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Ever since Naruto was little he had received presents and money from a mysterious person. The letters that came with them were kind and caring, and not mean and hateful like the villagers. He would use the money and open the presents, feeling like this person loved him. Sometimes he would wish that they were from his parents and they would come back for him soon.

When he became a shinobi, the presents were fewer and the money only when he ran out. It was in the middle of the Chunin exams when he met Ero-sennin. The pervert would torture him and waste all his money on sake and girls, but he just couldn't leave the pervert. He wanted to be close to the pervert, and not be left alone again, because he could feel the same kindness and caring that he felt from the letters around him.

The presents and money stopped coming after Nagato tried to destroy Konoha. It was the morning after the incident when he received the last letter and present. It was a Konoha hitai-ate with a black ribbon. There was a letter lying under it that read:

Dear Naruto:

This was your father's. I know he is proud of you and that you are ready to have it. I've been holding on to it sixteen years for you. Show this letter to Kakashi if you want to know who your father was and more about him. He also has a gift to give to you from your mother. I love you Naruto, but I can no longer be there for you

Love your godfather,


Silent tears slipped down the teens face as he tied his father's, the Yondaime Hogake of Konahagakure, hitai-ate around his head. He then wiped the tears away, and beamed a smile to the mirror. He saw his father's reflection standing next to him, with his arm resting on his shoulder looking down at him proud and lovingly. The teen decided he would talk to Kakashi after he defeated Akatsuki to learn about his mother and hear stories of his father.