Within the Master's Eyes

The rose was stolen, broken and torn

But it is for my life that they mourn

The Beast in anger did take freedom fair

Life in his castle I shall have to bear

For father's sake I gave all that I had

I would give it again and still be glad

Life and death are meaningless in this place

A cursed home and wretched soul fallen from grace

Kindness and joy, to my surprise

I find within the master's eyes

Hope that glimmers through the rain

I see an end to this forsaken pain

A Beast, truly he may be

But friend and companian I also see

The hours do move at a pleasant pace

I sit in a gown made of satin and lace

He bids good-night with words of life

In sadness I must refuse to be his wife

Time passes on, he asks me to stay

No longer a prisoner, with no debt to pay

I promised I would but asked one request

That I should go home, to put my father's mind at rest

Freedom he gave me but with sadness of voice

He pleaded I not forget him when making my choice

I returned home, my family did give a feast

My mind started to wander and I forgot the poor Beast

Dreams of a garden filled up my mind

A fallen creature in the roses I would find

Finally in worry I ran through the dark

Fearful of what I would find on that mark

There he lay, the Beast, near death

I prayed he not die, that I might hear his breath

I whispered to his lifless form

That he should live through this storm

"Do not leave me," I whispered to the heavens above

"For it is you that I love"

Magic rained down, like new fallen snow

The face of my Beast, bright in the glow

In moments my Beast was gone with out a trace

A handsome young man stood in his place

In fear and sorrow I turned away

"Beauty it is me," the prince, he did say

With wonder I looked again at his face

And saw the eyes of my friend, full of grace

I kissed him without a fear in the least

Knowing that he was truly my Beast

And so ends my tale with joy and laughter

For we lived happily ever after