Title: Glamour

Author: tsutsuji

Fandom: Papa to Kiss in the Dark (Papa to Mira)

Pairing: Kyousuke/Mira

Rating: PG (yeah, I'm surprised too)

Drabble - 200 words

Summary: "glamour also glamor n. An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring." For Kyousuke, all the world's a stage.

Acting always came naturally to Kyousuke, skill perfected over time, but every role he played was for Mira. Not only in front of the camera; the role of a playboy, potentially available to every woman, was his most perfect act, most convincingly played. Dazzling his female fans' eyes hid his true love from all of them, and the spotlight never fell on Mira to expose the truth.

It was the fine art of misdirection. Everyone was part of Kyousuke's audience, and only saw what he wanted them to see. He could even call Mira "my sweetheart" to his boss, who only saw a dedicated, hardworking man, "married" to his role as a Mira's father.

Over the years, while Mira grew from child to friend to lover, Kyuosuke starred in a hundred improbable, romantic movies: daring rescues, plots and intrigues, lovers thwarted by fate and fighting the odds to be together. Those fantasies were truer than his real life as an actor, because he lived the truth in the cliches. He would do anything and everything for Mira, to be with Mira, to protect Mira. Anything at all for the love of his life, whom nothing and no one could replace.