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The ship name for Jordan and Ruby is as follows: Jorby!!! It's cute, and wonderful; and DUH that is what Jorby is all about, people! Anyways, my good friend Christina and I have come up with this wonderful ship name. You should spread the word about these two wonderfully-forbidden teens.

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So here we are... shipping these two marvelous teens. Who just happen to be cousins! The first fic couldn't be all fun and bubbly, could it? It had to be angst! So here it is, babes!

Summary: That stupid Love Mosquito. He wants to squash it, so that it could never hurt anyone again, and infect others with it's Love Malaria.

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Love Mosquito

A Ruby & The Rockits Fanfiction

Fate was cruel.


He decided that fate was totally against him the day that he had met her.

"She is our beautiful guest..." He'd offered.
(His brother was quick to add, "She's also your cousin.")

Oh how he hated fate. A lot.

And he'd brooded over the fact that he'd somehow fallen for someone that he could never have. He even wrote a song about it.
(His brother was quick to tell him how much it 'sucked'.)

He had to live with this beautiful young woman, for God knows how long...

Without being able to touch her the way he wanted, look at her the way he'd love to, tell her just exactly how he felt about her.

It was all just so far fetched. Like one of those crazy soap opera-type shows, when the main character finds out that they've got a long lost brother that they didn't know about, and now they're expected to get along, instantaneously, just as family should.

Well screw that logic. He didn't want to be her family. He'd give anything to just not be her cousin.
To be honest, -and he knows this is wishful thinking- but he's just waiting for the day when she finds out that David's not her real father.

It really sucks; being in love with someone that the law literally prohibits you to marry...
They'd never be able to get married!

Who was he kidding? Like he even had a chance, anyways. Whatever...

As long as she was living under his roof, he knew that he'd be taking cold showers every morning.


When she was running around before the beloved father-daughter dance, to set up, and make sure everything was perfect... she stopped to talk to him. He tried to play it cool, saying that the chicks 'really dig' him because he was the 'sexy school vampire'. But it totally backfired when she'd heard about the actual nickname they gave him(Bambi). Oh well... the worst of it all was when she walked away saying "Thanks 'cuz!" I mean... what a blow to the chest! He had to settle with a half-assed reply of 'Anytime...' he could barely finish, "cuz!"

He basically ran to the bathroom to throw up.


Then, after she was done ranting about how horrible her dad, his uncle, was for 'standing her up' for this 'father-daughter' dance; she'd asked him to zip her dress for her?! Well let's just say... it took him quite some time to get back to the Totem Pole Lounge.

His little brother just flat out told him he was 'a mess'... and he couldn't disagree. This whole situation is a complete, and total mess.

That didn't make his stomach flutter any less as he pulled up the zipper on the back of her dress. He'd accidentally blurted out, "What are we doing?" Apparently she'd taken it as a 'so what's the plan?' about David and told him and his little brother that they'd just better see him 'little feet' coming across the dance floor.

And he really hoped that David would be coming to dance with her, because... he didn't think he could stand seeing her that devastated. Nope. It wasn't happening. If David didn't show, he'd have to go kill him, himself.

Good thing David did show... He didn't want to go to jail(not that he wasn't already going to hell...).


Then she was singing... his song. When she laughed, he was positive that she had realized the significance.

Then she asked who the song was about. So he froze. "Uh, no! No! I mean... nobody. I mean, nobody... that you know..." And just to make sure, he added "Shut up!" To his little brother.
Because he hadn't been the most supportive little brother in the world, this entire time. Or ever, really. But that's besides the point.


The worst of it though, was the night she stole his dad's car. To pick him up. While he was drunk.

He'd called her, panicked, because his designated driver... wasn't so designated anymore(and yes, he knows that designated doesn't mean sober-but anyways!). She answered, and it was like heaven to hear her voice. His savior; his angel; and somewhere after she had said she was going to fix things... he... well... he told her he loved her.

And it probably wouldn't have meant anything between any other two people. Anyone else would have brushed it off, 'well we are cousins!'; but not her. She stopped. A simple 'what?' sufficed as her answer.

But... it wasn't the -'I'm sorry I didn't hear what you said'-type of 'what'; it was the -'I'm sorry, could you repeat that because... I think I just heard the best news of my life but want to hear it again- type of 'what'.

But... it was all too much, too fast, so he tried to cover it up. But he was drunk and... well, he was never that much of a liar anyways; so it came out as, "I mean... I'm not... in love, with you... I'm just... okay, bye!" StupidstupidSTUPID!
(His brother was quick to tell him that she looked like she'd been run over by a train, when she'd hung up the phone).


So all of those things, lead up to basically nothing(except inner turmoil); as he sits on the couch, strumming on his guitar, and she sits at the piano, and they play together as she sings, and... it's blissful; yet horrifying as he realizes... this is all it will ever amount to.

So he hates fate; because it so obviously has it out for him.

That stupid Love Mosquito. He wants to squash it, so that it could never hurt anyone again, and infect others with it's Love Malaria.

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