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Chapter Nineteen: The Court of King Roth


"Do you think she'll wake up soon?"

May's usually gruff, unfeminine voice sounded unusually caring as she and the others crowded around the still, unmoving form of Lealelle, freshly rid of the Ghastly Shade once and for all. Save for the slight automatic rise and fall of her chest, one might have thought her to be dead; indeed, she had fallen from such a great height that when she landed, she would have cracked her skull. If not for Paricesis flying up to save her, the helpful (if annoying) fairy would be dead.

"I suppose so," answered Edd, though he sounded uncertain. "She's probably suffering from shock due to be possessed by that dreadful Ghastly Shade."

"Well," announced Kevin, getting up from his crouching position on the rocky terrain, "being out here in a wasteland's not going to help Lealelle get better, so let's get her back to the Chocovan."

There was complete silence before it was broken by Nazz. "Does anyone know which way it is?"

"Don't tell me we're lost," groaned Michael, his face drooping in dismay.

"We're not lost," said Kevin sarcastically, "we just don't know where we are. Better?"

"Not really," replied Michael.

"There's no use moping out here!" said Paricesis brightly. "If we start now, then our scent will still be fresh, and I'm sure I could trace it!"

"Very well then," replied Edd. "Seeing as how that is our only solution, Paricesis you lead the way."

"Right," replied the Magmoro, gently picking up the slumbering Lealelle and putting her over his shoulder. He began to walk away, sniffing the air and tasting it with his tongue as he lead the way to the Chocovan, with the others in hot pursuit.


"…and that is why The Sound of Music is one of the best musical films ever made," finished Jimmy triumphantly, adamant that his point had been proven to Ed.

"Nope!" smiled Ed. "The best musical is "Junior Zombie Choir from Charon (The Extended Cut)".

"Get real," said Jimmy in a deadpan voice. The group continued walking, Jimmy still trying to explain to Ed how much of a legend Julie Andrews was, before Elle flopped onto the ground, looking bitter and sad.

"J'ai faim!" she complained sourly, secretly squealing in delight at the utterly bamboozled expression on Eddy's face.

"Huh?" asked the said boy, while Rebecca just rolled her eyes and smiled slightly behind him.

"J'ai trés faim! Je pouvos mange un cheval! Aussi, je suis trés fatigué!" Elle complained in rapid French. (AN: "I'm very hungry! I could eat a horse! Also, I am very tired!")

"Elle," chided Rebbeca, sounding humorous, "I know it's funny to watch how confused Eddy gets when you speak French, but now really isn't the time."

"Right!" spoke Eddy in an authoritive voice, though he didn't sound certain.

"So, have you got any food?" piqued Elle. Rebecca took the rucksack off her shoulders and rummaged about in it. "Well? Because if you don't, I nominate Eddy to be roasted!"

"What?" cried Eddy in horror. "Why me? Why not Jimmy - " he said, holding the small boy (who looked terrified) " - or Monobrow?"

"Because you have the most body fat!" said Elle, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I lost it all this summer from all the running I had to do!" cried back Eddy, though he purposely left out the reason that it was because of his failed scams.

"Yes," said Elle gravely, before she smiled and clapped her hands together, "so you need to be re-fattened! Ed, hold him down while I get the lard!"

"I don't think there's any need to resort to cannibalism," said Rebecca, "seeing as how there is some food here. Now, we have some apples, a pack of rice - though there's no pot to cook it in - some figs - although they smell a bit…funky - more apples and four sausages."

"Ooh!" squealed Elle, jumping up and down excitedly, "we can have roasted pommes in figue sauce!"

"Ew, that sounds disgusting!" gagged Jimmy, although Rebecca had already began her spell.


Soon enough, they had a small fire going, and as Elle mashed up the figs with a mortar and pestle, the speared apples roasted on the flame.

"Ahh…" sighed Eddy contentedly, lounging back on a blanket on the ground, his head resting on his rucksack. "I could get used to this!"

"Well, I couldn't!" snapped Elle, as she viciously pounded away at the mashed up figs with a pestle. "I need to watch my reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond" before I go insane and viciously slaughter all of you!"

Silence reigned in the makeshift camp; crickets could be heard chirping in the distance, which was odd as they were in a volcanic wasteland after all. "You do realise how demented you just sounded there?" asked Rebecca in a deadpan voice.

"Oh please," said Elle darkly as she continued to mash up figs, "you've not seen anything yet." To prove her point, she giggled darkly, causing the others to nervously move a few metres away from her.

"Anyways, why are we stopping here?" asked Eddy, as he continued to lounge out.

"Well, by my estimations," began Rebecca, "we're a good distance away from the Chocovan, so we should replenish our energy levels before making the return journey home."

"What about Lealelle?" asked Jimmy, nervous about the current state of the fairy.

"Let's just assume the others have found her," suggested Eddy, "and if they haven't, well, we gave it our best shot!"

"The apples are ready!" announced Rebecca, taking the speared fruits from their places by the fire and handing one to each of her comrades. Lathering on some of Elle's fig sauce, she began to heartily eat her piece, until she noticed that the others were looking at something behind her, their - untouched - steaming apples left to dangle.

"What? What is it?" she asked, growing slightly frantic. "There's something on my face, isn't there? Oh dear God, the spots are back - "

"Rebecca, it's not that, sillykins!" laughed Ed goofily. "The fairy lights are on!"

"Yes, I think that is Ryx!" announced Jimmy, looking through the fog at the floating blue orb.

"Oh!" he screamed as he burst in on the group. "Thank - the - stars - and - praise - be - to - all - Gods…" he panted heavily, his throat rattling and his tiny form heaving up and down with every word.

"Jeez, calm down, will ya?" cried out Eddy, trying in vain to calm the poor little sprite.

"I can't!" screamed Ryx angrily, whacking into Eddy again and again. "You try to be calm when you leave the Chocovan to do…er…certain business, and then you come back after a few minutes, only to watch in stunned horror as the rest of your travelling companions are led away by none other than Magmorian soldiers, who serve Paricesis!"

"Whoa!" said Eddy whilst trying to swat Ryx. "Are ya sayin' that Paricesis ain't on our side?"

"Of course not! Ignorant boy!" replied Ryx angrily. "But I believe that while he has been gone from his realm, something big has happened."

"Well, where did the soldiers take them?" asked Rebecca, already packing away the supplies.

"Pyrovillus," replied Ryx, "the city of magic and magma. That's the nearest Magmoro settlement, so the others will have been taken there."

"What about us?" asked Jimmy timidly. "How do we get to Pyrovillus?"

"Well, the soldiers who took the others weren't experienced. They took everyone, but they left the Chocovan behind. If we use that, then we can catch up to the others!"

"Awesome!" stated Eddy. "So we have a plan? Then let's do it!"

"But what about the others?" asked Jimmy meekly. "We can't just leave them - plus a critical Lealelle - out here all on their own, can we?"

"True, we can't, so hopefully we'll rendezvous at the Chocovan," said Ryx. "Now, hurry up, or our captured comrades could be in deep trouble!"

"But what about the Chimera?" asked Elle, when a sudden roar was heard echoing in the distance. Within seconds, the group had fled.


Deep within the base of the mountain itself was a large, cavernous chamber, carved out of the very rock itself. It was square in shape, and the ruby-encrusted columns reached from the floor to the ceiling. The floor was stone, like the walls, and rose up to a throne at the far end of the room. Seated in it was an aging, although still impressive, Magmoro, with the same body structure as Paricesis. He wore a suit of luminous golden armour, along with a flourishing red cape. He sat upon his throne, proud and regal; yet he looked very nervous as well. His eyes darted from corner to corner, and he was constantly trembling and fidgeting. He seemed a broken man, on the verge of mental destruction, the edge of insanity.

"Hennus!" screamed Roth, King of the Magmoro. "Hennus, I command you to come before your king!"

"Of course, mighty one," spoke a calming, alluring voice. Suddenly, a man appeared right of the shadows, standing to the left of his lord. The Black Mage Hennus was a respected - although feared - member of King Roth's court. His eyes, feline and calculating, glowed a phosphorous green, whilst his curved hair, black as the smog that surrounded their home, fell gracefully to the base of his neck. He wore an ornate robe, died purple, which covered most of his body, along with a black cloak on the back. He wore tanned leather boots on his feet, as well as spiked armour plates on his shoulders.

"There you are, Hennus!" spoke the King abruptly, glancing nervously at the Mountain Elf. "What are you doing here?"

Hennus' eyes glowed a magical green for one split second. "You called me, my Lord. Remember?"

"Oh. Yes I did, didn't I?" murmured the King to himself, sounding puzzled and fatigued. "Anyways, I called to ask you something. Is… Is there any news of… Of my s-son?"

Hennus smiled sadly, although it wasn't very convincing. However, the King's mind was so frayed that he hardly noticed anything out of place. "Lord, you must accept the bitter truth. We found the body of Paricesis… There is nought we can do to raise the dead. However…"

"What?" cried Roth suddenly. "Is there a way to grasp back my son from the Gods? Is there? Tell me!"

Hennus moved out of the reach of Roth. "Perhaps… If we were to use my elfin magic, amplified by the powers of the Sacred Flame, then we may be able to raise back Paricesis from the dead… As well as your wife, my Lord…"

"L-Lanna…" sobbed Roth, reminded of his late wife. As the once-mighty King of the Magmoros sobbed despondently, Hennus smiled cruelly. "Guards!"

"Yes sir!" replied a squad of castle guards, emerging into the Throne Hall from the other end of the room. Instantly, their faces fell at seeing a weeping Roth, with a malevolent Hennus towering over him.

"The King here has kindly given me permission to use the powers of the Sacred Flame," explained Hennus, sounding smug and very pleased with himself. "Go to the Volcano Shrine and take the Sacred Flame - by force, if necessary."

"You mean you want us to imprison the Shrine Seers?" asked one of the guards incredulously, staring at Hennus with hatred in her fiery eyes.

"That's - that's sacrilegious!" spluttered another guard, the grip on his sword tightening severely.

"Well," spoke Hennus calmly, "it looks as though you aren't the sort for this important mission. Pity. I shall have to incarcerate you, I'm afraid, but fear not; I have suitable replacements for you all." Hennus filliped, and without warning the guards vanished in clouds of black smoke, with no time to cry out.

"That's better," smirked Hennus villainously, before turning his attention back to King Roth. "My Lord, you seem tired. Why don't you rest for a while, and let me look after the kingdom in your steed?"

"Yes… Yes…" pondered Roth, slowly getting to his feet. "I should let you - No, wait, what am I - Oof!"

Roth's eyes watered as Hennus retraced his fist from the king's stomach. "My Lord, you seem to be in pain. Rest a while…" Roth looked up at his treacherous attendant's eyes, which were glowing in a hypnotic manner.

"Yes, I will rest…" murmured Roth, before leaving the chamber via a door next to the throne.

"Now," spoke Hennus sinisterly, "as Regent, what should my first order be… Ah yes, guards!"

Instantly, many demons, each one monstrous, twisted mockeries of real Magmoros, materialised into the hallowed room, all bowing before their lord and master.

"Sir!" rasped one of the Fire Foes. "We've successfully detained the Shrine Seers, and we've also obtained the Sacred Flame!"

"Excellent…" purred Hennus. "With this, my master plan shall commence. I shall truly be rewarded by the Black Angel…"

"Sir!" growled another of the guards. "We have also found and detained a number of suspicious looking humans who were outside of the mountain."

"Really?" asked Hennus, sounding genuinely intrigued. "Escort them in."

A group of eight humans, all bound and disarmed, were brought rather roughly into the chamber.

"How dare you treat us like this!" exclaimed Zoe at once, glaring at the elf. "By order of the crown of Areth, I demand you release us at once!"

"Yeah!" spoke Lee threateningly. "What she said!"

"Foolish humans," sniggered Hennus, glancing down at them disdainfully. "Your tiny minds cannot comprehend the true scope of what is going on."

"What do you mean?" asked Rolf. "Is the pointed-ear-sissy-boy insulting the son of a shepherd and his friends?"

"I am not a sissy boy!" screamed Hennus shrilly, stamping his foot in a tantrum-like manner. Then he composed himself, and spoke again, "This is what you may call a coup. I was recently established as Regent by the former King, who volunteered to step down due to…ah…mental health issues."

"You're a liar!" cried Sarah angrily.

"Yeah!" agreed Jonny. "Plank says that you can't do that, 'cause it will cause a huge upheaval in global politics, as well as international outcry!"

"For once, that actually made sense!" said Jennifer, sounding surprised. "Well done Jonny!"

"Enough!" roared Hennus, staring darkly at the Chosen Ones before him. "Take them to the cells."


"Ed! You're here! And so are the others!"

"Double D!" cried Eddy, surprised to see his friend emerge out of the seemingly-abandoned Chocovan. "So you guys made it back, huh?"

"Indeed," confirmed Edd, "and we were able to safely exorcise the Ghastly Shade from inside Lealelle. However, it appears that the others in our group are currently not here!"

"That's right," nodded Ryx, as the rest of Edd's group came out of the Chocovan, "they were taken away from here by a group of Magmoro soldiers."

"What!" exclaimed a shell-shocked Paricesis, along with several others. "You mean that soldiers who serve my father have just kidnapped my friends?"

"Yes, but think, Paricesis," urged Ryx, "before you left to find help, was there anything odd in your kingdom? Anything out of place?"

"I can't remember," said Paricesis miserably.

"Well, there's no use moping," said Kevin, already climbing back into the Chocovan. "Paricesis, if I drive, can you navigate your way back to the kingdom?"



"Let. Us. Out!" screamed Sarah angrily, trying to gnaw her way through the metal bars of the cell.

"Sarah, stop it," said Zoe wearily. "You'll wreck your teeth, and you're really not helping at all."

All eight of them - Rolf, Jonny, Zoe, Sarah, Lee, Marie, Jennifer and Lindsay - were currently imprisoned in a dingy, damp, stony cell in the basement level of Castle Pyrovillus. The stone walls were constricting and claustrophobic, and the only source of air came from a tiny vent in the north-eastern corner, right up at the very top of the wall. They were at the very end of a stone corridor, and the cell opposite of theirs was empty and devoid of life.

"Rolf demands that the dragon-folk release the son of a shepherd and his companions from their prison!" shouted the farmer boy, shaking the bars furiously whilst shouting curses in the tongue of the Old Country.

"Rolf, the same goes for you!" ordered Zoe, glaring at the back of him. Falling silent, Rolf and Sarah both stalked over to the corner of the cell, sitting cross-legged on the cold floor, conversing about ways to break out of the cell. Lindsay, after her ordeal earlier, was unusually silent, and Zoe tried to talk to her.

"Lindsay?" she asked tentatively, reaching out to gently place a hand on her left shoulder. "Are you feeling well?"

"No," replied Lindsay bleakly, staring off into blank space. This highly distressed Zoe as well as the others; Lindsay was one of the strongest, both mentally and physically, residents of the cul-de-sac , and to see her weak like this was unnerving. Before she could speak again, Lindsay brushed Zoe's hand away and went back to staring at the wall. Zoe sighed sadly before going over to talk to Jennifer,

"Oh, hi!" said Jennifer brightly; she was looking through a book of sorts that Zoe recognised instantly as a Spell Guide.

"Hello," she greeted back, before gesturing to the Spell Guide, "I see Taileia gave you one as well."

"Yep! It's a list of all the Summons that I can currently perform."

"Really? That's quite interesting. How many Summons are there?"

"Erm, let me think…" Jennifer mumbled something sounding like "36 Aeons, 12 Eonns, and 1 Esper" before looking up at Zoe. "I can perform up to 49 Summons!"

"Really!" said Zoe, generally surprised and interested. "And how many can you currently Summon?"

"Oh…" Jennifer looked bashful and mumbled something incoherent.

"Pardon?" asked Zoe.

"Four," stated Jennifer more loudly. "Violade, a Nature Aeon, Ramuh, an Electricity Aeon, Demetia, a Psychic Aeon, and Shiva, an Ice Aeon. There are others available, but the thing is, I have to either find magical tablets that contain the Summons, or level up and learn them manually. But some Aeons can only be found through an Aeon Tablet."

"Interesting…" spoke Zoe, before a crack reached both of their ears.


All in the cramped prison cell looked the entrance, where several of the bars had been broken, courtesy of Sarah and her Ice powers. She stood there proudly, before turning to look back at the others.

"Are you dumbos just going to sit there like damsels in distress?" asked the fiery headed Ninja disdainfully. "C'mon!" She leapt through the hole she just created, while the others scrambled to follow after her. They came to a little table at the far end of the hallway, where, as if by a stroke of luck, their weapons had been carelessly left their. As each of them reacquired their previously confiscated tools of battle, Jennifer heard a sudden voice speak, with the typical hoarseness of a Magmoro; only this voice was a tad softer and more delicate, as though it were a female.

"Please wait! Are not you a Summoner?"

Jennifer turned, and saw a group of four elderly Magmoros, each clothed in ornamental scarlet robes, sitting locked in a cell. Their were two men and two women, and it was one with vivid green eyes and scaly blue flesh who had spoken to Jennifer.

"Oh! Hi!" spoke Jennifer optimistically. "Do you want me to get you out of this cell?"

"Not now, young one," spoke another of the Seers, this one a male with terra-red eyes and violet-purple skin. "The time is not right. But we have, to ask of you and you alone, a favour, if you will."

"What is that?" asked Jennifer, before Zoe came up to her.

"Jennifer, we really must -"

"You all go on without me. I'll catch up."

"If you're sure…" Zoe and the others fled down one of the darker corridors, leaving Jennifer and the Magmoro Seers alone.

"So, what is it you want to ask me?"

The male Seer spoke again. "We are the Guardian Seers of the Volcano Shrine; we are the wards of a powerful object known as the Sacred Flame."

"What's that?"

"It is a manifestation of the might of Fire," spoke another of the Seers, this a male with solar-gold skin and intelligent grey irises. "Along with the Holy Bubble of Water, the Cherished Cloud of Air and the Divine Stone of Earth, it is part of a group of four items that represent the four cardinal Elements on Areth; Fire, Water, Air and Earth."

"I see…" spoke Jennifer, sounding concerned. "So why do I need to get it?"

"The fiend who imprisoned all of us here," spoke the last Seer, a coral-pink skinned and diamond-blue eyed Magmoro, "is a devious Mountain Elf known as Hennus. He showed up a few months ago as an advisor to the King, but when Prince Paricesis left to find help to clear the wretched smog outside of this mountain, Hennus saw an opportunity; he has broken the King's resolve, and has now usurped power as a Regent."

"However, whilst we need to restore King Roth as the true Lord of Pyrovillus," spoke the first Seer, "our main priority is regaining the Sacred Flame from Hennus. If he misuses it as a tool of destruction, the consequences will be most dire."

"No worries!" replied Jennifer confidently, getting into a battle pose as though she wanted to show them just how strong she was. "My friends and I will get that Flame back!"

"We all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts, Summoner…?" trailed off the second Seer.

"Jennifer. Jennifer Goldton."

"Well, Jennifer Goldton," began the third Seer pleasantly, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, "we also have something to promise you."


"Yes. If you are able to obtain the Sacred Flame, we shall grant unto you the powers of the Fire Tablet, which shall allow you to Summon the Aeon of Fire, Ifrit, in battle. Is that a fair deal?"

For a few seconds she looked stunned, her teal eyes wide with expected surprise. But then her features grew into a beautiful, bright grin, like a ray of beaming sunshine. "Yes, yes! Thank you so much!"

"Do not thank us yet, young Summoner," warned the first Seer. "Now go and find you companions, but a word of caution. Escape from the castle and seek out shelter in the city. We know enough of your deeds to know that there are others in your group, so you should meet up with them before progressing to the Temple of Fire."

"Right!" nodded Jennifer, before running off after her friends. "Thanks for your help!"


"Are we stopping?" asked Edd to the open air, raising up from his seating position on one of the chairs.

"Yeah, we are," replied Eddy, looking, scrutinizing his surroundings, out of the window.

"Why?" asked Michael, coming up from behind Eddy to look out of the window.

"Guys," announced Kevin darkly, emerging from the driver's compartment closely followed by Paricesis, "we've arrived."

"Already?" asked Nazz.

"Yeah. Mt. Furyance is just outside, but we need to find another way in; we can't go through the main entrance."

"How come?" asked May, looking out of one of the other windows at the huge volcano before them, spewing its ash into the atmosphere whilst lava trailed down most of its sides.

"The guards at the entrance to the volcano," said Paricesis, speaking for the first time, "are not Magmoros. They're something else entirely, something…dark."

"How do you know?" inquired Rebecca.

"I don't know… I just feel it, you know? Just by looking at them I get these chills up my spine and I feel threatened."

"Like how we feel with Faith…" whispered Elle, too low for anyone else to hear.

"Anyways, if we can't use the main entrance," said Michael, "then how're we gonna get in?"

"A secret tunnel that goes right into the heart of Pyrovillus, and we're right next to the entrance," explained Paricesis, "so it's going to be a cinch!"

"That's it?" asked Eddy suspiciously. "Just a tunnel?"

"Yeah why?" asked Paricesis.

"No monsters?" continued Jimmy fearfully.

"Just a nice tunnel," confirmed Paricesis. "Don't worry, it'll be a breeze!"


"Well, that was easy!" said Zoe brightly as the group she was with emerged from the cellar of Castle Pyrovillus. "Though it was a bit odd how no guards chased us…"

"The castle was empty," said Marie. "Suggests somethin' is up."

"But what?" asked Lindsay, speaking for the first time. Before anyone could give a reason or answer, a sudden rumbling growled deeply to their left, before the wall opened like a mouth having a huge, cavernous yawn. Out of it emerged all of the others, the whole group finally being reunited.

"Eddward!" cried Zoe happily, running over to embrace her twin.

"Zoe!" replied Edd with the same tone of joy in his voice at the dizygotic siblings hugged in joy. "Thank God that you and the others are safe!"

"The same to you! How on earth did you managed to escape your predicament!"

"Sarah and her powers over Ice were a big help," commented Jennifer, "and I managed to find out a bit more about the powers of Summoning!"

"Great!" said Kevin. "So, now what's the plan?"

"I don't know…" said Paricesis, arching his scaly neck to see something over the shoulders of the others, "but it looks like something's going on in the city square. Let's go and find out!"

Hurrying over to the centre of Pyrovillus, the group were met with a conglomeration of various Magmoros, all of them different colours. The city of Pyrovillus was an architectural masterpiece; it was built on many levels, all of them ascending upwards into the shaft of the volcano. The houses and buildings had been carved out of the rock in the volcano, and the houses at the very edges of the city were physically inside the walls of the volcano. At the heart of the city (the square) was a large, circular hole in the ground; if one looked down it, they would see a sizzling, boiling pool of molten rock and lava at the very core of the mountain. When the volcano erupted, the lave flowed through the hole and out of the city, up into the higher levels of the volcano that were populated with only monsters.

The Magmoros in the square were angry and furious about something; there was a podium erected at the heart of the crowd, and Hennus, surrounded by his bodyguards, stood on it. The citizens of the city were snarling and screaming at him, and the more daring ones tried to throw small projectiles at him.

"Whoa!" cried Eddy, looking around at the angry gathering of Homo Draco around him. "Somethin' big is stirrin' here!"

"Common folk!" screamed Hennus loudly, his voice echoing off of the walls of the floor. The Magmoro gathered grew into a murderous silence, and Hennus began to smugly speak.

"As newly inducted Regent of the Magmoro Federation-"



"How dare he!"

"-I have decided that my first act will be to raise an army of pure destruction in order to guard my regency. Therefore, every Magmoro child present shall be surrendered to me. Failure to comply with my orders shall result in severe capital punishment."

It was though a blanket of silence had suddenly descended on the square, as the citizens of the city stared, horrified, at a smug Hennus. Suddenly guards were weaving expertly throughout the crowd, snatching screaming children from the ground and stuffing them into coarse-woven sacks. The parents were putting up a storm, biting and clawing at the soldiers until a full-blown riot had erupted in the city square.

"Jesus!" whistled Eddy. "That's some heck of a rabble!"

"Honestly Eddy!" cried Lindsay. "If you were a parent, wouldn't you do the same for your kid?"

"Er, sure…" mumbled Eddy. "I guess…"

"So what's the plan?" asked Rebecca. Nobody answered.

"We do have a plan, right?" asked Michael.

"Unfortunately, no," admitted Edd.

"Well, you guys have to get to the Temple of Fire, right?" asked Paricesis.

"Yeah," answered Nazz, "we need to get there and get the Crystal of Fire before Faith does."

"Well, I know how to get to the Temple," said Paricesis, confidently, "so if some of you stay here, I'll take the rest and we'll get the Crystal!"

"Great idea!" enthused Jimmy. "So who is going?"

"To make it fair," reasoned Edd, "we should take a group of six like last time; three boys and three girls. So Paricesis is one boy…and since Fire is my Element, I will probably be needed…so that's two…" He looked up. "Who else would like to go?"

"Me, me!" pleaded Michael excitedly. "I wanna go!"

"So Michael is our final boy," said Edd, "and we now need three ladies who would like to accompany us."

"Me!" exclaimed three voices all at once. Jennifer, Sarah and Lindsay were all jostling against each other, trying to get into Edd's line of sight.

"Of course, if you'd like to come along then who am I to disagree?" said Edd, confirming that the group who were going to the Temple of Fire consisted of himself, Paricesis, Michael, Sarah, Jennifer and Lindsay.

"So while you're gettin' the Crystal thingy," said Kevin, "what should we do?"

"Try to stop this riot from getting any worse," said Paricesis.

"Right!" said Zoe, an unusual determination in her eyes, "As the Chosen Ones, we have a responsibility to denounce and defeat any evil forces that we should meet!"

"Wow, zealous much?" said Rebecca sarcastically.

"Anyway, shouldn't you guys get to it?" said the Kankers simultaneously.

"Yes, we should," spoke up Ryx. Lealelle had since woken up, but she was drained of most of her energy; her dainty wings fluttered feebly in her Mini from, and the golden shine of her being was pale instead of beaming. She hovered beside Ryx as he spoke up again, "Lea and I shall guide the Chosen Ones through the Temple of Fire."

"Okay, we're all counting on you!" said Michael, before he ran off, followed by the others. Jennifer, however, stayed behind to say something to her sister.

"Elle, I need you to do something for me."

"What?" replied the young White Mage, while the others in the group dispersed.

"That Hennus dude has something called the Sacred Flame. You really need to get it from him."

"Ok, I guess… Be safe!"

But Jennifer had all ready ran off after the rest of her group, leaving her younger sister behind. Shaking her head and sighing, Elle turned around to join her comrades in the fight against Hennus.


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9. That as a result of genetic mutation, Marie and her sisters shared the womb of their mother at the same time while they were fathered by different men?

10. Marie just wants somebody to love her (in a romantic way)?

- LucasBravvus97