiss as bonded mates.

This seemed to finally chase away all semblance of rigid formality, at least for all of the humans who were in attendance as Bones let out good-natured catcall, while Scotty pumped his fist in the air and laughed loudly. Chekov was nearly bouncing with clear joy, speaking rapidly in Russian while Sulu clapped his hands and smiled widely beside him. Uhura on the other hand looked like she was laughing and crying at the same time. There were big fat tears rolling down her deep caramel cheeks, while she was grinning ear to ear. From where he stood beside Sarek, Chris Pike also chuckled at the newlyweds, pleased beyond words that Jim had finally found true happiness after everything.

There was a pause with the Vulcans clan members who were in attendance, but something seemed to shift in the air. Sarek stepped forward, gazing at his two sons with veiled warmth in his eyes as he raised his hands and began to clap. His example was wordlessly followed by the rest of the Vulcan clan members who were in attendance. Jim and Spock both heard all of these distantly, for they were lost in the feel of each other. They were one, now and forever they were finally one. Several long moments later they finally drew back, keeping there foreheads pressed together as Spock spoke.

" I will be quite pleased to hear you call me your telsu from now on." He said quietly.

" Me too. I love, I love you so much." Jim said with another chuckle before he leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to Spock's lips. When they drew back, Jim took a look around and suddenly noticed something, or rather that a couple of certain someones were absent. Confused, Jim looked back to Spock.

" Spock, where are Selik and Khiori?" He asked. To this he watched as Spock looked not at all surprised or confused, a knowing look in his dark eyes before he looked back down the aisle.

Jim watched as Spock gave a small nod of his head to someone unseen back down that way. Jim followed Spock's dark eyes just as another loud gong sounded, silencing everyone. All eyes then turned to the start of the aisle, and Jim found his heart both swelling with relief, but his confusion growing as he and everyone else watched Elder Selik come into view with a happy and nearly bouncing Khiori in his arms. Jim smiled at the pair before he turned back to Spock with a questioning look. Gently grasping Jim's hand, Spock pulled his new mate with him to the forefront, in full view of everyone as he spoke.

" My T'hy'la, you have done much to prepare for this day, your observations of the customs of my people have thus far been exemplary." Jim felt his face heating up and his throat constricting slightly at such high praise, made even sweeter by the small nod Sarek made in agreement with his son as Spock continued.

" I had a thought that since you have done so much for me and the traditions of my people, that it was only logical that I partake in certain human wedding traditions as well."

Spock then turned and gave Selik a nod, to which the elder Vulcan nodded and allowed the ghost of a smile to grace his weathered features before he set a happily trilling Khiori down onto the stone aisle. Khiori looked up and Selik, as if asking if it was alright, and when the elder Vulcan made a light gesture to move forward, Khior let out a happy bark before he took off down the aisle towards Jim and Spock.

As he watched the little while sehlat cub daintily run down the aisle towards him and Spock, Jim finally noticed the beautiful silver collar that was around the cub's neck. A closer look had Jim's curiosity spiking when he caught sight of the little black box that was tied to this collar, dangling in front against the cub's white chest as Khiori made his way down the aisle looking like he was having the time of his life.

Jim grinned, and moved to meet Khiori as the sehlat neared, but Spock raised his hand, halting Jim's movements as he stepped forward instead and knelt down, arms held open to Khiori. With a happy bark Khiori sped up a bit and then launched himself into Spock's waiting arms, the eyes of the audience curious at the seen, while Pike and the command crew all chuckled or cooed in Uhura and Chekov's cases. Elder Selik made quick work of following in Khiori's wake, almost gliding past the new bond mates and their beloved four-legged companion to come stand beside Sarek, everyone together watching on and wondering what would happen next as they eyed the trio at the center of this whole event.

Khiori let out a happy trill and nuzzled at Spock's jaw, giving the Vulcan's chin a few playful nips while Spock held him close. Spock then turned to Jim with warm eyes. Jim grinned, loving the scene before him, but his curiosity had reached its apex.

" What's going on here Spock?" Jim stepped forward to scratch at Khiori's ears, letting out another chuckle when said baby sehlat promptly seized his fingers with his little paws and started lightly gnawing on his fingertips.

Spock did not immediately answer his new bond mate's inquiry, instead he simply handed Khiori over to Jim, who naturally cradled the cub to him. Spock then finally spoke.

" As I have said before, since you did so much to honor the traditions of Vulcan, it was only fitting that I present you with a Terran custom."

Spock then reached for the little black box and undid the fastening that held it to Khiori's silver collar, taking said box into his hands. Without any further preamble, Spock opened the box and then held out out in front of Jim so that his Telsu could see it's contents. Jim let out a breathless laugh, and then felt his eyes sting a bit despite himself.

There inside the box that Spock was presenting to him, glinting brightly in the sunlight were a pair of rings. They were bright silver, with a band of circular stones encrusted in the center. One had stones that were a bright, sparkling yellow, while the other held stones of deep blue. It was their colors, yellow and blue. Clenching his jaw for a moment to keep it from visibly wobbling, Jim reigned in the emotions that rose up at the mere sight of these rings before he spoke.

" So you turned our sehlat into our ring-bearer Mr. Spock?" He asked with a small hitch in his voice.

" Indeed Captain, he seemed the most appropriate choice." Khiori let out a happy little trill, his chest puffing up with pride as he struck a regal pose within Jim's arms, earning chuckles from the command crew for just being so adorable. Jim let out a slightly watery laugh before he gave Khiori as gently squeeze and allowed the baby sehlat to lick his cheek before he gestured for Elder Selik to take him. The elder version of Spock came forward and obliged, taking the young cub into his arms before taking a step back.

" I take it you had a hand in planing this?" Jim asked as he sent Selik a knowing look.

" Of course Jim." Was all Selik said, mirth dancing in his weathered eyes.

Jim laughed heartily before he stepped over to Spock, closing some of the distance between them. He smiled down at the gorgeous rings his new husband had presented him with before he looked up to meet Spock's dark-eyed gaze as the Vulcan spoke.

" Are these rings to your liking my T'hy'la?" He asked, and Jim being able to read Spock so well, he could see in those dark eyes the barest hint of anxiety, the fear of rejection. Fat chance of that happening. Jim just shook his head and grinned.

" They are absolutely perfect Spock, so tell me already, which one's yours and which one is mine?!"

Jim grinned brightly when he heard Bones' barely stifled snort a few feet away, and looked to see Uhura, still slightly tearful, elbowing his best friend soundly in the ribs. Jim turned his attention back to Spock in time to see his husband take the blue stoned ring out of the box. Spock then held out the box to Jim, who eagerly took the yellow stoned ring out. Pike and Sarek stepped forward without prompting, the latter taking the empty box from his son and watching on with everyone else. No more words needed to be spoken as Jim held out his left hand to Spock, trying not to let it shake too much despite himself. Sure they were already bonded in the Vulcan way, but this was a physical representation of their union, he was going to have a ring put on that finger, something he never thought would happen.

Jim's eyes never left Spock's face as he watched his husband place the ring in his finger. Jim only distantly felt the warm metal slide onto his finger, he was more focused on how breathtaking Spock looked at that moment, that while the Vulcan remained stoic, Jim could feel Spock's absolute joy radiating through the bond they now shared. Jim looked down and marveled at the ring that now adorned his left ring finger, the blue jewels glinting in the light resplendently. Jim looked back up at Spock with his eyes once more growing over-bright. But Jim kept his composure and simply grinned even wider, if that was at all possible as he watched Spock now hold out his own left hand.

Jim chuckled before he slid the band with the guttering yellow stones onto Spock's long and elegant left ring finger.

From where he stood facing Jim, Spock felt his heart speed up a fraction where it resided in his chest, illogical as it was, Spock found himself gazing at the ring that now adorned his finger with barely veiled awe. It was one thing to see the rings after Sarek had come through with delivering them, it was a whole other thing entirely to see them finally worn on his and Jim's hands respectively. While his research into Terran wedding traditions had led him to conclude that procuring wedding bands for them would be something Jim would appreciate, the concept had remained somewhat illogical to him up until this very moment. Where as before he has seen this simply as something humans did when they got married, now Spock could not help but realize that it was more than just the exchange of jewelry. It was a physical representation of their union and commitment for one thing, but for that small part of Spock was was quite possessive, he couldn't help but be internally pleased that these simple rings would send a clear message to the Universe itself that Jim was his, and he was Jim's. And yes, Spock could admit, if only to himself that the pair of rings they were now proudly wearing were actually quite aesthetically pleasing.

There was a beat of hallowed silence, and then it was like the dam finally broke. With a laugh Jim reached out and all but yanked Spock to him by the front of his wedding robes, sealing his mouth over the Vulcan's hungrily in a deep kiss, one which Spock returned with his own fervor, while also reaching up and smoothly intertwining there hands much like they had been in the vision they had shared mere minutes earlier. They kissed in both the human and Vulcan ways, and it was glorious as the bond that now joined them hummed in warm euphoria.

When they finally drew back several long moments later, Jim had enough time to press his forehead to Spock for a fleeting moment before he was being yanked away and into the new rib-bending embrace of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, who surprisingly had a few trails of salt down his cheeks. Jim didn't mind the squeeze one bit, returning it with just as much force. Over Bones' shoulder he watched on with a few tears finally leaking from his own eyes as Uhura embraced Spock, with Chekov and Sulu flanking her and probably waiting their turns to congratulate their friend and senior officer. When Bones finally did pull away, Jim found himself locked in another bone-grindingly tight embrace, this time courtesy of a beaming Montgomery Scott.

After several more hugs were received and returned, Jim, Spock, and their family and friends all left the ceremonial arena and headed for the Hall of Surak where the reception was to be held.

It was a procession of hover cars to the great hall.

The Hall if Surak was an impressive structure, reminiscent of the great building that had stood on Vulcan, put with a few new accents and features. There sweeping stone arches, and torches burning with an etherial blue fire hanging along the many walkways in the courtyard that stood in front of it. The building was like a combination of part Cathedral and part Pagoda, and over all absolutely breath-taking.

Jim and Spock, proudly holding hands, led the way through the main stone arch into the great hall, where they were greeted by the sight of a truly massive feast in the center of the circular inner hall, surrounded by long tables of rich dark wood laden with amber colored plates and utensils. Vulcan tapestries hung large and majestic along the walls is colors of deep reds, greens, purples, and blues, all with hand-stitched details like Vulcan runes in metallic thread. Standing tall and proud in a circle along the all were great statutes of Vulcan elders past, memorialized in stone and bronze. Standing tallest of these solemn stone and metal figures within a large archway embedded into the wall was Surak himself, regal and serene.

" Pretty impressive spread, and it's all vegetarian?" Bones's asked as he slung an arm around Jim's shoulders in a brief squeeze.

" Yup, and don't knock it till you try its Bones." Jim replied with a playful elbow to his best friend's ribs. Jim turned back to find Spock watching them and their exchange, his dark eyes warm. Jim grinned as he felt a warm and happy buzz at the back of his head, the marriage bond silently conveying Spock's happiness to Jim, and in turn Jim concentrated on the feeling, trying to convey his own joy to Spock in turn. Spock tightened his grip around Jim's hand, the ghost of a smile spreading across his face. He must have received Jim's attempt to convey through the bond, and it undoubtedly pleased him a great deal.

Everyone broke off as they reached the tables laid heavy with food and helped themselves to whatever caught their eye. While other weddings were usually a formal affair with servers and dinner orders, Jim and Spock had mutually agreed to skip all that and have a simple buffet style setting instead. Jim set Khiori down on the floor, the little cub dutifully staying close to him and Spock. Jim piled his plate high, his appetite returning now that the seriousness of the bonding ceremony was behind them. He had been scared out of his mind and he had no problem admitting this. Now though, Jim was just going to enjoy the good food, even better company, and the fact that he was a newly minted married man.

And if Jim happened to catch Spock's eye from across the feast table and send his new husband a not so vanilla thought through their marriage bond, the only incriminating evidence was the way the pointed tips of Spock's ears turned a lovely shade of green. Jim has simply grinned ear to ear as he he,d his plate in one hand and gracefully scooped Khiori up from the floor with his other before he made his way towards the head table that stood on a raised dais that overlooked the rest of the ceremonial hall, Spock following in his way with a veiled promise in his dark eyes.

As Jim and Spock took their seats at the head table, pressing their finger tips to each others in a Vulcan kiss, they were soon joined by the rest of their family. Jim grinned in triumph as he saw Bones tuck into a plate of grilled vegetables with enthusiasm. Uhura was having a deep conversation with Sarek, the both of them discussing Vulcan history, with Chekov and Sulu joining in once they had taken their seats as well. There was a laugh out loud moment when Scotty took his seat and then pulled out a bottle of his best engine-made moonshine from inside is dress uniform and started pouring everyone shots. Naturally Elder Selik had tucked in his shot effortlessly once more and made Scotty blush bright red with his complements to the alcohol, and if it were possible Scotty had turned even redder when Pike had asked if he could have a whole bottle of the stuff. Once everyone had taken their seats and started eating, a loud gong sounded and all eyes turned to the raised dais that stood across the hall from the head table where the newly weds sat in anticipation.

Vulcan attendants dressed in green robes seemed to almost glide into the room and made their way over to the great table still laden with food, working together to move the giant table out of the way so that everyone had an unobscured view of the stage. A few moments later a quintet of Vulcans dressed in robes of purple, amber, and cerulean blues filed onto the stage, each holding a Vulcan musical instrument. They all took there seats with military precision and them smoothly began to play, their music seeming to fill the entire hall all the way to the high arched ceiling.

Jim reached out and took Spock's hand in him, lacing their fingers together as he turned to meet Spock's dark eyed gaze. They didn't speak a word, letting the bond that now connected them convey everything they felt to the very depths of their souls.

Everything after that had turned into a happy daze of sorts, while the Vulcan quintet played, Jim had pulled Spock up and led his husband to the center of the hall, where they had enjoyed their first dance as a bonded pair. Soon others were joining in, even some of the other Vulcan clan members. Jim had laughed out loud when he saw Bones get asked to dance by a Vulcan woman, the good doctor had been stunned, but had quickly recovered and danced with the lady, showing off that he was in fact a very good dancer. Uhura had danced with Elder Selik, the elder Vulcan making Uhura giggle constantly. Sulu was off to the side having a deep discussion with a pair of Vulcan males, the three of them discussing piloting strategies and what their favorite maneuvers were. Chekov had taken it upon himself to mind Khiori, the pair making an adorable picture and the young Russian cuddled and played with the little white sehlat cub. Christopher Pike had opted not to dance and instead was enjoying some more of Scotty's moonshine, while the Scotsman in question looked well on his way to being truly plastered.

The celebrations lasted well into the night, with more amazing Vulcan music, more of Scotty's moonshine, and a surprisingly amazing buffet of Vulcan desserts that had everyone raving. There was even a large wedding cake, a surprise that Elder Selik had orchestrated, much to Jim, and secretly Spock's delight.

Now it was time for the celebrations to end, and the newly weds to depart as they were all sanding outside in the front courtyard of the great hall. Jim and Spock bid farewell to their family, hugs were exchanged and hands were shaken, and Bones would deny to his dying day, but the doctor had been a little misty-eyed as he had grabbed Jim in a crushing embrace. Uhura had been no better as she had hugged Jim and Spock both, wishing them only the best. Scotty being Scotty had pulled out another bottle and presented it to Jim and Spock, who gladly accepted the cheeky gift. Sulu hugged Jim and shook hands with Spock, a smile on his face as beside him Chekov held Khiori who was howling and wanting to go with his two dads. Jim had picked Khiori up and hugged him close, telling the baby sehlat that no, he couldn't come with them, and to just be good for those who would look after him for the next few days. Spock then took Khiori and hugged him closing, giving the sehlat reassurances that they would return soon. Then Jim and Spock took their leave of their elders, taking their blessings from Sarek and Pike, while Elder Selik had hugged them both to him.

" I wish you both only happiness, and the strength to overcome all that may arise in the future." Elder Selik said, his weathered eyes warm and with the barest sheen to them as he gazed at Jim and Spock.

" Thank you Elder." Spock said quietly, while Jim could only nod since it felt like there was a giant lump in his throat. Jim then turned to Spock and held up his hand with two fingers extended. Spock's eyes were bright with happiness as he reached up and pressed the tips of his own fingers to Jim. The newly bonded pair then turned and started walking down the stone path to the hover-car that was waiting for them.

When they reached the care, they both turned to send a final wave to their loved once, Uhura letting out a loud yell of joy, Bones, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty joining in and all but bouncing while everyone else being Vulcans opted to clap loudly to show that they to were cheering for the couple.

With a final laugh from Jim, the bonded mates gave their friends and family final waves before they climbed into the hover car, there driver taking his cue and speeding off into the red sand desert.

Jim stared out the window, watching the scenery as it passed by. He had gone quiet, contemplative, and yes, slightly nervous. Spock was quiet as well, not saying a word, simply hold Jim's left hand with his own, their rings mingling.

A couple of hours later, the hover car was pulling up to a simple cottage situated beside a gorgeous rock formation that seemed to be stretching up towards the heavens. Jim and Spock got out of the vehicle and took their respective bags out of the trunk. They thanked the Vulcan who had driven them here and watched him drive away back to civilization.

" We are definitely going to have to thank your dad again for renting us this place." Jim said as he gazed at the cottage admiringly.

" Indeed we shall." Spock agreed before he gestured for them to head inside.

There was a shift in the air now as Jim and Spock made their way up the stone path that led to the cottage, the stars of the New Vulcan night smiling down at them from high above. The front door slid open with a sift chime after Spock entered the code into the small keypad. The Vulcan gestured for Jim to step in first before following in his husband's wake.

The door slid shut behind Spock with a soft hiss. Jim turned to face Spock and the pair simply stared at each other. Both still dressed in their ceremonial robes and each carrying duffel bags. There was only silence, a tension in the room that was like the taught string of a drawn bow. It seemed to go on for ages and then finally, everything seemed to just snap. The duffel bags were hitting the floor with dull thuds, and there was a swish if fabric.

There was another soft thud as two bodies collided with each other. Jim let out a small grunt at the impact, but then his mouth was silenced as Spock sealed his own over it in a deep, hungry kiss. Jim groaned as he reached out and wrapped his arms around his husband, his fingers seeking out Spock's immaculate hair and mess it all up. He also sought the sensitive tips of Spock's ears, wanting to drive the Vulcan wild. And it seemed to work as with a low growl Spock used his greater Vulcan strength to lift Jim off his feet and proceeded to half carry, half drag his bond mate down the darkened hallway towards the room that stood at the end of it.

Once they were over the threshold, Jim and Spock broke apart and stood wrapped in each other's arms. Spock watched as Jim's blue eyes, darkened to almost black with desire and passion, drifted to the large, low bed that stood pristine and simply made in crisp dark blue sheets. Spock could see a myriad of emotions flit across his beloved's face, as well as feel them through their bond. Spock wordlessly reached up and cupped Jim's cheek to gain the human's attention. Jim turned back to face Spock, leaning into the hand on his cheek and meeting the dark eyes filled with veiled concern.

" T'hy'la, we do not have to do anything tonight, I am content simply to be here with you now." Spock said quietly, while also sending his reassurances through the bond. Jim was silent for a long moment, his face giving nothing away, and then his face slowly melted into this happy, love-filled grin that lit up his whole face and had Spock feeling like he was witnessing something that was nothing short of divine. Jim leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to Spock before he drew back and spoke.

" I love you for that Spock." Jim said, before his smile turned less divine and more dangerous, a glint in his pale blue eyes as he leaned in so that he could speak into Spock's ear, his lips brushing the sensitive skin as he spoke.

" Like I told you before T'hy'la, I am done with being afraid, done with not being able to feel the full pleasure of my own body. I want you Spock, I want your hands on me, I want your body with my body, your mind with my mind, and your soul with my soul. And if you still don't get it, well I can always show you through our bond." Jim whispered with a feral grin as he concentrated on the bond and sending Spock all that he desired and felt at that moment.

Spock let out a gasp that ended in a breathy moan, Jim loving that he could elicit such a sound out of Spock with just his mental abilities alone. Feeling his own blood rising, Jim reached down between them, seeking out a specific part on his husband.

" J-Jim!" Spock cried with a small gasp at his husband's intimate touch. But Spock's shock quickly subsided, replaced by fire. With another low growl, Spock surged forward and proceeded to basically devour Jim's mouth, Jim responding in kind and giving back just as much. Hand started wandering over bodies, seeking out the buttons and clasps that held together the final barrier that stood between them. They broke apart, Spock seeking out Jim's neck, sucking and licking at any skin his lips could find. Jim gasped and moaned at Spock's ministrations while his hands hurriedly undid the clasps on Spock's robes.

Spock would have gladly just ripped everything off of his bond mate, but thought better of it, these robes were their wedding outfits after all, things to be cherished. Instead Spock dexterously undid every button and clasp he could find. They kissed again, fumbling further into the bedroom. When they broke apart with a gasp, Jim pressed kisses to Spock's jaw while his hands tucked under the folds of Spock's robes and pushed them off on his Vulcan's shoulders. The blue robes fell away and pooled on the floor around Spock's feet, revealing the pale and sleekly built body beneath. Spock was left in the simple trouser he had worn under his robes. Jim took a moment to catch his breath and let his eyes wrack over Spock's exposed flesh with a low groan. Spock was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer desire he could see on Jim's face, and feel through their bond.

" My God you are magnificent." Jim whispered as he reached out and placed his hand over the center of Spock's chest before trailing it down to the Vulcan's side where his heart was located, leaving sensation of fire over Spock's skin. Spock reached down and covered Jim's hand over his heart, the both of them taking a moment to simply feel Spock's pounding heart before Spock stepped forward and reached out for Jim. He finished undoing the rest of the buttons and clasps of Jim's robes and then peeled the fabric away from his beloved.

Jim shivered, and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the room as Spock undressed him, pulling the gold colored robes away to leave his upper half bare. Now Jim found himself receiving Spock's hungry and admiring gaze. In an instant they were on each other again, there mouths clashing in hungry open-mouthed kisses as they started moving across the room once more. Jim had enough time to make a muffled noise of surprise as the backs of his knees hit the foot of the bed before he was falling backwards. Jim let out a loud moan as Spock's weight covered him, his chest heaving and pressing against Spock's. Spock himself groaned low as he felt Jim's hand start to explore the smooth expanse of his back.

" Spock!" Jim gasped when they broke apart and said Vulcan kissed his way down Jim's chest to one of the dusky buds on his pectoral.

" Oh God!" Jim cried as he arched into Spock's ministrations. As Jim wreathed beneath him, Spock trailed his hands down Jim's sides until they reached the waistband of the trousers Jim still had on. Spock drew away and loomed over Jim with his fingers gently looping under the fabric, silently asking for permission to get rid of the final barrier that separated them. Jim felt his heat pounding almost clean out of his chest, but steadying his own nerves, he smiled up at Spock seductively before he raised his hips. Spock could still feel Jim's hidden nervousness through the bond, so he slowly and carefully pulled the trousers down and away.

Jim clenched his jaw to keep from crying out, not it distress but in pleasure at feeling his husband pull away the last bit of fabric and leaving him completely exposed. But with a shaky breath Jim pushed himself up into a sitting position and reached out to Spock, his own hands going to the trousers his Vulcan still wore. Soon both pairs of trousers were falling to the floor to join the two sets of Vulcan robes.

They sat facing each other, simply drinking the sight of each other in. Then Jim reached out and gripped Spock by his upper arms, his hands almost too hot against the Vulcan's skin. Spock put up no resistance as he allowed Jim to maneuver him so that he was laying flat on his back. The Vulcan barely bit back a groan as Jim straddled him. Jim loomed over Spock and smiled down at him before he reached down and took one of Spock's hands. There was no stopping the noises that emanated from Spock this time and Jim started kissing and sucking on Spock's finger-tips.

" Jim, T'hy'la, please." Spock hissed. Jim took his mouth off of Spock's index finger with a lewd pop and smirked down at his husband as he spoke.

" Please what Mr. Spock?" He asked. Spock licked his suddenly dry lips, loving this confidence that was radiating off of his bond mate as he spoke.

" Let me have you." Jim's smirk softened into a smile as he nodded.

" I am yours, and only yours to take Spock." He said quietly before he leaned down and sealed his mouth over Spock's in a searing kiss.

With a low growl Spock fervently returned the kiss and then smoothly flipped them over, grinding into Jim to let the human know loud and clear the state he had reduced the usually calm and collected Vulcan to. Jim laughed against Spock's lips, the Vulcan blinding reaching for the bedside table where essential items had been left for them. He looked up for a moment to pick up the small vial of clear oil that was among the items. As Jim's curious look, Spock explained.

" Lubricant." He said simply, to which Jim giggled at his husband's simple bluntness.

Spock pushed the cork of the vial free and then generously coated his fingers before he looked to Jim.

" Allow me to prepare you my T'hy'la." Jim nodded with a smile and took a few deep breaths to relaxed as Spock's hands sought out his body.

Soon Jim's harsh grasps and breathy moans filled the air, the young man wreathing is pleasure he had long forgotten because of the ordeal he had gone through. But now, now he was in complete bliss with his husband. After what seemed like an eternity, Spock withdrew his fingers, and then situated himself between Jim's thighs.

" Are you ready for me my love? " Spock asked, his voice basically a low growl as he gazed at Jim's flushed face.

" Y-Yeah, I'm ready. I am ready, please Spock. Please." Jim whispered through gritted reached as he reached up and gripped Spock's shoulders.

There was a beat where everything was perfectly still. It seemed to go on forever, and then Spock moved swiftly between Jim's legs, thrusting upwards and in one smooth motion, he joined their bodies, at last.

Jim let out a strangled scream and arched magnificently, his face the picture of pain and pleasure mixing together. Spock let out a shaky breath, the sensations wracking through him near overwhelming in their perfection. After he deemed that he had given Jim enough time to adjust, Spock began to move, Jim slowly moving to meet his thrusts.

Jim's cries mingled with Spock's gasps as they consummated their marriage. The waves of pleasure surged over and over again, the long minutes passing by in a haze for the bonded pair. Just as the beginnings of completion began to creep up over them, Spock reached up with his hand, his fingertips seeking out the psy-points on Jim's face. Jim cried out as Spock initiated the mind-meld. The sensations were indescribable, there was no telling where Jim ended and Spock started, there was only connection in ever way possible. As their joined pleasure reached its crescendo, Jim and Spock both felt the other reach their climax. As one they fell over the edge, everything going white as they both screamed out the others name, and then knew no more of consciousness.

Several hours later...

Jim smiled as he let out a small hum of pleasure, the cause of it being Spock leaving a trail of kisses up the entire length of his spine. Once he reached the back of Jim's neck, Spock left what would surely be a spectacular hickey before he plastered himself against Jim's back like a living blanket. They had just finished their third coupling, and were now both well and truly spent. Jim stared out the window by the bed that gave a view of the many twinkling stars in the New Vulcan sky. In that moment he felt true and total peace wash over him. Jim's smile widened as he felt a warm and familiar hand glide up his arm and then entwine its fingers with his.

" I love you." Jim whispered, feeling the bond hum in contentment.

" As I love you my T'hy'la." Spock rumbled against the side of Jim's throat.

As one they drifted off into peaceful sleep, the stars smiling down at them.

Several months later...

The stars of the universe still shone brightly against the vast expanse of space. Among them a white ship glided smoothly towards planets and star systems unknown. The USS Enterprise seemed to almost glow against the blackness of space as she was piloted by Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov. The main bridge of the ship was alive with the regular hustle and bustle of the crew. Yeomans walking about, officers typing away at their stations. From where she sat at the communications station Lt. Nyota Uhura looked up as she received a new transmission from Star Fleet. She turned so that she could look to the center of the Bridge.

" Captain?" She called.

From where he sat in the command chair, Captain James T. Kirk turned and looked to his communications officer with a smile, beside him Spock and Bones did the same, curious as to what was up.

" Yes Lieutenant? " Jim asked.

" Sir, I've just received orders from Starfleet. There are reports that there is a new star forming in the Janovik star system not far from here. Starfleet's science division would love for us to observe it." Uhura smiled as she said this, to which Jim grinned back before he turned back around in his seat. A soft trill had Jim looking down in his lap, and if it were possible, his grin grew even wider as a pair of curious crystalline blue eyes gazed back at him. From where he sat nestled in Jim;s lap, Khiori gazed up at his dads curiously, trilling happily when Spock reached down and scratched at his ears. Jim reached down and held Khiori up slightly as he spoke.

" So, how would you like to see a star get born munchkin?" Jim asked. He laughed out-loud and Khiori all but bounced out of his grip as the little white sehlat cub yipped excitedly.

A hand on Jim's shoulder had him looking up to meet the warm dark eyes of Spock, the two of them sharing a moment through their bond as the rings they wore on their respective hands glinted and sparkled in the light of the main bridge. Bones just snorted and shook his head in mock disgust, muttering "newlyweds" under his breath before he his his smile. Still grinning, Jim turned his attention forward to his helmsmen.

" Mr. Sulu, Mr. Chekov." He called.

" Yes sir?" Came the twin replies as Sulu and Chekov sent him smiles over their shoulders.

" Lets get over to this star birth, take us to warp two."

" Aye sir." Chekov said.

" Warp factor two." Sulu acknowledged as he and Chekov worked in near perfect sync and entered the commands on their panels. Down below in engineering, Montgomery Scott made sure everything was running in tip-top shape as he had received word that the order for warp had been given, and then he started yelling at Keenser to get the hell down from there! Naturally he was ignored.

A few moments later, the USS Enterprise was entering warp drive, the glowing blue engines of the ship flaring with energy before the ship disappeared, leaving behind streaks of blue energy in its wake, heading off to witness the birth of a new star, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The End.

Author's note: I just wanted to thank everyone who has been with this story since the beginning. You are all some of the best people on planet, and I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you so much for liking this fic.