Chapter 10- explanation and music class

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Bella POV

" Cassidy, Charles let's go we need to go meet Jake" I told them before I started to turn around.

"No need, I'm already here , what's going on bells" Jacob spoke from behind me.

" Its nothing Jake, we were just leaving"

" Bella wait, let us explain" Alice spoke just after I had turned to look at Jake.

Still with my back to them. " Why should I , there's nothing you can tell me that I don't already know" I told them. I was about to walk of when she grabbed my hand and made me turn to look at her.

"please" she begged me. Oh great the eyes she knows I can't resist that piercing gaze. It never has and never will ever since I had met her. But when she touched me something felt wrong. I looked behind me feeling like something or someone one was watching me, us. Ever since Victoria changed me and threatened to come after me, I've always been paranoid. I can't help it, but the think is my instincts started to take over.

"Bella, what's wrong" Cassidy spoke sounding concerned. All eyes were on me, as a growl escaped me. "Something doesn't seem right, I can feel it, someones watching" as soon as the words left my mouth, Edward was in front of me, looking in the direction I had just been. "Bella, what ever it was it's gone" Edward spoke, sounding like he actually cared.

" THATS IT, how can you do that, you left me, you don't have the right anymore, you all left me, high and dry, you didn't even give me a chance, to explain to you, any of you, I've had to go through it all alone, pregnancy, Victoria changing me, being on the run, thinking I lost a child to Victoria, I've done it nearly all alone" I said out loud my anger coming through. It was then that I heard the gasps.

"What do you mean pregnant" I heard Edward speak." how should I put it Edward, the word pregnancy means it all" I said with sarcasm, and a glare.

"Edward, can we go back, I'm bored" I looked behind me to find a scantly dressed blonde I hadn't seen before.

"Tanya, not now, you can go If you want, I'm listening to Bella" Edward spoke annoyed.

"Wait is this the Bella, you keep going on about" Tanya spoke back glaring at me.

If looks could kill, I certainly wouldn't be standing here after the look she just gave me. "TANYA, stop glaring at Bella" Alice spoke from beside me. I jumped I forgot she was standing there.

" Bella, we are so sorry for leaving you like that, Edward though he was doing it to give you a better life as a human, not as one of us, I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you during your pregnancy, where are the kids" Alice apologised and asked me.

"Alice, meet Cassidy And Charles Cullen" I spoke pointing at each of my children.

"WAIT, you had twins" Alice asked surprised.

"COOL, I'm an uncle" Emmett shouted out. "Rosie, Alice, Jaz were aunts and uncles" Emmett said with a smirk and coming forward to pull me into a big bear hug. Oh my have I missed Emmett.

"Bella, where sorry, we really are, we never though this would happen, Edward wanted you to have a human life, not like ours, we wanted you to go through a real relationship where you couldn't get hurt" Alice spoke all teary eyed with tears that would never fall.

I pulled Alice into a hug. I knew this but I only just made it official hearing it from alice.

As I was hugging Alice , Cassidy and Charles were getting hugs from there aunts and uncles, before they walked over to Edward, there father. I never though I would see this day, when they would finally meet there dad. I stood watching there exchange.

"Daddy" Cassidy spoke looking directly at Edward.

"Come here baby" he spoke pulling her into a hug. That's my Edward, I'm glad he can except there his kids even if he doesn't want me anymore. After Cassidy, Edward pulled Charles into a man hug before letting him go. Just after that the bell rang signifying end of lunch.

" Cassidy, Charles, Jake we have to get to class, I told them, we will talk more later Alice" I spoke before walking off back to the school. " ok" I heard Alice speak before heading into the school and off to music.

Walking into music I took my seat next to Cassidy and waited for the teacher to walk in 2 minutes later. Mrs Thompson walked in and Edward, alive and Emmett just after. They are all in my music class, the only class i can express myself. After everyone was seated with Alice sitting right next to me.

Mrs Thompson once finished to registered. Started talking about the assignment that we had been given. Which was to write a song based on how we feel . One by one each student except for the Cullen went up to show the class there song. Silver had just finished her song which meant it was my turn. So I went and stood up in front of everyone and told them a little bit about the song I was about to sing.

"I wrote this song about a year ago, it was about how I was missing someone I knew, someone I loved, and though had loved me, I've called it 'why did you have to leave'" i spoke before I started singing.

Our love couldn't have been any better
Each day I seemed to love you more
Nothing was going to break us apart

The truth couldn't have been any further
From what I thought was reality
Now I've been left with a broken heart

I don't know if it's right or wrong
Somehow I'm weak and strong
Find myself on the run but where do I belong?

It's hard to believe that one day you're here
The next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

I just can't believe that one day you're here
The next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

Rewind back to the time when you held me
The air is calm, the stars are bright
Nothing in this world can take you from me

Now stop, think of the pain that I'm feeling
I really want to feel your touch
But now I feel helpless, so helpless, baby

Since you went away
I feel that some days still conceal it from me
I'll be free and better off alone

It's hard to believe that one day you're here
The next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

I just can't believe that one day you're here
The next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

I could feel you all around me
Knew your loving words surround me
Still I can't believe why you had to leave

I was strong but now I'm broken
Many words been left unspoken
I just can't conceive why you had to leave

It's so hard to believe that one day you're here
The next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

No, I just can't believe that one day you're here
And next you are gone, it's not that clear
For me to see why you had to leave

By the time I had finished my song I couldn't help but look over at Edward who was looking at me in awe with a look off sadness, behind his eyes. I couldn't understand why he was looking at me like that, but he must have known the song was written about him...

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