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Chapter 7:-

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, Chief of Engineering of the Federation Starship USS Voyager was fuming. And as was practically a tradition now, when B'Elanna Torres reached the 'fuming' level, she cursed up a storm to cyclonic proportions. It was usual. It was the norm. It was tradition. And nobody who had met her would disagree.

She had been working four double shifts in a row upgrading the impulse engines. After finally wrapping up the loose ends late last night, all she wanted was a hot bath and a good night's sleep. Instead she entered her quarters to find her Helmsman boyfriend wanting a roll in the hay after his hard day at work pushing the auto-pilot control button when he thought that nobody was looking and quickly changing back to manual as soon as someone came close to his workstation.

As usual, a huge fight ensued over Tom's needs and how B'Elanna couldn't be bothered with fulfilling them. When the helmsman finally left in a huff after his temperamental girlfriend had verbally deflated his ego to the size of a pea, the human-klingon hybrid finally got some sleep but only for all of 3 hours. She was livid when she was hailed by the Gamma shift at 0500 hours on her day off.

After a long crawl through the jeffries tubes for nearly an hour it was found that what was supposed to be a power surge that affected decks 5,6,7 and 8 turned out to be a Borg alcove throwing a wobbly temper tantrum in Cargo Bay 2.

The already frazzled engineer's temper turned into a raging inferno when the word 'Borg' came up. As she stormed out of Engineering while asking the computer after Seven's location, she did not notice one of the Gamma shifters hail security. The rage reached new heights when B'Elanna was joined by a security detail headed by Tuvok.

B'Elanna was just about tearing into anything that moved, namely the Security detail when the messhall doors slid open. But the vehement words died on her lips as she and the others saw the scene unfolding in front of them.

Seven of Nine was smothering a struggling Neelix in an attempt to kill him. First, she thanked Kathless profusely for this chance and then with a battle-worthy roar, B'Elanna lunged at the blonde. She smiled a feral smile when she felt her shoulder violently connect with the ex-drone's side and felt her ribs give under the onslaught. Not a second later the momentum drove the two into a bulkhead with Seven taking the brunt of the force. B'Elanna was able to gleefully land at the least, half a dozen punches before the Security detail had wrestled her off the blonde.

Just when Seven felt that the Talaxian's flaming eyebrows had been taken care of, she felt an unforgiving force slam into her. She not only felt the wind being knocked out of her but also two of her ribs breaking and puncturing her left lung. Not a second later, she felt her skull literally rammed into the bulkhead behind her.

Looking at her assailant through the black spots that marred her sight, she saw Lt. B'Elanna Torres on top of her delivering painful blows on her person. Another second later, the black spots grew in size until they encompassed her vision entirely.

Then for third time in as many days and much to her growing annoyance, Seven blacked out.

The bright lights and the stark white d cor of the ship's Sickbay were nothing short of punishment to Seven as she woke up. When her vision cleared, she saw the Doctor, Captain Janeway, Commander Tuvok and a teary-eyed and red-nosed Naomi Wildman.

Seeing the state the child was in, Seven immediately opened her arms for the child to settle into. Seven ignored her protesting ribs and comforted her decades old yet currently young and tiny friend when the half-katarian took Seven up on her silent offer.

"Naomi Wildman, are you functioning within acceptable parameters?" asked Seven, knowing that the half-katarian had always enjoyed talking to her in this manner.

"I am now. Please don't leave me too Seven. I thought that Lt. Torres had killed you. I can't lose you too. Please don't leave me. Please! Please!" Sobbed the little child uncontrollably. Her entire form was shaking within Seven's arms. The blonde ex-Borg did her best to comfort and reassure the child she was responsible for. Slowly Naomi calmed down and finally fell into an exhausted sleep in the safety of Seven's arms.

During this time everybody had given the two their space and privacy. When Seven was sure that the child was fast asleep, she motioned with her hand for the three crewmates to come out of the Doctor's office.

As the Doctor scanned his patient with his tricorder, Janeway stepped forward to speak with the woman she considered as her daughter. "Hello Seven. How are you feeling?" she whispered, mindful of the sleeping child.

"Like a shuttle rammed into me repeatedly." answered Seven, whispering as well while trying to reign in her emotions at seeing her dead mother alive and well again.

At the raised eyebrows from all three of them she hurriedly explained that she was attempting to learn humour and internally hoped that her excuse would withstand scrutiny. Shaking her head, Seven enquired as to what happened.

"Lt. Torres assaulted you when she thought that you were attempting to murder Mr. Neelix." answered Tuvok, "It was only after you lost consciousness later that Mr. Neelix informed us that you in fact were helping him rather than assaulting him."

Janeway interjected, "B'Elanna is currently under arrest in the Brig... pending any assault charges you may wish to file. Oh and Neelix would like to meet you and thank you as well as apologize to you, but if you don't want to see him, he said he would understand that as well."

Seven sighed while shifting the child in her arms to a more comfortable and less painful position. Gathering her thoughts she finally spoke, "I will not file any charges against the Lt. However, I do wish to speak to her regarding the slightly demented and happy smile on her face while she 'beat the crap out of me' and just how her actions have affected Naomi."

"Also please inform Mr. Neelix that I would be glad to meet him. Also tell him that there is nothing to forgive and that I knew that he did not truly mean his words and that I will be happy to assist him whenever he feels the need for anything. Tell him that I consider him a valued friend and he can depend upon me."

Janeway smiled down at the woman she had severed from the Collective and the person that she had become today. "I'll do that. You take some rest and you're off duty for the next three days. Get well and spend some time with Naomi, she's really shaken up over this and I don't really blame her."

With that the Captain and Commander left for their respective duties and the Doctor returned to his office. Seven was left alone with a sleeping half-katarian to contemplate over the situation that she had jumped head-first into.


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