Title: Seeing Double

summary : what if the love of your life left you pregnant. well that's how this story will go. Edward left in new moon before Bella could tell him. now 2 years later. There's a remarkable difference. one shes a vampire. two she has a daughter and three she moves to new york. but what happens when the Cullen's find Bella at NYS (New York State). but are the Cullen's all as they same. what happens when a another family come to NYS.......... find out in Seeing Double


Bella POV

The day they came back was a god send. but now I'm just confused. I'm standing up on stage preparing for my song that my daughter wrote for me, looking at my loving boyfriend who's backstage waiting to come up. You see this is a welcoming assembly. To welcome the new kids that are starting today.

But when i opened my mouth. a smell so toxicating engulved me. It wasn't human. It was vampire. I scanned the stage. To see 5 of my favorite vampires, whihc was weird.

While sing the first verse, i looked to the back stage area. Was it me or was i going mad, and if you could someone tell me. Is that the reason why I'm seeing double.....

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