London, sometime in the sixteen thirties. Carlisle Cullen led the hunt for the bloodsucking creatures of the night through the dingy streets of his father's parish. They reached the place were he had seen the vampires surface from their filthy hideout in the sewers; they lay in wait for the beasts to rise. Hours later one did. It caught their scent and yelled for it's brethren to scatter as it took off into the streets with the young men hot on it's trail, Carlisle was first to reach the creature. At his own peril, the vampire bit but was chased away before it could finish him. He knew what would become of him were he found and so hid himself away for the duration of the agonizing three day transformation.

When he surfaced he was disgusted at what he had become, he ran away and tried to kill himself many times over the next few months, all attempts failed. He refused to feed from humans no matter how bad the scratching, burning thirst became.

He was sat by the road side, it was raining, the thirst was worse that night than it had ever been before, at that moment a herd of deer was passing the place where he sat hidden from prying human eyes, he could hear the pounding heartbeats, smell the flowing rivers of thick red blood beneath the fur. At this point he gave in to the thirst and pounced, bringing down a large buck and sending the herd scattering. When he had tamed his thirst he was amazed; he had found a way to quench his thirst without killing humans.

Months later he was wandering along the south coast when he thought of how many more animals there must be on the continent, he took a deep breath and took to the sea, swimming the distance to France in mere minutes, he then decided to educate himself, he had always admired the physicians back home and so chose to study medicine and the sciences.

His travels and studies took him all over Europe as he learned from different people how to heal the sick and this is what eventually led him to Italy and eventually to the attention of the Volturi a group of well educated vampires who were the closest thing that vampires had to royalty. He then lived with them for several centuries.

"Get down, SB; Aro says we are going hunting in Pisa tonight" Caius's exasperated voice called up to him as he hung there, "you three go on without me, I am not in the mood" Carlisle grumbled as he swung from the noose that represented his nine hundred and seventy fifth suicide attempt since he had become a vampire in the sixteen thirties; he was not happy about what he was. ", and I wish you wouldn't call me that" he added as Caius jumped to the rafters and untied the rope from around the beam, "but it suits you Carlisle; Stregoni Benefici, the soppiest vampire in Volterra" He snickered as Carlisle dropped to the floor with a glare on his face that would make even the strongest vampire in the imperial guard shiver in his cloak; Carlisle was well known for being what he called a vegetarian vampire; a vampire who drank from animals instead of humans, the Volturi had tried to persuade him against this aversion to what they called his natural food source but he would not budge on the fact.

Several minutes later after a lot of shouting, punching and cursing (mostly from Carlisle) he was in place beside Aro, Caius and Marcus at the centre of the hunting party; also present were Sulpicia, Aro's wife, Athenodora, Caius's wife, Didyme, Marcus's wife and the main members of the imperial guard; Jane and her brother Alec, Felix, Demetri, Heidi, Renata, Chelsea, Afton, Corin and Santiago. With everyone in place they set off for Pisa. Carlisle flatly refused to drink from the humans that were caught and Aro grudgingly permitted him to go and find a deer or two on the condition that he was accompanied by one member of the guard, he chose Jane as she was most likely to wait patiently for him to finish with whatever he caught.

Later that year Jane slipped into the main chamber with a big grin on her face, "why are you grinning, dear one?" Aro asked; dear one is what Aro called all female members of the guard and the guard as a whole, she skipped towards him and placed a very tattered book in his lap, on it was written; Carlisle's diary, KEEP OUT!, in big red letters, Aro chuckled and opened the diary interestedly while his brothers looked over his shoulders.

Later the same day Carlisle was rocketing around his room looking high and low for his diary, "looking for this?" Caius asked sweetly fanning himself with the tattered blue book, "you had better not have read that" Carlisle growled as he snatched the diary back, Caius chuckled at the tough guy act his old friend was trying to pull off.

Later that night while the others had gone hunting in Rome, he secretly packed his things and snuck out of the palace. He went to the Portuguese coast and asked for a ticket to America. He got on the boat and gave a last glance goodbye to the European shores he had lived on since he was a child. Next stop America.