The second ending for 'Torn'.

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56 – Alternative Ending: Already Torn

The darkness is suffocating him.

Matt lies on the floor of his cell.

And he doesn't care about anything.

But Jeff.

His Jeff.

Scared for his brother.

Every fiber of his being tearing into shreds and he's left with nothing, lying on the floor and nothing is the only thing that can pass through his torn body.


The police officer standing by the gate opens the door.

"Come on, Matt. Let's go see your brother."

Matt whimpers. "Jeff…?"

"Yes, Jeff."

"He's far away…"

These last few hours in jail had broken Matt beyond belief.

"He's not gonna be so far away anymore, Matthew. I'll take you to him."


Matt stands up, staring at the policeman with those broken brown eyes that have shed too many tears, too many times.

"I can hear him crying for me…"

The policeman struggles not to cry as he holds onto Matt's shoulder and walks him outside, ready to take the prisoner over to his brother for this one last time.

Jeff's on the white cot and his eyes are closed and Matt just stares at the delicate features of his brother's face.

Jeff's pale tan skin is too pale.

Jeff's eyes are still too closed.

His colorful hair is sprayed in front of his face.

Matt moves towards his distorted looking brother and cups his cheek, feeling the warmth of the skin and he leans down to capture his lips with Jeff's into a long, much needed kiss before he pulls off.

Jeff's eyes slowly open to stare at Matt.


"Don't speak," Matt cuts him off, slipping into the covers and both of their bodies are pressing against each other, as Matt leans down to capture Jeff's mouth into a kiss once more and he doesn't want anymore sadness as he pulls away, both of them melting into each other's eyes as Jeff cradles into Matt's arms and even if everything's all too fucked up and broken, they still try to make it look perfect.

Jeff presses his head against Matt's shoulder. "Matty… am I going to die?"

Matt nods his head silently and this makes Jeff's tears fall but no sobs escape his mouth as Jeff cuddles into Matt's chest and tries not to think of the pain that's enduring and he tries to make his the best of these few moments. Matt watches as Jeff falls asleep, tired, too tired, and just as Matt's about to fall asleep, he hears Jeff grunt and those green eyes are looking up at Matt.

"Matt…what happens after this? Will I see you again?" Jeff whispers.

"I—"uncertainty lashes on Matt's every thought. "I don't know."

"I'm going to Hell."

Matt's eyes run with tears and he shakes his head as he brings Jeff close to him… "if you go to Hell, then I'm going with you…I don't care. As long as I'm with you. They can burn us, destroy us…I don't think there's even anything left of us…but as long as I can see those green eyes…"

Then I don't care about anything else anymore.

And the next few hours consist of tears and sweat as both cuddle and try to melt into each other's arms and try to forget the world around them and Matt looks into Jeff's eyes one more time, just staring, as those eyes flicker with emotions of life and love and affection and Matt knows that time's passing by too fast but what would you do if today's your last day?

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Matty."

Matt leans down to capture Jeff's mouth into one of the lass kisses and just as he's about to pull off, Matt bites Jeff's lips, tearing the flesh into pieces and just as he remembers that he's been too rough with Jeff and pulls off, just as Jeff stares at him in confusion.

"…Matt? Why'd you stop-?"

Matt cuts him off, "because I don't want you to get hurt, Jeffy."

Jeff chuckles, soft and muted, just because he can't afford any louder voice and just as Jeff's about to explain, Matt realizes that his flesh is paling too quickly and his eyelids look like they're going to drop. "I-I-I-I-"

Just before Jeff can say his words, his eyelids drop fast and he just stops repeating that word.


Matt's eyes are widening as he holds onto Jeff's arm. His brother's dead and he can hear every thought and every word racing in his blood because he feels it too.


Already Torn.


The end of 'Torn'.

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