Summary: It's the summer before sixth year; once again Harry had to go back to the Dursleys. Just as he believes things couldn't get any worse…it always does. Now he has to keep his dark secrets as secrets: the magical inheritance he has been waiting for, a lying cheating 'family' and...pregnancy? There will be bashing…badly...just to point out Harry will be FILTHY RICH and very

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Warnings: M/M, rape, stripping, blood and gore, Mpreg...also jail breaking and lots of manipulating, AU

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Last Time:

BeforeBobby could finish the sentence, Alex was already out his seat and racing down the road.

"What are you doing here?" questioned a curious Dark Elf.

"Well, I came to see you at the mortal's home, and what do I see when I get there? The place is smoking. So I figured since I couldn't sense you in there you had gone somewhere else. But I didn't know whether or not you brought your stuff with you, so I went into the house…yo…babe…your 'family' was bulleted. And by that I mean they had bulleted riddled in their body. All over the place. I'm guessing who ever did that was really mad at them. Well anyways, I got into the house, ran upstairs and took everything that was in there, shrunk it and left. Just so you know I read your happy birthday letter and I really want to know what your friends got you."

Harry shook his head, really, vampires just don't know the meaning of privacy. Oh well, at least they don't sparkle. Looking at the Vampire Master, who was currently driving a convertible, Harry couldn't help but smile, even though vampires loved knowing everything, a person couldn't help but love them. And boy, did he reallylovethis vampire.

"Alright, I'll tell you but let's go to your place. Hopefully she's not there."

"Hahahaha! I don't think so."

"Then let's go!"

Chapter 4: On the Road Again, I'm on the Road Again

The breeze knocked around his long hair; after all there was no reason for him to keep up his glamour if he was going back into the Dark Realm. Most creatures would be able to see through it…unless he decided to use Elven glamours, which frankly, he didn't want to use. And hopefully Alex's wife wouldn't recognize him like this. Oh he could only hope…damn…what a bitch she was. Everytime. Without fail. Everytime she saw him, she would send her stupid little vampire minions after him! And then she would get mad and accuse him of purposely killing them…which he did, but it was in self defence! Not because he liked going around and killing random vampires!

Really! He had better things to do! Or rather people to do. Hehe. Harry shook his head in amusement, oh boy, it was at times like these, he was completely happy that he wasn't a light wizard. Oh what a killjoy that would have been. So wrapped up in his head, Harry didn't notice the car coming to a stop at a traffic light, but he did notice that a large, cold hand was now in his pants…or at least trying to get in. Harrison stared at the hand, which finally got in, and followed it back to the body it was attached to. The owner of said body was nonchalantly looking forward as if he wasn't just giving a hand-job to him in the top open-for-world-to-see convertible. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you saw it, there weren't any cars around them.

Before Harry could ask him what exactly he was thinking, a gasp caught in his mouth. The hand was getting rougher. Harry's arms naturally found its way around the head rest of the seat. Another gasp torn through him, he arched off the seat and rolled his hips around. The excitement of the probability of getting caught and the wonderful skill of that hand was almost too much for him. But he had gone through this before, when Alex and he were fucking in one of the hallways of Alex's 'house'. Deep in his own world of pleasure, Harry didn't notice the car full of teenage high-scholars pull up on his side.

But he did when he heard the gasps and 'holy shits' that were shouted. With glazed over lust filled eyes, he turned to look at them. In his haze he could make out about five teenage boys. Suddenly he arched his neck; Alex was really getting into it now. The excitement of knowing that they were being watched had filled his drive to make the Dark Elf cum had filled to the brim.

Smirking, Alex turned his head away from the light and brought it down to where Harry's member was being held firmly in his hand. As he released his hand he heard a disappointed whimper emit out of his little Elf's mouth. Not wanting to keep him waiting, Alex opened his mouth and engulfed his cock to the hilt in one go.

A scream released itself from Harry's mouth. Dear Merlin! This mouth was wonderful! The tongue was just as great, swirling around him, teasing his slit, everything. One of Harry's arms came down, and his hand tangled itself in Alex's hair. Harry tugged on him to make him go faster. He knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer.


Harry moaned loudly as Alex's chuckles vibrated around him. Gasping and moaning, Harry couldn't hold on any longer, the massaging and squeezing of his balls broke him, and he came with a lust-filled scream. He gasped to capture his breath. As Alex milked him for all he was worth, Harry turned to look at the teens in the car. Seeing their gaping faces he smirked; oh at times like this, putting on a show was fun. Oh boy was it fun. Hearing a 'pop', and feeling his cock being released, Harry grabbed the head that was rising up, and pulled it up into a passionate kiss. He moaned as he tasted himself in his 'lover's' mouth. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry noticed that the light had turned green. Detaching himself, he grinned at Alex, and nodded his head up signalling him to get a move on.

Alex shook his head. There really just wasn't any getting enough of the youth sitting beside him. That was one of the only things he and the mutt agreed on. That mutt. A low growl emitted from his throat, just thinking about the undignified flea bag pissed him off. Fucking dog! Thinking he can just come in and try and steal away Harry! Just like that fucking mutt of a son of his! A real son of a bitch!

Alex snorted, like hell that mutt would ever be able to steal Harrison away from him. Although Alex wasn't as naive to believe that Harry hadn't slept with the mutt...after all he had as well. Even if the mutt and he didn't get along...none of them could deny the threesomes they had together wasn't amazing! Dear Lillith were they amazing. Alex turned his head to look at the teenager beside him, the insatiable little bugger.




The car swerved as the sudden high pitched scream caught him off guard. Alex sharply snapped his head over to glare at the sexy minx, but it softened as he caught sight of the concern that showed in those gem like eyes.


"Are you alright? I've been calling your name for the past few minutes and you didn't answer."


"'Oh'? Is that all you have to say? Fine. See if I care about what happens to you anymore!"

"Oh, come now, Harrison. I was just thinking about how great you are in bed. And how, even though I loath to admit it, those threesomes with the mutt were simply...delicious."

Harry leaned into Alex's ear. "I agree; how about I give you another memory to go along with the one you're thinking about? I promise it'll be worth it. Of course the only way anything is going to happen would be if thatbitch won't be there...will she be there?"

"You really hate her, don't you?"

"No...not per say...only when she tries to kill me...which is all the time now. So...yeah. I guess you're right...I hate her."

"Well you're lucky then. She will be out next week or so."

"Well that's kinda too bad..."


"Well...we'll be in your house the entire summer if she isn't there...then again...that might not be so bad...if you know what I mean?" Harry said with a coy smile.

"Oh trust me Beautiful...I know exactly what you mean."

With a smirk on his face, Alex sped through the streets.


The end...for now...I know you hate the chap...cuz I hate it too! That's why it took so got deleted...then it didn't save right...and now I got nothing to add to this chap1 but I promise! Next will be better!