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Chapter 1 ~ How it began

Laura awoke quite suddenly. It was a week after her sixth birthday. She slowly sat up in her bed and cast a wary eye around her room and listened closely. The house was completely silent. There was no reason why it shouldn't; it was only 6:26 a.m.

Her brothers, Seto and Mokuba, were no doubt asleep and the same for her parents.

She lay back down her bed, frowning. She had been dreaming of something, but she couldn't remember. She closed her eyes and racked her brain, trying to remember but she couldn't, seeing as it was so early. Instead she drifted back to sleep.

A few hours later, it was well after noon. Laura had not told anyone about her dream, seeing as she could hardly remember it herself. She walked out of the house and into the backyard, still frowning as she tried to remember. She sat down on a bench and closed her eyes in deep thought.

There was a dragon…yes, a pale blue one. There were also two cars… and a dark aura seemed to be emitting from one of them. That one crashed into the second car… and the a fire started. Yes that was it. Two cars crashed and then a dragon rose out of it. Laura shook her head. It made no sense, but that was all she could remember.

Something brushed her ankle and she heard a soft mew. Looking down, she saw her black kitten, Inky. Inky purred and jumped into her lap.

"Hello Inky," Laura said happily, scratching her head. Inky stretched her legs out, ready for a good nap, when Laura's mother suddenly called.

"Laura!" Inky jumped in shock and hissed.

"Yes mom?" Laura called back. Inky stalked away and sat under a bush.

"You better hurry up, we're going to leave in a couple minutes."

That was right. It had been awhile since they all had left the house, so they were leaving to have a drive around the city. It was about time they had a little fresh air. Upon hearing this, Inky got up and hurried back. She looked at Laura sweetly.

"Oh Inky," Laura said. "You can't come with us. Remember last time? You went completely berserk when you saw that squirrel."

Inky drooped her head sadly.

"Tell you what," said Laura, attempting to cheer her up. "When we come back, I'll let you chase a bird for once." You'll never catch one though, thankfully. She thought. This did, however, seem to cheer Inky up considerably, and Laura began to make her way outside to the car.

Domino City was just as bustling as ever. Cars were speeding this way and that, people were crowding the streets, and some kids were dueling while sitting at tables in nearby stores. And yet, and yet…

She couldn't help but remember her vision. She peered out the window, hoping to find something to take her mind off of the vision. All she saw were trees, acres and acres of trees. No, there was something more than trees. She looked ahead on the road and saw a car that looked eerily familiar. She racked her brain, trying to remember, and then it hit her.

It was the same, dark car, that had crashed into another. She looked around, panicking. There was no sign of a dragon, and the whole idea was ridiculous anyway. She glanced back at the car, and was shocked to see more than just the car. There was a strange, dark aura surrounding it.

She looked at her brothers, Seto and Mokuba, quickly. They were both slowly dozing off to sleep.

"Um Dad?" she asked hesitantly. "Something's not right about that car."

"What do you mean Laura?" he asked, peering at it. "It looks perfectly fine to me. Actually, that's a very nice looking car."

Laura sat back, feeling sick. She knew something bad was going to happen. Before she could give it a second thought, she felt an intense pain in her head and heard a cold, blood thirsty voice say "You will not interfere". She closed her eyes in pain, and missed everything that happened next.

She heard the sounds of screeching tires, her family screaming, the shattering of glass. Suddenly, she was thrown from the car with such a tremendous force. One of the doors from the car had come flying after her, and fell on top of her. She couldn't move.

Flames started to spark around her from the broken remains of both cars. She struggled, trying to get up, but her leg cracked painfully. She couldn't help it; she began to cry.

"It's alright kid," said a gruff voice next to her. She blinked and looked up to see a group of fire fighters surrounding the wreckage, trying to fix it. The one standing next to her lifted the door of her and gently picked her up. He set her back down on her feet when they had reached a safe distance away from the crash, where a large crowd of people were standing. She tried to stand, but her leg failed, and she felt herself falling before Seto, who was standing there with Mokuba, grabbed her arm and helped her stand.

"Wh-what happened?" she stammered.

"Car crash," said Seto, his voice shaking slightly. "They're looking for Mom and Dad now but…I don't exactly want to see it."

Laura felt the air around her turn cold. It couldn't be true. These things only happened in movies, they weren't real. But an hour later, she realized it was true. Her parents had died in the crash, and the driver of the other car was nowhere to be found. An hour later, they were sitting in the local Police Station. Seto was sitting silently, not having said much all day, but he was rather pale. Laura was shaking, holding Mokuba tightly. He was too young to understand what happened, but there was no doubt that he knew something was indeed wrong.

"We'll just have them head back, get their things and set them off," said the Chief. "Alright, good-bye." He hung up the phone and turned to three of them.

"You kids are going to be alright, y'hear?" he said gently. "We're going to head back to your house now so you can gather up all your belongings. Now since you're all underage, you'll be living at an orphanage for awhile. If someone comes to adopt you, you're free to go. If that doesn't happen, well since you're the oldest," He turned to Seto. "12 right? When you're 18 then, I suppose you three can live together. Okie dokie then, let's head out!"

The drive back to their house felt extremely short. It seemed to Laura she had only just stepped into the car when they had already arrived. She slowly walked to her room. Inky was sitting on her bed, and bounded towards Laura happily when she entered. She attempted to jump into her arms, but Laura wasn't even looking at her. She silently began to pack her things into a suitcase. She went back to a shelf and was taking off the books when she spotted a strange stone.

It was quite jagged, and seemed just like a diamond, but instead of being clear, it was a shade of pale blue. She held it up and examined it closely. There didn't seem to be anything special about, and it certainly wasn't hers.

"Have you ever seen this before Inky?" She asked. Inky looked at, but shook her head. She did, however, run to Laura's jewelry box and bring her a thin silver chain. Laura attached it to the stone and tied it around her neck for safe keeping, and then resumed her packing silently. She gave her room one last wistful glance, then picked up Inky and her suitcase and walked outside to her join her brothers as they waited for her.


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