Hot chocolate

Harry Potter rolled over in his sleep. He was having a good dream…


Startled, Harry rolled over and fell off the bed. With a loud groan he sat up and looked around, curiously. Where had that come from?

Harry searched for his glasses. When he put them on he still couldn't see a thing (it was too dark). He pulled his wand out from under his pillow and mumbled: 'Lumos.'

A thin light emanated from the tip of his wand.

He waved it around, but didn't see anything that could've caused the noise.

'Maybe downstairs,' he mumbled to himself.

He carefully stood up and looked at Ron, who, apparently, hadn't heard anything. Harry searched for the door and opened it. Nothing in the hall, either.

Harry walked downstairs and heard the faint tinkling of glass. It came from the kitchen…

He opened the kitchen door slowly and looked around.

'Who's there?' said a voice.

Harry walked in the kitchen and saw Ginny, holding out a pan like a sword.

'Oh, it's you,' Ginny said, relieved.

'Did you make that noise?' asked Harry.

Ginny went slightly red and looked at her feet.

Harry held his wand out over the floor and he saw a few broken things.

'What'd you do?' asked Harry.

'Well, I couldn't sleep, so I wanted to make myself some hot chocolate. I wanted to grab a glass, but I think I grabbed about five at the same time, because they all fell down. Then, I bumped my knee into the table when I tried to pick them up.'

Ginny was sill looking at her feet. Then she ducked, squatting to pick up the broken pieces of glass.

'Wait, let me help you,' Harry whispered.

Ginny looked up, quite happily.

Harry pointed his wand to the broken pieces and mumbled: 'Reparo!'

The broken pieces bunched together and became a glass.

'Reparo, reparo, reparo, reparo!'

Now, there were five glasses on the floor. Harry grabbed one at a time and put them back.

'Thank you, Harry,' Ginny whispered.

'No problem,' he said, grinning.

They took a seat and looked at each other.

'How's your knee?' asked Harry

'Oh, it's fine.' Ginny rubbed her knee gently. 'I get used to it.'

Harry gave her his I-don't-understand-face.

Ginny laughed. 'Don't mind me being clumsy.'

Harry smiled at her.

'Would you mind taking off your glasses?' asked Ginny.

'Er, fine, but I can't see without them,' Harry said, taking them off. His vision blurred.

He heard a chair being scrapped back.

He felt soft, warm hands on his... Then he felt warm lips on his...

When the kiss ended, he put his glasses back on.

Ginny stood in front of him, blushing. She looked at the ground.

'I --' Ginny couldn't finish, because now Harry was kissing her. He felt that she kissed back.

'You don't have to say anything, Gin,' said Harry when he pulled back.

Ginny was smiling at him.

'So, let's make that hot chocolate.' Harry said, grinning.

Author's note: Hey, this just bumped into my head and I thought it would be nice sharing it with you ;)

PS: I'm still working on The Place to Be! Please be patient =)