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Chapter 1:-

"Computer, begin recording Captain's Log: Supplemental." came the smooth staccato voice of Seven of Nine, the computer disregarding the raw and naked emotion seeping into her words.

"My ship, USS Dragon and her two other sister ships were sent on a 'search and retrieve mission' three days ago by Starfleet Command. We had to find and apprehend Admiral Janeway.

Starfleet Intelligence had come across information stating that Admiral Kathryn Janeway was attempting to acquire an ancient Klingon artifact which is supposed to give power to the wielder to travel through time."

Seven couldn't bear to sit on her Ready Room couch anymore, so began pacing the length of her office.

"Her whereabouts were tracked to an abandoned mineshaft on Koloplak Prime near the Federation-Klingon border. It was decided that two crew members of each ship would be selected for this mission. I was chosen to lead the away team in this mission. We soon found the admiral along with four heavily armed Klingons. In the ensuing confrontation, Ensign Frank Desmond from the USS Phoenix and Crewman Sadia of the USS Griffin disobeyed my direct orders to hold fire. They both opened fire on the Klingon guards, killing one instantly. The unstable mineshaft began to collapse upon us due to the shots fired. I got separated from my tam along with the admiral.

She was fatally injured due to the rockslide. She only managed to hold on long enough to instruct me in sending her goodbye message to her sister, Phoebe Janeway.

The artifact in question, an amulet, was destroyed in the incident.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway died on14th March 2412 at 1647 hours."

"Computer, End Captain's Log."

Seven finally let her grief overcome her, to realize that today she had lost someone who was her savior, mentor, friend and mother. She finally let the tears come as she fell to her knees her left hand pressed over her shattered heart and her right hand clutching a blood-stained amulet.