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x-The Grand Finale-x


Writing Cards

.Purple. Chocolate. Stars.

So once again, it was Monday, but today, was the day of Kuukai's birthday.

In the morning, Kuukai's mom wished him a happy birthday and dragged his brothers out of their rooms so they could do so as well.

Arisa of course, had slept a hefty…3 hours that night out of anxiety.

It was his birthday, and she had no present.

Simple as that.

Sure she had laboured her brain away for the past 13 days, and maybe she even almost gave up at one point, but once she recovered herself, she (and her orange Powerade) was back in business!

She watched from behind her arms as she sat at the kitchen table, lying on her arms, trying to keep her presence concealed.

But as if that'd work.

"So Arisa-chan, where's that awesome present you promised him?" Unkai teased, getting pulled back like a dog on a leash by Shuusui.

"W-what? I never promised him anything like that!" she retorted, colour rising to her cheeks.

"Yes you did," Rento broke in. "Don't you remember?"

She shook her head. Honestly, she didn't remember, but Rento, even though he was teasing her, didn't know if she had promised such a thing either.

"Well you must have some sort of present for him," inquired the second oldest of the siblings, pushing his glasses upwards.

"Like maybe a kiss?" Unkai sneered, laughing at Arisa's suddenly flustered appearance.

Unkai's tease was loud enough so that Kuukai, who was sitting across the room, could hear them.

Before Arisa had the chance to respond to the older boy, Kuukai stood up, and dusted his soccer jersey off. He picked up his bag and made his way towards the door.

"Well I have to get to soccer practice now, I'll see you tonight!"

They all waved at him, Arisa smiling weakly.

Just as the soccer player was exiting the house, Rento and Unkai latched arms and announced that they were going somewhere for the day as well.

"Ne, can you kiss you onii-chans goodbye Arisa-chan?" Rento asked, feigning innocence in his voice.

Arisa froze on the spot and looked at Kuukai, who froze at the door frame. She cleared her throat and composed herself.

"You're not my 'onii-chan' and no, of course I won't," she spat bitterly, giving a sarcastic look along with her remark.

"Pleaseeee?" the older boys chimed in sync. If you didn't know any better you'd think they had 7-year-olds stuck in their bodies or something.

She rolled her eyes, and leaned forward, pecking the older boys on the cheek. Just as she did, Kuukai disappeared behind the door and slammed it shut.

Once her task was complete, she punched them both in the arm, and stormed up into her room.

"Rento, Unkai, go to your room," Hana, their mother commanded.

"I second that. You two are absolute morons," Kaido commented.

Instead of glooming their way up the stairs like most people would, they laughed, with cheesy grins on their face and bounce in their steps.


The day had gone by rather uneventfully and it was about 11 at night as Arisa laid in bed, all alone in the room.

The entire house was silent give or take the whir of a fan or the ticking of a clock.

Not to mention, Kuukai was supposed to be home an hour ago, but apparently he wasn't home yet. She wondered if he got into a fight of some sort, or if he got into an accident or if he was kidnapped or SOMETHING.

She rolled out of bed, onto her feet and turned on a lamp light so that she was able to see.

Most of the family members had gone to bed, except for Rento who, of course, was staying up to blow shit up.

Arisa scooted over to the trash bin underneath the desk.

She took a peek in and gaped at the amount of crumpled paper that has gather withen the past 13 days. A careful hand reached in, and dug through the pile, then pulling a sheet from the bottom.

Her eyes skinned over the sheet, and read, "Happy birthday dear Kuukai…
You turn 15 this year, and all I want to say…I can't think of anything that rhymes with year."

Arisa's eyes suddenly widened in realization. All the paper was all her ideas for Kuukai's card (which she still hasn't finished).

That means no one took out the trash for 2 weeks…gross, she thought offhandedly.

She filtered the pile of crumpled paper smoothening them out, to make them more legible in the small amount of light.

She looked at the paper where she had drawn Ikuto in a dress and Amu in a moustache and struggled to sontain a sudden burst of laughter. She read them in a strange order, since she hadn't dated them, and blushed firey red when she read the few messages where she had nearly wrote her feelings down for him

In case you havn't noticed, Arisa is (so obviously) in love with Kuukai.

She re-crumpled the sheets containing her thoughts and tossed them back into the bin.

Suddenly, her eyelids felt extreamly heavy along with the rest of her body. He arms didn't respond to her mental commend to move and her legs refused to progress to her bed.

So evidentially, Arisa fell asleep.


"Tadaima…" whispered a certain soccer player, who came back WAY past his curfew. He set his soccer bag down on the ground quietly next to his shoes and walked to his room after glancing at the clock.

The door was shut but there was a light glow, seeping into the hallway from underneath the door. He pushed the door open slowly and sported quite the confused look on his face when he saw Arisa leaning on the bed behind her, with papers all sround her.

He took a moment to wonder what had happened. Once he tossed his soccer cleats onto his bed, the bent down and sat across from her, staring at her face.

Her cheeks were tinted red and her lips were parted and slightly dry.

He averted his attention to the papers on the floor surrounding them. He reached for the garbage bin and peeked in, pulling one of the crumpled papers out.



5 more minutes…


Her heavy eyelids pried themselves open and was shocked when she stared directly into the neon green eyes of a certain Souma.

"Kuukai…? What do you want?" She asked sleepily.

"You still never gave me a present you know…and my birthdays almost over…" he whispered, keeping quiet from the rest of the family.

In her mind, she panicked, but the part that made her body function was too damn sleepy to care. So the logical sector of her brain classified the current situation as a dream.

"I…couldn't think of anything to give you," she replied. This was a partial lie. She had thought of a card to give him, but she just had no clue what to write on it.

Through her sleepy eyes, she saw a smirk appear on his face as his eyes sparked.

"What about that card you were going to give me?"

She shivered slightly when she felt his arm enclose around her, pulling her onto his lap, against his chest.

"I couldn't think of anything to write you know…" she said, sleep beginning to over coming her again. Instinctively, she snuggled deeper into his chest and wrapped her own arms around his torso.

Thry sat in silence. Arisa was threatening to doze off at any second, but before she could, Kuukai broke said silence.

"You know I read those papers."

Normally she would've gotten into a state of shock or started freaking out and making excuses. But since her ever awesome logical side of her brain said this is alllll just a dream, she was as mellow as she's ever really been.

"So what'd you…think?" she asked, yawning.

"I think it was very nice of you to remember my birthday 2 weeks in advance."

"Anything else…?" she asked sleepily.

Kuukai, catching on, took her arm and pinched it. Hard.

"OW! What was that for?" She demanded, sitting upright, no longer leaning on him.

"There, now I can talk to you properly," he said, grinning.

Suddenly realization struck Arisa like a bolt of lightning with medival maces attached to it.

"You…read the papers?"

He nodded.

And Arisa nearly passed out.


Her ramblings caught Kuukai off guard and he lunged forward and pressed his hand to her mouth, keeping his eyes on the door and listening carefully for foot steps.

After and agonizingly long minute, he released his hand and backed away from Arisa.

She sat in silence, not uttering a word with her knees up against her chest.

"I mean, if you think it's weird that I…" she gulped, "like you, then it's okay. I don't mind that much you know."

Her eyes stayed staring at her bare feet. She couldn't bare seeing Kuukai reject her. That's why boys are so stupid; they always seem to catch you off guard.

"Saa, Arisa-chan is so cute!" Kuukai exclaimed, hugging her tightly. Her cheeks burned red and she suddenly felt light headed.

The infamous soccer player loosened his grip on her and brushed a few stray bangs from her face, "Of course I'm happy you like me."

If she were like other girls, she'd start crying, hug him and all those shoujou bubbles would appear. Good thing Arisa's, Arisa.

"You better be…" she muttered, still blushing.

Kuukai turned his head to look at the digital clock on the nightstand, it read 11:56 PM. He turned back to her and tilted her chin upwards so she could look at him properly.

"Can I ask for something else for my birthday?" He asked.

She blushed, wondering what he would be referring to. But she agreed none the less.

"So what kind of present do you want…?" She asked, curiosity taking over the better part of her mind.

"Well, it's a present I'm going to help myself to, but it's going to come from you, okay?"

She blinked twice, not quite understanding but once again, just went along with it. How bad can it be anyway?

"Yosh! Close your eyes," he commanded, holding her hands in his larger palms.

Arisa complied with no complaints and closed her eyes. It felt like someone shoved a jackhammer down her throat to here her heart was.

At first, she just felt a sudden warm breeze cross her lips, then suddenly she felt warm, soft lips press slowly onto her own.

Instinctively though, her eyes shot open, and she stared at the tanned skin on Kuukai's face with shock.

She thought about pulling away, but oh shit, she was enjoying this way too much.

Eventually, it became hard to breath and when they separated, she nearly forgot the process of respiration. Kuukai was panting. Once he recovered he gave his trademark grin and pecked her on the cheek.

He leaned forward again, and whispered into her ear, "By the way, I loved Ikuto in a dress."


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