Max and the rest of the flock were drifting off to sleep on the beach in Virginia. Anne had taken them for a campout/barbeque thing there. They were lying in a circle under the stars around a slowly dying fire. Max had tried to keep watch but Anne said that there were FBI agents all around and they would know immediately if anything was going on. She was having trouble falling asleep and since counting sheep never worked she decided to work out her feelings about a certain winged friend. She didn t understand where these feelings had come from. Why was she so jealous of that stupid red haired girl? She just wished that Fang would work this out. She was just about to drift off to a peaceful sleep when she heard...

'Max...' Isn t his timing just dandy?

'Fang? What s up?' Max answered a little sleepily.

'Nothing...' He was silent for a moment before continuing, 'It s just that, there s something between us that wasn t there before and I want to work it out so we can get back to normal.'

Max was confused at this very un-Fang-like statement. 'Um... okay so... um... how exactly do you feel about me?'

Fang gave a small smile and started shaking his head slowly, 'Uh-uh, you first.'

'Fine, I really don t know, I never felt like I wanted anything more than friendship before, but every time I see you with that stupid little red haired freak I can t stand it and I just want to pull you apart and punch her in the face.' Why was she saying all this!?! She hadn t meant to say anything except you re my best friend. Period. End of story.

'Same thing with me seeing you with that stupid Sam boy, what do you even see in him?' Wait, he felt the same way! Why was her heart beat uneven and her breath a little ragged? This had never happened before.
'Don t change the subject. So, um... where does that leave us?'

'I'm gonna try something. Just don t freak out okay?'

Max nodded a little nervous about what was going to happen next. When she saw Fang leaning in, her eyes almost unwillingly fluttered closed and her heart began to race. The next thing she felt were Fang s lips against hers and his hand against her neck. Then everything seemed clear and she didn t want to stop. But eventually she seemed to run out of air and opened her eyes only to see Fang lying down next to her. She realized this was all a dream. A wonderful dream, but still just a dream.

'Hey Max do you know you talk in your sleep?' Fangs voice rang through the night as Max felt a blush creeping to her cheeks.

OMG. How much had she said outloud. Did he hear something he shouldn't? Okay all she had to do was make up a convincing lie and then pretend it never happened, 'Oh... um... well..." But she never got to finish that statement because Fangs lips were on hers and then they picked up where her dream had left off.