I honestly don't feel like writing this story. I feel like I'm done with the way I've portrayed these characters, and I have plans for another story. But I will finish this.

And sorry for the crazy delay… I've had this typed since Thanksgiving, I just had so much going on.

Alice's Point of View

I jumped in my car and drove to my mom's house. I hadn't been there since well before Emmett left, and I felt guilty. My mom and I had never had a very good relationship, hence why I chose to live with my dad when the divorce happened. Emmett had been more than happy staying with her, and she had never fully forgiven me for picking my dad over her.

I ran my hand down the side of the door and found the key usually hanging there gone. I hurried around to the side of the house, afraid that every car driving past was James. I didn't think I had ever told him about where my mom lived, and as much as I needed to remember, I couldn't.

I wrenched the window up and it creaked loudly before slamming open. I fell inside and as gravity forced it shut behind me. A figure shot up in the bed and began to scream.

"Rose? Rose! It's me, Alice!"

A light flipped on, and Rose placed one hand to her throat and the other to her stomach.

"What the hell are you thinking? God... What if I'd had Em's baseball bat? Jesus... Why are you even here? It's after 10."

I sat on the floor with my back against the side of the bed. Rosalie lay back down on the bed behind me and reached an arm down to play with my hair. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt the tears hit the hands clasped in my lap.

"Oh, Alice, what's wrong?"

I blinked rapidly and wiped my face. "It's James... He just... Gets so angry..."

I felt rather than saw Rose sit up. "Does he hit you?"

I nodded, and the tears started to fall again. "But it's usually my fault. I push him harder than he needs to be, and he's so busy, with Laurent, and Victoria, and Royce and-"

Rosalie made a noise deep in her throat. "Royce...? King?"

I nodded quickly, wiping at my face again. "Yeah. You know him?"

She shook her head slowly. "I don't know him, per se, but I've met him a few times..."

I turned around to look up at her on the bed. Once I decided that wasn't enough, I sat up next to her. "Rosalie Lillian, promise me that you'll stay far, far away from him. He was in a minor correctional facility until a couple years ago because he and a few of his friends attacked and raped a girl in Seattle. I don't want anything to happen to you or the baby. Promise me, Rose."

She reached over and grasped my hands. "Only if you promise you'll stay here tonight and call Charlie in the morning."

I nodded, and hugged her. It had been too long since I'd seen her, and even longer since I'd seen her under pleasant circumstances. I heard a low clapping sound coming from the doorway. Rosalie and I both turned around, and James was standing in the doorway.

"Bravo, bravo. That was Beautiful. The two friends finally reunited. How sweet. Such a shame I'll have to break up the party."

Rosalie shook her head. "Get out. She's not going with you. How did you even get-"

"Stuff it, Blondie." he snarled. "I've had the key to this lovely little place for weeks. And she is going to cone with me, and she'll do it now. Alice, baby? Get over here, before I get angry. We wouldn't want that, would we?"

He twisted his neck to the side, the bones cracking loudly. I stood to go with him, to avoid the conflict. I could take a few more hits and then get away again. Rose grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. James glared at her and pulled a yellow utility knife from his pocket, sliding it open. "Let her go, Blondie. She picked me."

Rose pushed me down onto the bed again when I tried to rise. "Rose, stop. He has a knife. A knife. You can't do anything about it. I'm sorry. "

She rolled her eyes. "Alice, I'm not afraid of him. Seriously, do you honestly think he's going to stab me? He's only got that to scare you."

James smiled, and for the first time I realized how unattractive he was. "Wrong choice."

He took a step toward her, the knife catching some of the moonlight coming in from the uncovered window. She flinched, and he smiled. "Oh, but sweetie, I thought you weren't scared."

He lunged toward her and jabbed the knife into her chest, before pulling back again. She collapsed to the bed, one hand over her stomach, the other to her chest. Just then, footsteps started to come up the stairs.

The bedroom door slowly pushed open, and a beam of bring light shot across the room. "Sir, put the knife down, and step away from the women."

James took another slow step in my direction, looking quickly between Rose and I.

"Sir, put-the-knife-down." he lunged for me, and covered himself with me, holding the blade to my throat.

" Leave. Leave, or Alice dies."

The police officer shifted, looking for an angle. "Sir, please. No one has to get hurt here. Just step away, put down your weapon, and place your arms where I can see them."

James appeared to think about it. The officer slowly gestured to the left with the gun, and I realized he wanted me to move. I weighed my options, and twisted to the side. James lifted his arm up to jab at me, but the gun went off. My ears rang, but I could still see. James fell, and the flashlight clicked off. The police officer looked at me. "Alice, what happened to Rose?"

He had to repeat himself 4 times before my hearing returned. Now that I could see his face and hear his voice without the panic I realized who he was. "Charlie, he stabbed her!"

Charlie reached for his walkie-talkie. "I'm gonna need paramedics to 657 N. Hazelnut." he reached a hand Down and pressed it to her pulse point. "Pulse is strong. And.. Uh... "He looked at James "We're gonna need a bag, too."

He looked at me and shook his head slightly. "Alice, he was as much of a fool with his knife as he was with his life. Doesn't appear that he did anything more than scratch her, and she looks like she just fainted. However due to her... Condition... We should probably take her into the hospital anyway to make sure she's all right. I'm just happy I got here before anything worse happened. One of the neighbors saw someone come around to the side window and heard a scream, then a loud banging noise. You'll need to get checked out, then we'll need to call your mom so you can come down to the station and fill out a report."

He hugged me lightly. "I'm sorry about the whole mess with Bella, and I get that you two aren't real good friends anymore... But I'm glad you're alright, and I know Rose will be."

Someone pushed my door farther open, and Sam Uley walked in, followed by Seth Clearwater. They were carrying a collapsible gurney, which they set on the bed next to Rose. Another two men whose names I didn't know came in at that point. Charlie turned me toward the wall and stepped in front of me. "Now, while it's still fresh, tell me what happened, starting from when you came over here."

I struggled to hear what he was saying as all of a sudden it was harder as my ears began to ring again. The world began to twist and dip, and then I fell.

Edward's Point of View

I turned the car into the lot of the regional hospital and Ben turned his head to look at me. "And Alice's mom didn't tell you what happened?"

I shook my head. "She only told me that Alice and Rose were in the hospital and had been for a day."

I pulled into a space and Ben had his seatbelt off and was out of the car before I even pulled the key from the ignition. I climbed from the car, checking to make sure I had my phone and wallet. He looked at me over the roof of the car. "Edward... I have to admit... I'm scared."

I nodded. "Me too. But I know Doreen, and from the way her voice sounded on the phone, whatever happened was bad, but the girls are okay. She wasn't hysterical, and if her daughter and honorary daughter in law were in comas or life support, she wouldn't say something. Whatever happened to land them in the hospital most definitely wasn't sunshine and kittens, but I think they'll be okay."

I walked around the car and grabbed his hand. "Now c'mon."

As we walked toward the door, he turned his head toward me. "But Alice is so... Small. And Rose is pregnant. It's scary."

As we neared the automatic doors, I dropped his hand, which he then shoved into his pocket. We hunted down the waiting room and found Doreen sitting there, a cup of stale coffee in one hand and a balled up tissue in the other.

When she saw us she stood, and I wrapped my arms around her. "Oh Doreen. What happened?"

She wiped her nose with the tissue and sat back down, and Ben and I joined her.

"I was at Beth's house helping her prepare meals for when she has her surgery next week when Mrs. Betts from across the street called and said she saw someone trying to break into the house and that she'd called the cops. So I got in the car and headed home, but when I got there I saw them wheeling out a bloody Rose and Chief Swan was carrying Alice. It took forever, but I found out that Alice's boyfriend had attacked the girls, and Charlie had had to shoot him."

Ben spoke up. "James? God, another reason I should kill that guy."

Doreen threw him a look. "Lucky for you that Charlie already did."

I put my hand on top of hers. "Are the girls alright?"

She nodded. "Even through that bastard stabbed Rose it was more like a scratch than anything. And nothing real bad happened to Alice. They just want to check her stress levels and such. But Alice isn't really talking, and Rose has been asleep every time let me in to talk to her, and I'd hate to wake the poor dear up."

I sent a quick text to my mom and Ben's telling them where we were, and then settled down. None of us would be leaving until we'd seen the girls.