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Descent of the Archangel

Chapter 1

New Arrival

The sound of grunts and yells echoed out from the training room, throughout the empty Magic shop in the early hours of the morning. The shop was, technically, not open to the public but the noises coming from the training room suggested someone had ignored this rule. The noises continued to increase in volume as the sun began to rise over Sunnydale, the inhabitants of the rising from their slumber.

She growled in frustration as she continued to train on the wooden dummy or the Ching Jong, as it was know, moving as if she were blocking incoming attacks and then reacted with one of her own. The more and more she went around the dummy, the more and more angry she became. At her friends, at the world, at everything.

Buffy roared in anger and, without realising, unleashed a furious kick with her right leg, using the full force of her Slayer strength and the wooden dummy splintered into shards of wood that clattered to the floor. She stood, her chest heaving but not out of fatigue and she closed her eyes trying to relax but couldn't so she moved to sit down on the bench, mopping her brow with a towel. She held her head in her hands for a moment and against her will, a few silent tears slipped down her cheeks.

Buffy had only been back a couple of weeks and already the burden of her newly restored life was taking its toll. She was beginning to understand why some people viewed death as a release from the stress of life. But she figured, no she knew that she had been given the worst deal out of all them. Buffy had been taken, ripped out of heaven against her will.

The thought of it sent a fresh wave of anger coursing through her veins as her jaw clenched. Her friends had been the ones to tear her out from a peaceful eternal slumber, more importantly her best friend;Willow Rosenberg had been the one to lead them in doing so. Buffy sniffed in a mixture of grief and resentment as she wiped her eyes with her hand and tried to compose herself. She was so furious with almost all of them; the only three she wasn't irritated with were Dawn, Tara and Spike. Dawn hadn't been involved and had her found on that tower the night she was brought back. Tara, Buffy knew, would have been extremely reluctant to bring her back.

Probably because she knew I was heaven. Buffy mused silently to herself and then her thoughts turned to Spike. The bleached blond vampire "William the Bloody" the Slayer of Slayers.

Spike would've had no part in the resurrection and he was shocked by her return when he saw at the top of her stairs that night. She remembered his eyes had been swimming with amazement and hurt? Buffy had seen pain in his eyes when he looked at her. She also saw him outside after he slipped out, she was watching from upstairs, watching him weep and then saw how livid he was at Xander and Anya. And when she'd told him where she had been torn from…God she would never forget the expression of pure horror on his face.

She sighed to herself, grabbing her leather jacket and throwing it on and headed out of the training room. Exiting the Magic Shop from the back entrance and closing door, she headed back to the Revello Drive. Buffy walked quietly, lost in her dark thoughts and not paying much attention to where she was going. By the time she reached 1630, the sun was had risen and people were beginning to head off to begin their day. She pushed the door, hearing Tara, Willow and Dawn in the kitchen. Smiling, despite herself, she put her bag down by the staircase. Tara had heard her enter and appeared in the hall behind her with a sisterly smile.

"There you are." She said sounding relieved. "Where were you all night?" Buffy smiled again.

"Patrolling and then kinda ended up at the Magic shop."

"You haven't slept." it was more of a statement than a question. She shook her head.

"Haven't been able to, not properly anyway." She looked away, unable to keep the bitter tone out of her voice.

"I understand sweetie." She looked up at Tara, who simply gave her that caring look that only Tara could give. Buffy followed her into the kitchen where Dawn was eating her breakfast and Willow was doing the washing up. Avoiding Willow's gaze when she looked up, Buffy turned to Dawn who smiled whilst swallowing her toast.

"Ready for school Dawnie?" her sister nodded pointing at her bag. Buffy nodded in approval and without asking, took a slice of toast from Dawn's plate. Dawn made a noise of disapproval and Buffy grinned. "Hey, I'm hungry.

"Then make your own breakfast!" Dawn exclaimed, though her words were muffled by her food.

"Don't talk with your mouth full Dawnie," Buffy chastised playfully, "can't hear what you say." Her little sister huffed as Buffy took a bite out of the toast. Willow sniggered slightly.

"What are your plans today Buffy?" She asked from her place at the sink. Buffy sighed quietly. She was tired of being questioned about her daily routines by Willow and Xander.

"Don't know yet. I know I'm gonna take a long trip into showery goodness." She stated and looked at Tara, "after that I'm just gonna sleep." Tara nodded as Dawn looked up at her finishing her breakfast.



"Can I go see Spike at some point this week? I can't today because I'm going out with Janice, but I haven't seen him for awhile and…" Buffy actually laughed earning her a look of confusion from her sister.

"You don't need to ask to go and see Spike Dawn." She replied, ignoring the look of surprise on Willow's face but noticing the smile on Tara's. "I know that's the first place I'd look for you but just make sure you're home before sun down when you do. As much as I trust Spike with you, It'd make me feel better." Dawn grinned, ecstatically.

"Great! Thanks!" she bent down, grabbed her bag and kissed Buffy on the check before bounding out to the hall to put her shoes on as Willow turned to Buffy.

"I wouldn't let Xander hear you say that," she said with a laugh. For the first time that morning, Buffy actually looked at Willow. Willow faltered when she saw something unusually cold in Buffy's eyes. "I mean this is Spike we're talking about." Buffy nodded.

"Spike cares about Dawn and she obviously loves him a great deal. He'll keep her safe." Turning to leave, she couldn't help adding on "He did all the time I was gone didn't he?" Until you messed that up Will. Without waiting for the reply, she rushed up the stairs for the bathroom. Willow looked down, feeling put out and went back to washing up.

"I hope she's ok." She mused, "she's barely said anything after we brought her back." Tara more or less glared at her lover.

"If you'd stop asking her how she is, every second of everyday, than maybe she'd tell you." Willow turned and stared at her with wide eyes. "Seriously Will, you need give her time to adjust back to life again." Willow looked indignant.

"But who knows what she went through though after she jumped, I mean…"

"Stop Willow!" she flinched at Tara's unusually harsh tone, which surprised her. "I don't want to think about that. Just let Buffy be for now ok?" Somewhat dejected, Willow nodded and turned back to the washing up and Tara made herself a glass of orange juice. "Maybe Spike was right after all…" Willow frowned and turned back to her.

"Right about what?" Tara threw her a look.

"About the spell. About it having consequences." Willow looked like her girlfriend had physically struck her. "The spell was very powerful Will." The redhead had an expression of hurt on her face.

"I was able to handle it wasn't I?" she demanded. Tara pinched the bridge of her nose.

"No there were complications with the after-effects weren't there?" Willow looked down, remembering the demon that had tried to possess each of the Scooby Gang before Buffy killed it. "Frankly Will, you're becoming far too dependant on magic." She put the glass down before turning to go. "If you're going to use it, you need make sure you can control it first, and you that use it responsibly." Tara exited into the living room, as Willow stood shocked at Tara's lecture.

Buffy felt the water of the shower and satisfied with the heat, she peeled off her clothes and stepped in, pulling the shower curtain round to hide her. She let out a deep sigh of contentment as the water cascaded down her skin, soaking her hair and she put her hands on the shower wall, resting her forehead against it. The heat of the water took the edge off her aching muscles, something she only just noticed by getting into the shower. Slowly cleaning herself, she waited until she could hear the front door click meaning Willow and Tara had left after Dawn. She was glad they were gone, she truly wanted to be by herself at the moment without the constant questioning looks and the continuous questions of "Are you ok?" and "How you doing Buff?" from Willow and Xander. Dawn never asked her how she was feeling and simply acted normally, while Tara knew better than to ask.

After hearing the door close, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a bathrobe and picked up her clothes heading for her room. Dumping her clothes, she sank down on the bed and curled up on top of the comforter, resting her head on her arm. After what seemed like hours, she fell into a restless sleep.

The sky was becoming dark and murky by midday, despite no rain being forecast and the air became thick with tension. On the outskirts of Sunnydale, a young man in his late teens was approaching the city at a slow measured pace. He simply continued walking, paying no attention to the change in weather as he made his way slowly towards the city. His purely silver hair glowed in the light and his eyes simply focused on the road ahead of him as he ignored the vehicles roaring by as he continued his trek into the city, his hands in the pockets of his black leather, fur trim collar bomber jacket.

A shrill noise woke Buffy with a jerk. She groaned in annoyance as she got up, her hair dry now tangled and knotted from her sleeping with it wet. Still clad in her bathrobe she hurried downstairs to pick up the phone. "Hello?" her voice was hoarse from drowsiness, running a hand through her hair, wincing when she came into contact a very tight knot in her hair.

"Hey Buffy!" it was her sister.

"Hey Dawnie." She replied. "What's up? Has something happened?" her tone was anxious.

"No, just wanted to catch you before you go out to patrol since it's nearly 6." Buffy frowned and looked at the clock. Ten to six, she cursed silently and sighed.

"Ok what's up Dawn? She enquired again.

"Just wanted you to know I might be a bit late back tonight. Janice and I are going to a party." Buffy smiled lightly and nodded, even though Dawn couldn't see.

"That's fine Dawn, just make sure you're not home too late ok?" she stated.

"I will. See you later sis."

"Bye Dawn." She answered as she hung up. She pinched the bridge of her nose, heading back upstairs to get some clothes on. Picking out some light blue jeans, a red t-shirt and her leather jacket with some tennis shoes, she proceeded to get dressed quickly in order to head out before the sun went down so she could catch any fledglings before the older more powerful vamps came out. After Buffy finished getting dressed and sorting her hair, she came back downstairs and picked out her stake from the box of weapons in the living room. With a dejected sigh, she exited the house and headed for the cemeteries.

The patrol was rather uneventful, few vampires actually hung around the cemeteries at night and those that did were usually fledglings and were practically nothing for Buffy to take down. The final cemetery was slightly more eventful as a couple of older vampires were there but nothing she couldn't handle.

Buffy spun, kicking the first of the vampires in the face, hard enough to cause him spin in the air. Turning, she received a right hook round the face from the second, but retaliated with a backhand, sending him head first into a gravestone. Picking him up, she kneed him in the gut and then the face, before staking him. As he crumbled to dust, she turned to the other and ducked his wild blow, before kicking his legs out from underneath him. The second he hit the floor, she drove her stake into his heart and watched him dissolve with a grim satisfaction. Brushing herself down, she looked around for anymore vamps.

Huffing to herself, both out a lack of fulfilment and irritation, Buffy wandered around the cemetery for a little longer, hoping for another vampire to show up. When this didn't happen, she headed towards the center of the cemetery and stood outside a certain crypt for a few moments. Hesitating a moment, she pushed open the door to see a TV and a chair with a leather duster draped over the back, the crypt itself lit by candles. She closed the door, stepping in a little whilst looking around cautiously.

"Spike?" she called out. It was a moment before she got a reply from the underground section she always forgot about.

"Gimme a sec pet! I'll be up in a minute yeah?!" was the reply. Buffy felt a small tinge of comfort in the deep, British voice that belonged to Spike and waited patiently. The trapdoor opened leading down into the underground section and the bleached blond hair of Spike came into view, followed by his handsome visage. He grinned as he clambered up, wearing his usual black v-neck shirt and black jeans with boots. "Well this is a surprise, not a bad one though mind." he remarked as he stood up. Buffy smiled and his grin turned into one as well. "What do I owe this pleasure?" he asked moving over to his chair. She shrugged, still standing by the sarcophagus.

"I just finished patrol, thought I'd drop by." She answered. He never pressed the subject whenever she'd come over his crypt since her resurrection, which was often Buffy had answered. "How's our resident 'big bad?'" he chuckled dryly at her phrase and sat down.

"This big bad is rather bored love" Spike responded with a sigh. "Not so much as a fledging to come knocking at my door so I can relieve the boredom. But if I get surprise visits like this maybe I'll be getting bored more often." He added playfully.

"Well, I thought you'd be happy that I've come to see you." She turned her gaze away for a moment. "I can go if you want." He stared at her incredulously.

"You're always welcome pet, you know that." She looked back at him and saw his caring smile again, that smile that told her he loved her. "You and the Niblet can drop in anytime you want." He offered shifting in his chair, Buffy smiled again. "How is the Lil Bit anyway?" he asked.

"She's ok. She wants to see you, you know? I think she misses you." He snorted slightly.

"Well I'd better prepare myself. Don't want her to hurt me." Buffy laughed slightly, but her face soon dropped and Spike frowned. "Buffy?" she looked at him.

"I'm fine." She said, half-heartedly. He cocked his head to side and she knew he'd seen through her mask once again. How does he know me so well? Well, despite the fact he stalked me for over year. Damn Buffy you'd never been that popular.

"I know a lie when I hear one, sweetling." His voice soft and gentle, which contrasted his fierce reputation as a master vampire. He stood up, walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders guiding her to sit down. "Come on, talk to Spike." Buffy chuckled slightly at his childish behaviour, which cheered her up slightly as she sat down and he sat opposite her.

"Well, I dunno Spike…" She started, unsure of what to say exactly and Spike waited patiently as he always did, not pushing her like the others. "You know things haven't exactly smooth for me recently…" He nodded. "And it's just getting worse. I've got Willow…" Spike's eyes gained a hint of gold at this, but she held up a hand to calm him "and Xander constantly asking me 'are you ok?" they don't stop. It's like they expect me to go and you know…" his blue eyes were filled with anger though his face wouldn't show it.

"They still making you feel, how did you put it?" he thought for a second "crappy." She let out a small laugh at this but nodded all the same.

"Yeah, they continue to make me feel crappy and all they do is get all fussy when I mention I want to do or eat something." He shook his head with a grin as she continued. "Then there's Dawnie. Social services called and threatened to take her away if I don't pay the bills."

"They bloody dare!" he snarled. "No-one's taking your sister and my lil bit away!" She felt a rush of warmth at his protectiveness of Dawn. He was a mixture between brother and father when it came to Dawn. His face softened slightly. "I can always help you with money you know pet?" he offered. She shook her head.

"I can manage for now and I don't want stolen money Spike," she added with a raised but knowing eyebrow. He winked at her with a smug expression. "But that's not the big issue for me right now…"

"The heaven thing right?" Buffy bit her lip and nodded, looking away. Spike moved to sit next to her on the arm of the chair and gazed at here. "Talk to me…" he whispered. Buffy turned back to him and he let out a very soft gasp when he saw her tears.

"It's getting harder Spike." She mumbled. He thanked his vampire hearing that he could catch it. "I fall asleep and I remember I was in heaven but I wake up and I'm back in hell." She sniffed as he continued to listen. Spike knew Buffy was by no-means weak but being torn from heaven is cruellest thing that could've happened to Buffy with the all good she'd done. "I…I can't look at Willow anymore, I can't believe she got involved in that, her and her damn magic!" she shouted the last words so loudly Spike flinched and she sighed. "Why did she do it? It's… she didn't even bother to check where I was!" she let out a choked sob but refused to completely dissolve into tears. "She's meant to be my best friend and…"

"Hey, hey. Easy luv" He soothed her quietly and she stopped. "As much I hate to admit it, Red didn't mean any harm, but you're right pet. She shouldn't have meddled." He tentatively put a hand on her shoulder and she gazed at him. "Magic always has consequences and the sooner Red gets that, the better for us all." She nodded in agreement.

"I can't hang out with her and Xander like I used to. Tara, Dawn and you are the only ones I can feel myself around." He nodded sadly at this, but felt ecstatic at the same time that she implied she enjoyed being here. He rubbed his thumb over her shoulder as she paused for a second. "I wish…"

"I know Buffy." Spike gazed at her calmly. "Pet you gotta know, sooner or later, you're gonna have to tell her what she did." Buffy inclined her head and her tears began to fall again and she buried her head in her hands. Spike got off the arm of the chair and knelt in front of her. "Buffy, luv…" she lowered her hands to look at him.

Her eyes were all red and puffy from crying and her cheeks were wet with tears. It was the first time Spike could say he had truly seen her cry and it broke every inch of his heart to see such a powerful young woman fall apart like that.

"C'mere" he implored, opening his arms. To his pleasant surprise, Buffy wrapped her arms around him tightly and nuzzled his chest, as she continued to cry, softly.

Spike rubbed her back, taking pleasure in the fact she was letting him hold her and planted a soft kiss on her head as he did so. She snuggled into his chest a little more and he rest his chin on head. He hated seeing her like this, vulnerable and miserable. It wasn't the strong and powerful Slayer he'd fallen in love with. He whispered soothing words to her as she clung to him like he was her lifeline and they stayed that way for a long moment, neither one really willing to break the moment between them.

Buffy came back a later than she thought she would. She'd spent most of the evening at Spike's simply sitting and talking with him. She frowned at that, it had never occurred to her that she would spend so much with Spike, the Slayer of Slayers. What was even stranger to her was that he was effectively the only one able to give her comfort since she'd returned from heaven.

She looked down, her hand on the door handle. After Angel, she never imagined she would become close to another vampire, yet alone one without a soul. But Spike was different, both from regular vampires and from Angel. In fact was he was everything…Buffy shook her head with a sardonic smile.

I'm actually thinking good things about Spike? Maybe I've finally lost it. She mused quietly as opened the front door to her home and entered. The first thing she heard was the sound of the TV and she could pick out Willow and Tara in the living room. Wanting to avoid that particular area, she headed into the kitchen, where Dawn was sitting at the table trying to do her homework.

Her sister looked up and grinned at her as Buffy put her hands on her hips. "Isn't it a bit late to be doing homework?" she asked quietly.

"It's meant to be in the end of the week, I stayed at the party longer than I thought I would, but every second counts right?" she shrugged as Buffy quirked an eyebrow at her. "I'm sorry, I know I've gotta get my grades up but Janice really wanted me to come out tonight and…" Buffy held up her hand.

"I know you really wanted to go out tonight and God knows I was like that when I was in school but Dawnie, you need to get these grades up." Dawn looked down as Buffy held back a long lecture for her sister and sat down next to her. "I know I'm not a shining example for school work considering I dropped out of college but you need to work hard Dawn." Dawn nodded as Buffy put her arm round her shoulders. "I know you'll do your best though." She kissed Dawn's forehead and headed over to the fridge to get a soda.

Dawn watched as Buffy opened the bottle and drank from it for a moment before she turned around into the kitchen. Dawn felt a sense of sadness all over her big sister's movements and even more so when Buffy leaned on the counter with both hands braced in a slouch that displayed a great sense of exhaustion physically and mentally. She watched as Buffy took a deep shuddering breath before taking another swig from her soda. She turned and Dawn saw the look of weariness and pain in her eyes and she stood up to approach her.

"What's wrong Buffy?" she enquired. Buffy frowned at this as Dawn peered into her face as if she were looking for something.

"Nothing, just very tired." She replied, weakly. Dawn had never asked her this question and part of her had been dreading it since the second day of her return.

"You sure?" she pressed. "You've been really distant this past few days, not just from me but from everyone. Well apart from Spike, but I won't go into that…" Buffy stopped her with a look that said more than words ever could. Something was wrong, seriously wrong with Buffy and it was eating her up inside.

"I'm still getting used to life again Dawnie. Gimme some time ok?" Should I tell Dawn? How'd she take it? The fact I was in heaven before Willow…? She'll freak and she doesn't need that at the moment. No, I can't tell her yet. She smiled, sadly. "I wasn't really expecting to be brought back." Dawn gave her a miserable look and hugged her. Buffy smoothed her hair as she did so.

"Ok, but you'll tell me if something's wrong won't you?" she implored her. Buffy nodded with a forced smile.

"I will Dawnie, promise." Her little looked happier and kissed her on the cheek before returning to her homework. Buffy sighed and headed upstairs to have another shower.

Four vampires were prowling the streets of Sunnydale that night. They stalked a young woman down the street heading towards her home in an alley that was cut-off by wooden fence right at the farthest end. They slipped into game face, as she was about to withdraw her keys. They all hissed with sadistic glee as they approached her from behind and grabbed her.

She shrieked as they forced her against the wall and began trying to sink their fangs into her throat. She screamed for help as they ripped her blouse in half and tore at her remaining clothes with vicious brutally. Just as one of them ripped off her skirt, a sudden chilling breeze blew across them. The four vampires stopped and looked around, feeling a strange new scent on the air.

The ice-like breeze blew again and, unintentionally, they released the woman, who ran into her house and slammed the door. As they looked around, their vampire instincts kicking in and they growled fiercely at the unseen challenge. Then just as a third and final gust of wind came the sound of footsteps echoed around them and they snarled again. Then a wind whistled around them as a figure emerged from the shadows heading towards them.

It was the young man from the outskirts, his leather bomber jacket worn open, revealing a mostly black t-shirt, save two large dark crimson stripes going from top to bottom. His outfit was finished off with light blue jeans, a pair of leather knuckle gloves and stylish black dress boots. His unnaturally silver hair fluttered slightly as he approached the four vamps, his grey eyes that were tinged with blue gazing at them as he took slow measured steps towards them. They all formed a straight line as he approached, not stopping at their challenge.

"You new in this town, little man?" the leader called out. The newcomer didn't answer and simply continued to make his way forward. "Well I think you should know that you've walked into the Hellmouth and around here: vampires make the rules." Again no answer and the vampire began to get frustrated as the newcomer finally came to a stop in front. With a sharp movement of his head, the vampire's lackeys moved to surround him and the newcomer's eyes scanned each of them briefly before settling back on the leader.

"Got nothing to say?" The vampire snarled at him. Nothing, he bared his fangs in a feral manner and he stepped forward. "Then I think you should just walk your ass out of my town." He approached the young man and got in his face. "You've got five seconds to start walking punk." The newcomer made no movements of any kind and simply gazed at the vampire. "Ok five…"

The vamp got no further as the newcomer violently head-butted him. As the leader staggered back, the other three vampires all charged him at once. The first one suffered a chop to the throat before being kicked back several feet. The newcomer spun round and pointed two fingers at the second vampire, who froze as a sparkling essence formed around his body. In an instant the unfortunate demon burst into flames and howled in shock as he burned to dust. The third of the group was floored by a right hook and the first vampire leapt back into the fray.

The warrior ducked his kick but received a violent jab to the face from the vampire. Taking a step back, he caught the follow up attack, thrusting his open palm into the vampire's face before delivering a brutal spin kick to his gut. The demon stumbled back into the wall, where the warrior hit him with a far more vicious kick to the face, causing the back of his head to smack into the brick behind him. Stunned, the vampire was defenceless as his felt the newcomer's hand seize his head and the last thing he felt was his neck snapping with a vile crunch before he dissolved into dust.

The leader, who had been observing the whole fight whilst nursing his bleeding eye, roared and flew towards the newcomer, intent on ripping out his throat. To his shock, he found himself floating in mid-air held aloft. The newcomer looked at him, tilting his head to gauge the vampire's expression before raising his hand towards the vampire. His arm tensed and he threw it out to the side and the air-born vamp rocketed towards the wooden fence at break-neck speed with a scream of terror as he crashed through the wood, being impaled a large chuck of it and vanished into a cloud of ash. The newcomer straightened and slowly turned his gaze to the final vampire who was still lying on the ground. With an almost polite smile, he turned and walked away into the streets and disappearing around the corner

With fearful breath, the vampire scurried to his feet and moved as fast as his legs would carry him away from the young man. He had to warn the others of what happened as whoever this newcomer was...

He meant business.

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