"Good morning class, today we shall be continuing our work on vampires" said Professor Lupin, "and we shall be visiting two different types of Vampire Coven" he finished. "Which two sir?" Hermione asked, "I'm glad you asked Hermione, the first will be a typical Vampire coven; the kind that feed on human blood but don't worry as there will be two members of the vegetarian coven that we will visit second to protect and guide us" he replied, "which coven will we be seeing sir?" Parvati enquired, "The closest thing that vampires have to a royal family, Parvati; the Volturi" all of a sudden there was a squeak from Hermione's left hand side and they all looked round to see Harry, stark white and practically biting his lip off."Harry what's the matter?" Hermione asked shaking his arm, "oh, um, nothing it's just that I don't feel very well" Harry gulped as he wiped the cold sweat off his face, "don't worry Harry, I have the leader of the Volturi's word that no one will be in any danger" professor Lupin said, and after several minutes of begging and pleading he agreed to go.