PAIRING WARNING* EvilxFlakyxFlippy. I would like to warn you this story will hold gore, sexual themes, maybe a lemon or two and hopefully unlikely Love! ^_^ Btw gonna try and do it with human happy tree friends okay?

Hope in a forest

Flaky wasn't sure how she got there, to the forest, all she knew for sure was that her love was dead and that it was all her fault! She wished she'd never met him. Then this would never have happened to him, to her, to them. His name had been Luka and she had been madly in love with that man, Luka had joined the Vietnam war as it was declining to an end. Still they had needed men more than ever due to an unknown 'force' killing enemies while having no care for allies either.

Luka had only been in his third week and was still considered a baby when he was murdered brutally by an 'ally' because he had been 'in the way', flaky knew what this meant her fiancée was murdered by a psycho in the war. She could still remember how he'd looked when he had to tell her he would be leaving, she supposed she always would. His endearing pink locks looked dishevelled and his gentle blue eyes welled up with unshed tears. He refused to cry in front of Flaky. He found it selfish to do so.

She also remembered watching him leave in the truck that came to take him from her to the battlefield. When the news of his death came to there town when the war had ended immediately everyone blamed her, "You could have stopped him!" was one of the many outraged cries she had heard as she was fleeing the town. One thing she had not expected to happen was to be followed into the forest. Hearing a snapping of a twig she chanced a glance back and promptly tripped over a tree root sending her careering onto the ground sprawling.

Placing her hand on her injured head she pulled it back to see a thick red substance making small trails down the paths in her hands, looking about wildly as she heard laughter coming from all around her from every direction, suddenly people emerged from the forest around her laughing at her, she identified them as the girls from the village; they had terrible overbearing crushes for her Luka, the people leading them though stood out to her the most, Ale and Flipleah. Luka's most 'devoted' fans.

"Oh look it's the Flaky bitch! Enjoy your trip?" Chuckled Ale nastily, Flipleah snorted and Ale death glared her till she shut up, "Anyway, we thought it would be in your best interest if we told you why were here: The entire town blames you for Luka's death, even your own parents! We gathered as a group to hunt you down and do you a favour, kill you." sneering at her cruelly Ale advanced on the cowering Flaky and sharply kicked her in the side, Flaky was sure she heard something snap. "However that does NOT mean it'll be over fast!" pulling out a knife she had hid in her coat Ale jumped onto Flaky's struggling form.

Somewhere in the confusion Flaky could tell that a lot of the fan girls had second thoughts and were slinking off through the woods however some followed Ale's idea and started beating Flaky with kicks and punches, struggling to hold on Flaky couldn't make any noise as a figure quietly approached behind Ale's seething form, still delivering blow after blow upon her body suddenly "Didn't anyone ever teach you not to pick on the pitiful? I'm sure you'll find a bigger challenge in me." Flaky saw something glint in the darkened light of the woods and forcefully shut her eyes as he brought the knife down on Ale's neck.

Opening her eyes she took in the dead bodies of Ale and Flipleah who had been hiding near some foliage, They had been cut down ruthlessly and Flipleah's body was with no head, looking up at the eyes of her saviour, she only saw what she thought of as the devil's eyes themselves before giving into unconsciousness. Chuckling as the redhead before him gave into the darkness he hefted her up and carried her bridal style back to Happy tree town. "I think, I've found myself a new toy…" making his way through the town unseen he placed the girl down on his Normal side's bed before thinking 'She's a pretty little thing, huh?' he mentally chuckled.

X~End chapter!~X

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