Haley: Finally! I made it to Marzipan City!!!

Nathalie: I know right! This is awesome!

Trent: Easy for you to say! You're not the ones carrying the suite cases!

Haley: That is so not true! I'm carrying my purse aren't I? *Grins*

Trent: *grumbles* What about Nathalie?!

Nathalie: You know I'm too lazy! Everyone knows that!

Haley: So true.

*All of a sudden Gorganzola runs past us while Chowder chases him*

Gorganzola: Stop it Chowder! Somebody help me!

Chowder: Give me that grubble gum!!! I need grubble gum!!! *says demonically*

Gorgonzola: No! You almost destroyed the world last time!

Haley: OMG!!!!!!!! ITS CHOWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie: O-M-G!!!!!!!

Trent: *trys to make it funny* You can't see me. I'm blendin' in just like a pine tree!

Chowder: *looks at us funny* Whats wrong with him?

Haley: He's always been like that.

Gorgonzola: What's so special about Chowder?

Nathalie, Trent, Haley: *gasps*

Nathalie: Are you kidding me?! He's like, the most famous cartoon ever! Other than the Secret Saturdays…

Trent: She's obsessed with the Secret Saturdays.

Haley: She can't help it. She's just naturally crazy.

Nathalie: Oh no she didn't!!!

Chowder: Oh yes she did!

Trent: Hey! That's my line!

Chowder: Anyway…

Gorgonzola: Sooo, *takes long pause* He's famous!!! *looks angry*

Trent: Yup.

Gorgonzola: *grumbles*

*Panini poofs in*

Panini: Hi NumNums!

Chowder: I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie: AAAH!!!!!!!!! It's the evil overlord of darkness!!!!! Run Chowder!! Run for your life!!!!

Haley and Trent: THIS IS CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panini: You got that right sista'!!!!

Trent: I'm a boy!

Gorgonzola: Nobody cares!

*Gazpacho poofs in with Mung and Shnitzel*

Gazpacho: Who wants to go to the Taste Of Marzipan festival?

Everyone Except Mung And Shnitzel: Gazpacho!!! What are you doing here?? *everyone says happily*

Gazpacho: Askin' if anyone wants to go to the Taste Of Marzipan festival.

Everyone: OOOH…

Mung: I made some Raspberry Chocolate Stroodle Doodles!

Trent: Last time didn't that end in disaster?

Shnitzel: Rada Rada.

Mung: Shut up Shnitzel. Nobody cares what you think.

Chowder: I do! I love you Shnitzel! *hugs Shnitzel*

Panini: I love who ever NumNums loves! Love you Shnitzel! *hugs Shnitzel and Chowder*

Haley and Nathalie: We can't resist free hugs! *hugs Shnitzel, Chowder, and Panini*

Shnitzel: Rada Rada.

Gorgonzola: Why does this happen every time someone meets Chowder?!?!?!