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Chapter Seven

The white snow gently cradled the townsfolk, all of them flushed and slumbering. Phillip stumbled across the slick walkways, with the fairies supporting him. They soon reached the top of the tower, and a small ray of sunlight struck the princess in her colorless face. The three fairies lowered Phillip to his knees gently and backed away.

Phillip gazed down at her petrified beauty. His uninjured hand smoothed her limp hair back, leaving a trail of vibrant, golden strands in his wake. He moved to touch her thin cheeks, and they too regained some of their former life at his touch. He remembered her bell-like laugh, her bright smile, her charming wit and her brilliant sapphire gaze. There was no hint of her left in this corpse. He touched her lips, then, and she sighed deeply in sleep, as if knowing he was there beside her.

Still unsure, his lips lowered onto hers, waiting for an answer. None of the fairies dared to breathe, but Freya let out a small gasp when she saw the sheen return to Aurora's golden hair; her cheeks flushed and her lips colored as she answered her prince's kiss.

Phillip pulled away and looked down at Aurora's stirring form. Her thick eyelashes fluttered as Phillip's features slowly came into focus. His amber eyes rejoiced in the familiar sight of her pure, blue gaze. Her small voice spoke,

"Phillip?" He smiled and without much warning, took her in his arms and pressed her hard against his chest, not worrying if she was too weak to respond. Aurora responded just as fiercely, and clutched to his form as well, as if trying to press her very soul against his. She pulled away to look at his face again--it was so much like the first time she'd seen him: strewn with blood and dirt, but it was still a perfect face that she wished to hold in her hands forever.

Her lips pressed to his eagerly, and she smiled when his strong arms wrapped around her waist, knowing that he would never let go.

Aurora adjusted her slender, gold crown, and watched in the mirror as Phillip struggled to get his bandaged arm through the sleeve of his new jacket. She turned and went to him, placing a soft kiss on his cheek before helping his arm through the sleeve.

"Does it hurt much, still?" Phillip shrugged,

"It won't interfere with the dance." She laughed, and smoothed down the front of her dress.

"Do I look presentable?" Phillip looked her over once and kissed her in answer.

"More beautiful than all the roses of the earth." She giggled and kept her gaze on him as she spoke,

"As I slept, I could only dream of you, Phillip." She smoothed away a lock of unruly hair from his face. He brushed his hand across her cheek fleetingly before grabbing her hand and leading her out the door. They walked down the stairs together, and Aurora felt her heart begin to pound. Phillip wrapped his good arm around her waist reassuringly, and kissed the top of her golden head.

"Their royal highnesses: Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora." The crowd gave out a bellowing cheer, and Aurora couldn't help but smile. Then, she saw a beautiful woman with hair that matched hers, and a tall man with luminous, blue eyes that reflected the light as hers did. Her breath caught and she ran into her mother's arms, she felt her father stroke her head gently and he whispered,

"Welcome home, Aurora."

The music started and laughter surrounded them all, electrifying them with joy and merriment. A waltz had begun in the middle of the ballroom, and Phillip bowed to Aurora as the two took the dance floor. Everyone clapped and cheered for their new rulers, and the three fairies looked down on the couple fondly. Freya was wiping at a small tear that had escaped when Ornella asked,

"Why, Freya, what's the matter, dear?" Ornella put a hand on her shoulder. Freya sighed dreamily,

"Oh, I just love happy endings." Ornella smiled,

"Yes, sister, me t—what the?" Glaucia looked to her sister, and asked,

"What's wrong, Ornella?" Ornella responded in a reproachful tone,

"Who decided to make the dress blue? Of all the nonsense—"

"I think it's a lovely shade." Glaucia said slyly.

Freya giggled and looped her arms through her sisters'. The laughing caught Aurora's attention and she looked up to where they stood. She stopped, went to the edge of the crowd and blew a kiss to her aunts. Behind her, Phillip bowed to them and waved. They each nodded and waved back to the couple. Then, they watched their precious Aurora take the floor once again with her true love at her side.

The End