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That night I hadn't slept much at all., I had been far too caught up in my own thoughts as I tried to take in the information I had been given. I couldn't help that my mind was so occupied, it was hard to process, but if what Saeki had said was true...then I had just got myself a new home.

I had laughed from my place on the sofa bed, if the quiet odd noise my throat had made could have been considered one, but at that moment, I hadn't cared about my own misfortune, I just got a home: My own home.

Later on, when it had been a good several hours later and I had managed to finally sleep, I was woken up to the sounds of my manager calling my name and shaking me. I had blinked, my body incredibly tired from the previous lack of sleep, but I had caught the roll of his eyes and found my self roughly pulled up.

I had wondered what the hell was going on and decidedly thought of a good way to 'thank' him for the rude awakening.

I never got the chance to enact that though. once I caught the few boxes stacked up by the wall and my suitcase waiting with them.

"Tezuka-san said you could move in as soon as you wanted," he had explained. "I told him you'd move in today, and I'm pretty confident you want to."

I think I had still been far too unconscious half asleep to process that, but what ever it was Saeki had said to me, it seemed good, in fact it seemed better than good. Suddenly I found myself more excited than I had ever been in a long time. I had been quickly forced into the bathroom and had found food ready for me once I had re-entered the kitchen. I had eaten so quickly and had been moved out the apartment so quickly that I never did truly register everything. Two things I had noticed once I was sat in the car on my way to my new home, was the fact that my hands and bags were empty; devoid of my new communication line, my notepad, and then the other fact…that I hadn't take my prescription that morning. Well, I had sighed. That was a great way to start the morning.

- - -

"Fuji," Tezuka greeted me as I stood, half numb, in the doorway. I smiled brightly, not letting any of my shock show through as he held out a key to me. Not that I could, I was still too stunned to even change expression from my usual expression one.

I took it, nodding and smiling my thanks, as I stepped inside, looking around as I did. The house looked exactly the same as the last time I had been here, save for a few odd differences, like washing cups and newspapers in various places.

I smiled happily to myself as I looked at the keys in my hand, still not believing this was real and turned to face Tezuka feeling slightly too happy compared to how I felt just a day earlier.

I had come around here today because Tezuka had told my manager I could move in straight away. Thankfully I don't own a lot of stuff, so it didn't take long to move it at all. I own a futon, so I didn't need to bring a huge bed through all the moving procedures; the room was already fitted with a wardrobe and cupboard too.

The only things I needed were my personal possessions and the things I used for work. Both Tezuka and my manager had helped to get some stuff in, but even though it wasn't much trouble, I felt a bit bad letting them do that.

I had helped them place stuff in my new room, set things up so they didn't have to. Really, I didn't own much after selling everything from that house I owned before and Saeki was far too happy to help me set up my room, even to go as far as to tell Tezuka to relax. Though he really doesn't seem the type...even with Saeki's antics he didn't move a facial muscle.

For me, this morning was beyond surreal and more than anything I could have hoped for. By what ever act of the gods, I had received some form of fortune...and I was incredibly grateful.

Once Saeki had finished putting all of my stuff in my room, mainly boxes over my floor -that will take some getting used to; saying using 'my' instead of 'his' or 'the'...well thinking it- he left me, with a wish of good luck and to contact him if I need anything. Mainly, I'd like to know where he put my note pad.

"See ya Fuji," he waved from the ground below as I looked over the balcony, watching him walk to his car. "Have fun!"

Ah, I hope I will...but now, because you have left me so suddenly...that awkward silence has set in. This really should be interesting.

I sighed as I watched his car go off and then looked out to the view around me. It was perfect; a city skyline but it wasn't that horribly a crowded view either. It was just right and the afternoon sky was still bright with the spring blue, a few clouds dotting its expanse.

"Fuji," I looked over my shoulder to see Tezuka waiting for me. I smiled in response and nodded my head briefly, turning around to walk inside the… my shared apartment.

This morning had been a mad rush and now that things have settled down, I'm finding it hard to actually believe all this. In the space of a few days, I have a home. I have a home...

And no way to communicate with the person I'm living with. Shaking my head, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my suit case key, turning around only once I heard my name being called again.

"Do you need help with anything?" Tezuka asked me, standing by the kitchen door. I shook my head 'no' and smiled. He nodded and turned into the kitchen, leaving me to settle in.

My room was large, but the average kind of large…not the large of my previous house which was probably twice the size of this…or more. It was a nice room, quaint and cozy, with a window looking out over the park side. I had a few boxes set up against the wall, but my suitcase was on the floor near the wardrobe, so I went to that first, unlocking it. It was a pleasant surprise to see my note book resting on top of everything else for me to get to first.

I took it out and made sure to put it somewhere safe before unpacking. Clothes, I packed them away into the cupboard, other things in the drawer until my suitcase was empty. I found my prescription in the side compartment and left them on the side, breifly touching the bandage around my throat. I had gotten used to it as of late, I'm pretty certain I'll be able to remove it soon, I wonder if there will be a scar...

I hid my suitcase behind the slidding doors then turned to the boxes. They mainly contained a few books and old albums from when I was younger. Things I had managed to get from my room before... Well there's no need to think about that, this is a new start.

My books, I packed them away on the shelves and in an empty cupboard. The rest of the boxes contained various items and a couple of my cactii collection. I had to get rid of most of them before moving, my parents probably left them to die too. I only managed to take a few, but at least I had them and they now have a lovely place on the window ledge.

When I finally got all of it set up and put the boxes away, I grabbed the tablets off the side along with my note pad and made my way to the kitchen, dropping the pad on the table whilst I worked out which cupboard had the cups and glasses in.

It shocked me when out of the corner of my eye, an arm caught my sight. I blinked and turned slightly seeing Tezuka near me, opening the correct cupboard. He handed me down a glass without a word and I took it, mouthing a thank you.

He watched me for all of a second before going back to his work on the kitchen table; a mountain of papers were piled around him, making me me curious as to what he was so busy with.

I turned back to the tap and took my prescription, grimacing slightly at the odd taste. I quickly finished the glass before walking over to Tezuka, sitting on the opposite side of the table.

You're working hard, ne? Can I ask if it's job- related or?

I smiled for a moment before sliding my book over. If I'm going to be living with the man for a long time, it'd be wise to learn about him.

"University," Tezuka replied after reading it. "Business studies."

So he's a Uni student. He'll be studying hard a lot then throughout the year. Speaking of studying... I need to find a vocal therapist. Although Shacho did say they'd get me the best if I accept their offer... Sigh. There isn't much to think about, I need my voice back and I need it s-


I blinked, looking up as I was startled from my thoughts. Tezuka stared at me for a moment before looking downwards. I followed his gaze until I noticed I had left the tip of my pen pressed onto the had soaked up a load of ink and left quite a big mark. I took it off quickly and let it drop off the table, not happy with my carelessness.

"It's been a long day for you," Tezuka spoke solidly, stopping his work. "Rest in your room for a while."

Heh heh, my room; just hearing that makes me grin. Maybe he thinks I'm tired. I think I am too, but not enough to sleep.

I'm okay Tezuka, I replied on a clean part not splotched up from ink. It's still light out.

"It may be light, but aren't you recovering still?" Tezuka continued, making me have to stop myself from touching my throat. "Moving outA move is a big thing. At least rest after everything's settledit all."

You sound so concerned, I teased, adding a smiley face for effect.

"Hn," he replied, going back to his work. "Don't get careless."

I won't, I wrote, before standing up and walking out of the kitchen to my room. Surely a nap wouldn't be so bad, considering the amount of sleep I hadn't got last night.

I set out my futon, wondering vaguely if I should get a bed, before lying down and closing my eyes, just thinking as I watched the back of my lids, the little patterns and shapes you usually see when you do so.

The room was silent, and outside my window I could hear birds chirping slightly in the afternoon air. It was pretty peaceful, relaxing even. I could just pick up the sounds of Tezuka, busy with work as he flicked through pages. I forgot to shut the door, not that it matters, I think.

This has just been my first day in my new home. Already I'm starting to believe that this really will be a whole new start. My flat mate certainly seems interesting enough, though he's pretty quiet, but then again...with all that work, it looks like he doesn't have much time to do stuff. I'll find out tomorrow maybe.

Saa, it's amusing. I've barely even known him for a day, but he's already got me on one thing. I really am tired. Maybe getting some rest...wouldn't be a bad idea...