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"He's going to what?" I exclaimed.

"Commit suicide. Off himself. Leave this mortal coil. Pop his clogs." Alice replied, her voice as empty as her eyes.

"Alice, he's a vampire. How's he going to kill himself? Why would he even want to?" I asked, still confused and more than a little shocked.

"Bella, he attacked you today. And it wasn't an animalistic, over in ten seconds flat attack. He took his time." Alice started.

"He craved your blood. Gave into his lust for it. Enjoyed the scent of your luscious fear as it flowed from your every pore." Jasper continued, sounding almost hypnotised. I shot him a look.

"Shut up Jasper." It rolled so easily off my tongue, I was slightly surprised. Jasper just grinned.

"Why are you joking around?" I asked him.

"Because darlin', if there's one thing I know about our boy, it's that he's madly in love with yourself. All we need to do is find him, take you to him and let you talk him down. Easy as pie." Alice growled.

"Easy as pie? Jasper, you lying pig. You try finding him! He's jumping plans so quickly I don't know where he is. Or even where he'll be in an hour!" She curled up on herself even more, pressing her fingers to her temples. Jasper leant down and kissed her forehead.

"Take a break, sweet thing. He'll make up his own mind in his own sweet time. You'll see when he decides." Alice looked up at him, and gave a brief smile, but didn't move from her huddle on the floor.

"Question. Weren't Emmet and Rosalie with him?" I asked.

"He ran off from them. He's a lot faster than they are Bella." Esme replied.

"Well, yes, but don't vampires have this ability to track other vampires? So couldn't they just follow him and see where he's headed?" I asked. Carlisle shot me a sad smile.

"They followed him up to Canada, before he looped back and on the way home took to the sea. It is impossible to track someone in the water like that, Bella. A good idea, but not sound here I'm afraid."

"So what do we do now, stay here and worry all night?" I asked. Esme smiled.

"We do Bella. You get to go home and sleep." I opened my mouth to complain, just as a yawn hit.

"Come on the Bella. I'll drive you back." Carlisle murmured. He guided me towards the door, a hand on the small of my back.

"This is ridiculous. You'll just have to come wake me up when you find him!" I finally found my voice.

"It won't take very long at all to collect you Bella, and I really think that you need to rest after a day like the one you've just experienced. " Carlisle replied, not letting up on the pressure on my spine. He pushed me out and down the steps, guiding me to a sleek, black Mercedes, which I got into meekly, sensing I wouldn't win an argument with the head of the family.

We glided off into the night, the smoothness of the driving somewhat wondrous, given the speed at which we were driving. We pulled up just down the street from my house way too quickly; it seemed to my exhausted brain. My neck was throbbing now, and my throat had closed up, my eyes fighting to stay open. Carlisle got out, came around to the passenger side and gently cradled me in his arms, shushing me when I made a noise of pain at the change in position.

He swept up a doctor's bag and set off towards the house, his pace so even, it felt like we were barely moving. He hopped up onto the branch next to my window in a single jump, taking care not to jostle me.

He slid through the still open window and laid me carefully on my bed. I sat up carefully, watching Carlisle as he dug opened up his bag, having propped it on the chest of draws. He turned back with a box of pills. He cocked his head for a second, as though listening to something, before popping them on the bedside table, and sneaking out of the bedroom.

He returned only seconds later with a glass of water. He popped two tablets and handed them to me, along with the glass. I dutifully swallowed down the pills, as Carlisle moved to sit on the rocking chair in the corner.

"Why don't you get ready for bed Bella? I'll wait, and we can talk about what you will tell Charlie about this new injury." I nodded, and got to my feet, slightly unsteady for some reason.

I grabbed my pyjamas, and wandered into the bathroom. I washed quickly, avoiding looking in the mirror. I didn't like my reflection at the best of times, and I had a feeling I wasn't exactly looking my best.

I pulled on the soft cotton PJs, wincing slightly. I made my way back into my room after brushing my teeth, just as Carlisle slid his phone back into his pocket.

"Who was that?" I asked, perking up a little.

"Just Alice."

"You've found Edward? Where is he? We should go. Let me just grab my-"

"Bella, Bella, calm down! She just called to remind us about the turtleneck sweater that the two of you purchased today. She thinks the best plan of action is to wear it tomorrow, and reveal the injury as something that happens another time. There is no sign of Edward," I slumped down on the bed, "Bella, that's a good thing, it means nothing has happened yet. We still have time."

"How does Alice even know?" I asked, confused. Carlisle looked surprised.

"You didn't discuss this with Edward at all?" I shook my head.

"We never got that far."

"I see. Well Bella, the simple explanation is that Alice can see the future. I think perhaps we should save the more in depth discussion about vampires for another time, don't you?"

"So Alice is a prophesising, kleptomaniac, speeding, midget vampire shopping addict on speed?" I blurted. Carlisle looked at me strangely for a moment, before bursting into laughter.

It was the first time I'd seen him laugh properly, and I was shocked at the change. He went from a rather imposing doctor type to a much more carefree man. In that moment, I definitely envied Esme, just a little bit.

As his laughter subsided into a chuckle, he got up, and helped tuck me into bed.

"Yes Bella. Alice is very much a unique young lady." He kissed my forehead, and I suddenly felt very childlike myself, "now get some sleep. One of us will come and collect you when we know more." I yawned, and snuggled into the covers. Carlisle switched off the light and moved towards the window.

"G'night Carlisle. Thank you." I mumbled as I began to doze off.

"Goodnight Bella, but there is nothing to thank me for." I heard him say softly as he slipped out of the window.

I would like to say that I stayed awake to think about that statement, but in reality, I was unconscious before Carlisle had even closed the window.

When I awoke, it was to the pitter-patter of rain on my window, as the wind blew the drops onto the glass. I sat up, stretching, hissing as my neck pulled slightly, but otherwise very groggy. It wasn't until I looked at the clock, telling me it was nearly eight o'clock that the weekend's events came crashing down on me.

I jumped out of bed, swearing, as I hurriedly pulled on the first outfit I came to. I was about to rush out of the door to grab breakfast when my phone beeped. I fumbled for it, hoping for some news about Edward, dropping it twice before I finally managed to read the message.

Calm down Bella! Slow down, change into the sweater and pop some more pills. You can't help Edward if you've fallen down the stairs and broken your neck! Jazz'll pick you up in 15.

A Xxx

I snorted as I looked down at what I was wearing. Black trousers, vest top. More Phoenix wear than Forks. I pulled off the top and grabbed the blue sweater, trying not to yelp as it pushed on my neck uncomfortably.

I quickly swallowed another two pills, still where they had been left last night, finishing off the glass of water. I made my way swiftly to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hurried down the stairs, taking a little care, not wanting to fall.

I had just managed to speed munch through my bowl of cereal when the door bell rang. I could hear Charlie getting ready for work upstairs, so I ran for the door.

Jasper stood there, looking slightly odd in a short sleeved checked shirt, which was much too cold for the weather.

"Bella." He gave me a smile that was more of a grimace, and I gave him a confused look.

"What's the matter? Something happened didn't it? Why didn't you come get me sooner-"

"Shut up darlin'. Nothin' happened. I'm just a little thirsty right now is all. Grab your coat and school stuff, and we'll get goin'." He smiled, properly this time, and I noticed how dark his eyes were.

"School? You're kidding?"

"Nope. Education is important. Plus, we have no clue what Edward's up to, so we might as well. Come along, we'll be late." I opened my mouth to argue, but he just pushed me back into the house, scooping up my bag and handing me my coat before towing me out of the door.

I slid into the car, fuming. I didn't want to go to school. I wanted to go out, hunt Edward down and scream at him, both for hurting and scaring me and for thinking he could kill himself to make it all better. Stupid, hard headed vampire.

I was concentrating so hard on my inner ranting that I didn't notice that we had reached school until Jasper was holding open the door for me, in a gentlemanly fashion. I thanked him, and headed into school.

I barely made it to the first class in time, plonking myself into my seat just as the bell rang. I didn't concentrate on the lesson, instead thinking about where Edward was at this very moment, which was much more important than integration by parts.

The day dragged by, but I finally made it through to the last period, gym. With my klutzy nature it was hell on a usual day, but with my mind elsewhere, it was an absolute disaster.

We were playing dodge ball, or meant to be. Normally, I'm out first. This time, I jumped at the sound of balls bouncing, slipped on a ball; fell on Jess, who was in the middle of throwing a ball. It went up, hit the ceiling and hit Mike square on the head. He toppled over, knocking Ben flat, who accidentally punched Tyler, breaking his nose.

It probably resembled some sort of comedy outtake, but in reality all of the wounded ended up limping into the Nurse's office. I had sprained my ankle, and the others all had various injuries. As a result, I was waiting by Jasper's car long before the final bell rang.

I still jumped out of my skin when Jasper suddenly appeared next to me, holding the door to the car open, grinning.

"Bella, Bella, Bella. What have you done to yourself now?" he drawled. I blushed and hopped into the car, just managing to clip my seatbelt into place as Jasper zoomed around and started the car.

"I didn't do anything. A basketball attacked me." I mumbled.

"Ah. Well, basketballs are well known for their vicious nature. They're too tough for even a vampire to take down." He replied as pulled out of the school lot.

"I can imagine. One of the few vampire predators." Jasper snorted, "Where are we going?"

"Home. Cullen home, I mean. Carlisle wants to talk to you about vampires, given that Edward messed it up spectacularly."

"We're not going looking for him?" I asked, frowning.

"Nope," he replied, popping the p, "that's Alice and Esme's job for now."

He turned into the driveway and sped towards the mansion. The car jolted to a stop, causing me to lurch into the seatbelt as Jasper exercised a 3 point turn and reversed the car into the garage in less time than it would've taken me to switch the car on.

It took a while for my stomach to catch up with the rest of me, and I had to swallow a couple times until I was sure I wouldn't hurl. When I felt well enough to open my eyes, I glanced at Jasper. His expression was a weird mix of contrition and laughter. I scowled.

"I'm sorry." He sniggered, not sounding sorry at all. I harrumphed, and punched his bicep. And cradled my hand against my chest, as my hand protested.

"Note to self, do not punch vampires, even if they're being really irritating." I grumbled, ignoring Jasper's chuckle as I clambered out of the car, slamming the door shut behind me.

I stomped as best I could up the steps and reached for the door handle, only to have the door open on me by a crinkly eyed Emmet.

"You alright Bells? You should be thankful. He could have done it a lot faster. Want to try it with me?" I gave him a look. He stepped back, pretending to be terrified. I stalked past, to be greeted properly by Carlisle, who held out a glass of water, which he handed to me. I sipped it and sank onto a sofa.

"I apologise Bella. My sons have never really grown up. Would you come sit in the study and have a chat with me?" I nodded and stuck my tongue out at Jasper as I walked past.

I sat in one of the chairs and watched as Carlisle settled into his own chair on the same side of the desk, looking remarkably human as he shifted, trying to get comfy.

"Now Bella, I understand that Edward has told you some about our world, but not all of it. If you tell me what he's told you already, I can fill in the blanks."

"Erm, ok. You're vampires, you drink animal blood, you're very fast and strong and you never sleep. Alice also told me you don't turn into bats." This drew a chuckle from Carlisle.

"Bats," he shook his head, "well at least he told you the basics. Vampires are made by being bitten. We make a nasty venom that is present in our saliva that will infect anything that survives a bite. We appear dead, as we have no heartbeat and our bodies are at room temperature. We have greatly heightened senses and are the best predator you will ever meet. And that's just your average vampire. Some of us are blessed with other abilities such as Alice's foresight."

"Is Alice the only one here with special abilities?" I asked.

"No, she isn't. Edward-" he cut off, just as Jasper burst into the room.

"Alice just called. Edward's made a decision. He's going to the wolves." Carlisle froze, staring at Jasper in horror.

"The wolves?" I asked, "How would wolves kill him?"

"They're not just any wolves Bella. They're werewolves. And they'll rip him to shreds.

"When?" I asked, weakly.

"Ten minutes, tops." Emmet charged into the room, scooped me up into his arms and took off, running through the woods.

"Will we get there in time?" I shouted, hanging on for grim death.

"I sure hope so." He replied grimly. I closed my eyes against the sickening blur of the forest, praying that we'd find Edward still in one piece.