You're Not A Bad Person

Chapter 1

The Story So Far…

Sapphire sure did enjoy her little adventure, saving Abe to the Monsaic Lines, seeing the Queen and even saved her and everyone else from Furlong, also going through the complications of love and emotions. Now, she's happy, got her boyfriend and nothing could destroy this fairytale.


Sam looks over at Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald as yet another adventure awaits for them. What Sapphire is about to see is a land she never would have thought to have seen, and what she fears is that she'll die just by travelling there. There, in the unknown area she searches in, she meet new faces of new friends and enemies, and the Vykkers fumble their way in finding out what is exactly wrong with Furlong, Ruby and Dave. Apparently, they have something called sexlexia, which is a form of mistake in a Slig. It's when they turn out sex-crazy. Sapphire became depressed with everything and demands to speed the help-progress up. Luckily, this can be cured, only by one Doctor…

Why would she go there, you ask? Only one way to find out…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, so I said that I would be doing 'Embracing Evil', but then again, I'm not sure how it will end, so I might have to put that on hold for now. Right now, Sapphire's in another adventure. Yes everyone, this is the second Oddworld Ouintology for Sapphire the Big Sis Slig to adventure. Once again, she goes through pain but gains, creating new enemies and friends and even falls in love with someone VERY unlikely. After all, she feels loveless as it is. Please guys, join her journey and give her all the love she'll need to survive this strange and bizarre world of Oddworld. See yea' Soon. :D I hope you guys will enjoy this one like the last one. And yeah, I didn't know what the curse/problem was with them, so I thought of this. XD I warn you lot, this ones more nastier, cruller and meaner then Unlikely Feelings, so be aware of swearing, scenes that could blind you and endless fighting (sort of)

Disclaimer: In all respect to Lorne Lanning and his world of Odd, I do NOT own anything in this, I only own my OCs:

OCs in this Fanfic or are mentioned: Sapphire the Big Sis Slig, Rose the Landlady Clakker, Dave the 'Multitasking' Slig and Furlong the big bro Slig, Danni the Vykker and Ruby the Slig.

OCs that are NOT in this Fanfic but are still mine: Arnie the Glukkon, Tony the crawling Slig, Emerald the flying Slig, Sligknot (Lol), Kiki the Slig, Grant the Glukkon, Mulot the flying Slig, Aaron the flying Slig, Peter the flying Slig.

OCs owned by friends who allowed me to put them on this: Bart the Big Bro Slig.