"The reports calculate 5 days 12 hours till the fleet reaches Earth, Admirals," The Ensign reported. "Our entire fleet will be here within 3 days."

"Which ship has been dubbed our new flagship?"

"The USS Arbalest, ma'm,"

"It's not as advanced at the Enterprise,"

"It is also lacking the advanced crew of the Enterprise," Admiral Pike said distractedly. He leaned forward as the other Admirals, world leaders and several other 'important figures' looked to him, the war veteran. "Without the Enterprise, We are at a major disadvantage. I'm sorry not to sugar coat it but the Enterprise and her crew were a formidable icon of Star Fleet. She was something to be feared by the rest of the universe. Without her, Star Fleet looks very vulnerable and we are vulnerable without the Enterprise. Especially without the crew aboard that ship."

"What do you suggest we do then, Admiral Pike?"

"We prepare for war. Get everyone ready, cadets, senior officers, people on leave. Everyone. Get every ship that can fly up and manned. Any ship that needs repairs needs them done within 4 days," Pike said strongly. He paused, watching the people around him. "Evacuate Earth. Get everyone off the planet."

"We will not have to resort to that Admiral," Mr. Delcata snapped indignantly. "Our fleet is far more advanced than-"

"Then explain to me, sir," Admiral Dorald cut him off. "Why our flagship, The USS Enterprise, manned by the most talented crew in the galaxy was destroyed?"

"It was because of the captain," Dignitary Delcata replied coolly. "We were against Kirk being made a captain. He was-"

"The best Captain in our fleet, sir," Head Admiral Pila stated coldly. "And I will remind you once, Mister Delcata that speaking ill of our honored dead does not bode well with us. Captain James T Kirk is to be honored as such. We will follow Admiral Pike's suggestions. Evacuate Earth and prepare for war."

They stood and acknowledged each other until only Pila and Pike remained. Pila watched Pike carefully. He was lost in thought watching the cadets outside, milling around between classes. "Admiral Pike,"

"Yes, Admiral Pila?" He turned in his chair towards the woman.

"You do not believe that they are dead?" She asked softly.

"I know Kirk and Spock," Pike said calmly. "They wouldn't have died nor let the Enterprise be destroyed like that. They have to go out with a bang. It's in their blood."

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