Ranma 1/2
'Tender Loving Care'

Ranma struggled over his father's shoulder, crying desperately for his mother. Nodoka stood at the door, silently weeping as her son was being taken from her to be groomed into a 'Man among Men'. As much as it pained her, Genma vowed that he would fulfill his promise, but in order to do so, the boy needed to be given stern guidance and worldly experience in the art. She finally relented, for she had the utmost trust in her husband.

Ranma's face grew more menacing the farther he was carried from his home, from his mother, by his father. It wasn't fair, he wanted his mother, he didn't want to go, it was all father's fault...

Ranma then decided, his father was going to pay, oh yes, he was going to pay dearly...

Several months later

"You LET him?" Nodoka's neighbor, Ms. Akuzaki, asked incredulously, as she stopped from putting the cup of hot tea to her mouth.

Nodoka meekly nodded, "Well, he was right, I would only smother our son. What was done must be done."

"You sure Genma can raise your son well?"

Nodoka took a sip from her cup before replying, "I have the utmost faith in him."

"Okay boy, now stand still while I wrap this around you," Genma commanded, holding the string of fish sausages.

Ranma twisted his nose at the thought of wearing the smelly things. He turned and looked towards the pit, "What's in there, Pop?"

"Cats, to help you learn an invincible technique," Genma stated proudly.

Ranma opened the trap door, and looked inside. In the darkness he could see several starving cats, scurrying over one another at the sight of light. Ranma's eyes narrowed, as he put two and two together, "I thought you had cats in here..."

"Huh?" Genma asked, puzzled.

"I see a bunch of dogs in here, Pop. Did they eat the cats or something?"

Genma raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about, boy?"

"There aren't any cats in here! Just a bunch of dogs."

"Those aren't dogs, they're cats," maybe he should let the boy attend school more.

"No they're not, they're dogs!"

"Don't be foolish, boy, they're cats! How would I teach you the cat fist with dogs instead of cats?"

"Yeah, it don't make sense! So why do you have dogs in there?"

"They're cats!" Genma stated, his voice rising, "Dogs don't 'meow'."

"There, a few cats in there, the dogs are eating them." Ranma stated passively.

"Look, I'll prove to you they're cats! Just look," Genma went to the trap door and looked inside and pointed, "See how they have pointy ears and slitted cat's eyeeEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!"

Ranma quickly bolted the trap door shut, leaving his father, who was still holding the smelly fish sausages, trapped in the pit. Ranma ignored the screams of his father, and strode over to his father's pack. Ranma's face grew irritated when he didn't find any money.

Agitated, he walked back to the trap door, and unbolted it, and lifted the door up. His father quickly leapt up and clung to the side. Ranma quickly reached into his father's gi, and chirped cheerfully when he found the money his dad saved. Giving a hard kick to Genma's face, his father was sent screaming back into the depths of the ravenous felines. Ranma re-bolted the trap door, and started skipping to the store to buy some candy.

"A mother is important to the development of a child," A woman walking through a local park with Nodoka stated matter-of-factly, "Smothered or not, he needs your guidance."

"Maybe so," Nodoka replied, "but my husband knows what he's doing. He's a great teacher and disciplinarian. Ranma will grow up fine."

"Whatever," the woman answered, "We all know though, that it's the mothers that mean business..."

Ranma fiddled with the stick in his hand, sitting on the top of the yatai as his father ran as fast as he could to lose the little girl behind them. Ranma 'carelessly' tossed the stick behind him, getting it stuck in Genma's legs, causing him to trip, let go of the yatai, and stumble down the side of the road into a ditch. By the time he recovered, a large bearded man holding a menacing looking battle spatula glared down at the other martial artist.

"So... you were planning on taking the dowry and leaving my little girl behind..."

Ranma walked up to Ukyo, who was picking himself up off of the ground, "Hey Ucchan, wanna spar some more?"

Genma continued to scream.

"Do you know how you're son's doing in school?" Mrs. Takashi asked Nodoka, as they shopped the market."

"I haven't gotten any word on his schooling, but I think my husband instilled that it was important that a man among men needed education."

"Really," the other woman contested, "Genma doesn't seem like the scholarly type to me."

"He knows that it's important, I'm sure he made our son realize the same."

Several young men ran around, screaming in agony as they scrambled for whatever edible liquid they could get. Ranma laughed hard, holding the drum of industrial strength wasabi. School lunch breads were so bland; they needed a little spice.

A young man with fangs scrambled around in tears, unable to navigate to a water fountain. He knew who was behind this, and the bastard will pay, "RANMA!" Ryoga said through the pain and teary eyes, "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!"

"I would imagine that Ranma doesn't get much socialization in China," Mrs. Sakazaki commented, "I mean, being in a foreign country, and in the back regions at that."

"Yes, though I would imagine that Genma has instilled within Ranma the need to socialize with other people. I'm positive Ranma's bilingual." Nodoka clasped her hands together and became starry eyed, "Oh, my son's probably so manly! Flirting with beautiful Chinese women in their native language at such a young age."

Mrs. Sakazaki chuckled at her friend's expression.

A panda ran for its life, carrying a redheaded girl tucked under its arm. The redhead was too engrossed in her book to care, a Chinese translation of "A Pyromaniac's guide to Propane and Propane accessories."

In the distance they were heading away, several women ran screaming, trying to get water from a nearby river to put out the massive fire in their village.

Once they were able to get the blaze under the control, an Amazon search party would be called.

"Your husband was a bit stern in his ways," Ms. Kobiyashi stated, "You think it was wise for him to have your son by himself?"

"Nonsense," Nodoka replied, looking up from her tea, "my husband may be manly and stern, but he knows a thing or two about tender loving care."