By Luke Mc Williams

Hi everyone! LucasBravvus97 here! So yeah, this is my first Fan-Fic ever, so go easy on me. Constructive criticism is accepted, but flames will not be tolerated. I've always wanted to do a Fan-Fic, especially about Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy. This is the result. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy/ Danny Antonucci, or any aspects of Square Enix used in this story. I do, however, own places, o.c.'s and creatures. Note o.c.'s: Zoe, Rebecca, Michael, Jennifer and Elle. Thoughts are in Italics, Magic spells and, for first mention, weapons in Bold, memories/flashbacks italics,important events underlined, really important events bold/underlined. So with that done, enjoy the story!

Aeons ago, on another world, in a separate dimension from ours, a prophecy was foretold by Erica, a wise seer. She foresaw that in a time of need, far, far into the future, 17 Chosen Ones would come, from another world, to save a whole dimension. The centuries have passed, and the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled has come. Let the epic saga begin…

Chapter One: The Edventure Begins!

It was a picturesque summers day in the Peach Creek cul-de-sac, with everyone making the best of the hot summer day. The sky was azure, with not a cloud in sight, the sun beat down radiantly on everyone in its path, birds and animals made their typical noises, and the trees, topped with rich, emerald leaves, swayed gently in the blessedly cool breeze.

Zoe Cardsworth and her cousin Rebecca, and their best friend Nazz, were playing on their BlackBerries, Zoe's brother Eddward, or Double-D, was studying the grass in the play-park for insects, Eddy had convinced Ed to help him with another scam, Kevin and Michael were trying to teach Rolf how to play American Football, Jimmy was watching Sarah beat Jonny up because he was annoying them, Jennifer was chasing her sister Elle, and the Kankers were walking down the lane, rubbing bandages on their arms.

"Gee," said Marie, "what the heck was that all about?"

"That guy said that he was a health officer, " said Lee, "but he sure didn't seem the picture."

"I know," replied Marie, "he was too shady and suspicious. But what I wanna know is why he wanted a blood sample…"

"Ah well," said May, "maybe he was a health officer."

"Lets go see what the others are doing," said Lee. And with that, the sisters ran down the lane.


"I'm glad its such a nice day," said Rebecca, to Nazz and Zoe. "We've been having really nice weather of late."

"Yeah…" said Zoe, sounding rather glum.

"What's wrong, Zoe?" asked Nazz. "You've been really sad today, for some reason."

"It's just that…well…I had a really bad nightmare last night. It was so terrifying, I thought I would die from the fright."

"Oh, you'll be okay," said Rebecca, contributing to the conversation. "I'm sure its just a one off."

"Its not," replied Zoe, "because I've having the same nightmare, every night, for the past month."

"Really?" asked Nazz, a tone of worry in her voice. "Can you tell us about it?"

"Yeah, tell us" said Rebecca, taking out a pen and notepad.

"Well, it's a bit fuzzy, but there's this woman with blonde, or really fair, hair, and she's always holding a trident. But the scary thing is that it always seems to be made of bones. Human bones. (Here Rebecca and Nazz exchanged worried glances.) She's standing in the palm of this huge…demon…thing, and she's casting green fire from the trident. The giant is stamping about, all over this city, and everyone's screaming. And the woman's laughing, but it's a cruel, sadistic laugh. And then everything goes fuzzy, and the dream ends." Rebecca and Nazz were silent.

"So what do you think now?" asked Zoe, with a passive face. ""I'm sure its not important," said Rebecca, forcing a smile. "Lets go enjoy the day."


"EUREKA!!" cried Edd at he top of his voice. "I've finally found it!"

The others, startled by Edd's loud voice, stopped what the were doing and walked over to Edd, who was crouching in the grass beneath a tall sycamore tree.

"What did you find, brother?" asked Zoe.

"Yeah, hurry up and tell us!" said Eddy in his naturally loud voice, a result of years of shouting.

"Well, Eddy," said Edd, " I have just found an extremely rare Arius butterfly. They are one of the most fastest butterfly species in the world, and are very, very hard to find."

Edd picked up an expensive looking camera, slung around his neck, and took a photo of the cobalt and scarlet specimen, which was perched on a white tulip.

Then the butterfly sped off into the distance, towards the fields, the pine forest, the mountains looming over the cul-de-sac…

Wait a second, thought Zoe, that cant be right. Mountains and forests? The city should be the-.

But Zoe's thoughts were shattered, as a deafening roar shook the cul-de-sac.

The expressions on everyone's faces were that of shock and terror, as, right before them, a huge, gaping chasm opened up in the earth.

The ground shook again, and everyone was shaken onto the ground.

"SARAH!!!!" screamed Jimmy, "HELP ME!!!"

Zoe looked over, and, to her horror, saw Jimmy dangling over the edge of the chasm! Only his arms, head and upper chest were visible, and he was desperately clawing the earth and mud, trying to halt his inevitable descent.

"I will help you, baby sister!" cried Ed heroically, as both he and Sarah ran over to Jimmy. They each grabbed an arm, and heaved Jimmy up.

"Oh, thank you, Sarah and Ed!" cried Jimmy, tears in his eyes. "You saved me! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!"

"That's okay, Jimmy!" cried Sarah happily, hugging him tightly.

"How the heck," said Kevin, sounding confused, "did an earthquake happen here?"

"First the earth will shake, and then darkness will cloak the sky," said Rolf in a small voice.

"Huh?" asked Eddy, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It is an ancient prophecy from Rolf's home country, but it was not foretold on this earth."

"WHAT?" asked everyone this time. However, their question went unanswered, because suddenly the sky grew dark, and everything became pitch-black.

"Okay, I'm kind of scared," said Rebecca in a small voice.

Suddenly, the sky was illuminated, and everyone looked up in wonder. There, right before their eyes, was a huge ball of green fire, hurtling through the sky towards the cul-de-sac.

Everyone watched as the fireball crashed into Eddy's house, instantly setting it alight.

"MY HOUSE!!" shrieked Eddy.

"HAHAHA!" said a voice from above. "Die, you pathetic insects!!" All the kids looked up, and saw a terrifying sight.


A gigantic boat was floating in the now flame red and coal black sky. It had three tall masts, and on the lowest level of the ship were ten giant turbines, five on either side. There was a huge cannon at the front of the ship, and out of this came ball after ball of green fire, each one crashing into the cul-de-sac.

Then soldiers started jumping off the ship, onto the ground, and started firing their laser guns.

Eddy looked terrified, like the others. "WHAT THE-"

"DUCK!!!!" screamed Nazz, as a fire ball crashed down five metres away from them.

"Booyah!" cried a feminine voice from the ship." This is too easy, girls!"

The residents of the cul-de-sac looked up, and saw an even more puzzling sight. There, standing on the deck, were the Kanker sisters! Only these weren't the Kanker sisters. The one that looked like Lee wore a fire-red cloak that covered her body, and the right half of her face was a mixture of wires and steel, with a red eye in the top right half. Marie's doppelganger wore a sea-blue cloak, but this time her torso and right arm were made of steel. And for May's doppelganger, who wore a sun-yellow cloak, both her legs were fashioned of steel. Each of them carried a sword in their right hand, and a gun in their left. They were a terrifying sight, like three demons from the Underworld.

"Huh? Who are you?!" asked Jennifer.

"We," they all said at once, "are the X-Kankers!!"

"Fashioned from steel…" cried X-May,

"…and the DNA of the Kanker sisters…"cried X-Marie,

"…we have come…" cried X-Lee,

"…TO DESTROY YOUR INFERIOR LITTLE PLANET!!" they all cried in unison.

"If what their saying is true," said Edd, "then how could the get your DNA?"

"Uh-oh," said Lee nervously.

"I think we know," said Marie in the same tone. "Earlier today," she explained, "this really shady guy came to our trailer. He said he was an "Official Health Officer", or something like that, and that he wanted to do a few tests. He done, like, a lot of tests, and even took a blood sample! Then he got up, said thank you, and went out the front door. But then Lee went out after him, to ask him why he had to do all those tests. But he had vanished into thin air!"

"He must have given those freaks your DNA!" said Sarah.

"Oh," floated a voice down from the ship. "You mean me?"

A figure walked into view. He was dressed in a black suit, with a wide brimmed hat.

"YOU!!" shouted May. "You weirdo!!"

"Don't you DARE talk to Lady Faith in such an insolent manner!!" cried X-Lee.

All the kids looked confused."Lady…?" asked Michael.

"Perhaps I should show you my true form," said the man. And then he seemed to sink into the deck of the ship, in a cloud of shadows. And out of this shadow-cloud came another figure, but this was a very different person. It was a tall woman, who looked about twenty years old. She wore a long robe, a mixture of grey and black, that covered her feet. Her long hair was light blonde, and it fell down to her hips. But here eyes…her eyes were plain evil. The iris' were black, and her eyes had a cruel look about them. In her right hand was a three-pronged trident, about as tall as her. It was made of bones, and the tip glowed with unearthly dark-purple fire. She was beautiful, but in an evil way.

"I," said the woman, "am Faith, servant of Lord Shadeus, collector of souls for the Underworld."

"She is not making any sense," said Edd. "Shadeus? Underworld? What is she talking about?"

Zoe was staring hard at the woman, when suddenly she gasped.

"That woman!" she cried, "She's the woman from my dream!"

"Shall we destroy them, Lady Faith?" asked X-May.

"Yes," said Faith, "if you wish."

"FIRE!!!!!" cried Lee. A huge ball of fire was coming directly at the group!!


Zoe felt strange. A power was surging through her, a great sensation. She felt so alive, as if she could do anything! She stretched out her right hand towards the fire ball and said two single words.

"Water Shield!"

Suddenly, a huge wall of water appeared before the group, and it instantly doused the fire ball. Everyone looked surprised and shocked.

"How on earth did you do that?!!!" cried Elle in an incredulous voice.

"I…I d-don't k-know…" stammered Zoe. "I just felt r-really strong, and t-then…"

"Hmm…" said Faith with a frown. "This might make things a bit more difficult. I didn't expect them to unlock their powers so soon, and that the first one is Water is just plain inconvenient…"

"Yaavah-shla…" uttered Rolf in an awed voice. Then he regained himself.

"Quickly! We must escape from here! Into the woods!" Rolf ran into the woods, and everyone followed him.

But just before they ran into the woods, the three X-Kankers jumped before them.

"Oh no you don't!" cried X-Lee. "You'll never get past us alive!"

"Too true, sis," chuckled X-Marie. Then she turned towards the group.

"Tidal Slash!"

She ran towards the group, and swiped her sword a few foot away from them. Everyone was thrown back onto the ground, as a large wave of water bashed into them!

"This ends now…" muttered Rolf, rising to his feet. Then he charged the X-Kankers. "Be gone, witches!!!" He stretched out his right hand, and barked out two words.

"Earthen Blast!"

A huge pillar of rock rose out of the ground, and slammed into the clones, sending them flying far into the distance!

The cul-de-sac kids had won their first battle!

With the X-Kankers out of the way, the kids made a swift dash into the forest. They ran past bark-brown tree trunks, through piles of peridot-green leaves and over the aquamarine creek. Through thicket and thorn they ran onwards, trusting Rolf's sense of direction.

"Where are we going?!" cried Zoe.

"Towards a safe haven," came the reply from Rolf.

Suddenly they reached a clearing, and everyone stopped.

There, before them, was a portal, like one out of a sci-fi movie. It was a swirling vortex of blue and white, in the centre of the clearing.

"What is that?" said Jonny, to no one in particular.

"We must go through it!" said Rolf. "Quickly!" Then he ran towards the portal and disappeared.

"ROLF!" cried Ed.

"Who's next?" asked Eddy.

"I'll go," said Zoe.

"No!" cried Edd. "Zoe, you cant! It could be dangerous!"

"We've got no choice." Zoe gulped. "Wish me luck!" she said to the others.

Then, with a deep breath and a silent prayer, Zoe stepped through the portal and into darkness…