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I was 16 when I realised that I'd never have my happy ever after. I'd just watched my best friend ride off into the sunset. She was painfully shy, rarely able to talk in public, yet she had still managed to catch her dream guy.

Alright, it was mostly luck, but still she'd done it.

Myself on the other hand had not. Of course, that was to be expected. My friend was beautiful, even if she hid that beauty. I was just plain, boring Bella. Limp brown hair, muddy eyes and bland skin with a boring body shape.

I was nearly 17, living in Phoenix with my Mom and step-dad, Phil. Both tanned from time in the sun. They were so in love, at times it was just sickening. It just hurt to watch something I'd never have.

I was depressed for a while, but soon came to accept that I would grow old and single. After all, it's not like a guy would ever want me. I went around Phoenix with my head down trying to ignore the worlds of bliss that I saw around me, despite my growing age and hormones.

It wasn't until I moved to Forks over 18 months later to live with Charlie, that I wished things were different. That I was beautiful. Noticeable. Loveable.

It was difficult at Forks High. Few students, even fewer new faces for me to blend in with. I became a novelty. I found that everyone seemed interested in me, despite the fact that there was nothing to be interested in. Every part of my life was scrutinised and brought into the open. And the worse thing was, there seemed to be no end to it all. By the end of the first month, I just wanted to bury myself under a blanket and hide until everyone forgot about me.

That first month had been unusually sunny for Forks. In fact, the local radio was calling the weather a heat wave, despite it being a lot colder than even the winter in Phoenix. The sun peeked from the clouds nearly everyday. Typically, the weekends, when we all had free time, was when the clouds decided to release their loads of rain.

Charlie's usual stony silence was a blessing and I found myself spending more time with him, in an effort to escape the students of Forks High. It was truly an effort to get up in the morning.

On my 26th day as a student however, the good weather had finally broken. The rain was pouring, as I dragged my jeans and black polo on. I ran to the truck Charlie had bought me, slipping on my ass just as I reached it. I cursed, but was glad my coat had stopped me getting my jeans soggy.

I drove to school, teeth chattering in the cold cabin, in yet another foul mood. Things went as normal, people being way too chatty and inquisitive, with my responses becoming shorter by the minute.

That was, until we stepped into the lunch hall. At a table in one corner of the room, furthest away from the food sat five remarkably beautiful people. Despite being a student in Forks for a month, I had never seen these guys before and they weren't faces you could easily forget.

The two females were dressed like runway models, looking fabulous and pristine, despite the weather. I felt myself longing to look like them, even the tiny one, who from sitting down, looked like she barely made it to five foot.

But it was the guys who caught my eye the most. Utterly delicious, all of them. I mean, one looked constipated, and another obviously spent was too much time in a gym, but it was obvious that they would be perfect for whatever you had in mind. The third however, looked as miserable as I felt. He was staring into space, boredom and sadness written across his face. The way he looked made me want to go over to him and give him a giant hug. Not that he'd appreciate it. The need I felt to comfort him wasn't the only emotion. Lust, curiosity and sadness hit me.

Since my realisation, I had never wished I could change my fate. Not once had I ached for the warmth of love. But when the bronze haired god met my eyes, after being jabbed by the constipated deity next to him, I felt my heart tear.

My brain projected fantasies of him sweeping me off of my feet. Falling in love. Getting carried away in his car. Getting married. Then reality reappeared, as I realised that it would never happen. I felt tears begin to form, as I turned on my heel, and fled the cafeteria.

I heard the herd of people who had been annoying me all day gasp, and mutter. I ignored them, heading towards the parking lot.

I was nearly there when a hand grabbed me, pulling me to a stop. True to my clumsy form, I stumbled and fell. The person caught me. I pushed away from the hard chest and started to run again, the tears flowing freely now.

"Wait." The single word halted my feet immediately. Deep and rich, it sent a shudder through my body. I turned.

"What?" I asked, voice thick.

"I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen." He looked at me, his deep black eyes seeming to stare deep into my soul.

"Nice to meet you Edward," I replied, and turned to walk away. I made it out of the doors without him trying to stop me.

Unfortunately, I tripped, and fell head first down the steps. I felt a sharp pain before everything faded to black.

I really hated Mondays.