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Chapter 6

"I don't have time for pleasantries," McCoy snapped as he and two more nurses wheeled Jim towards the OR. "If you want your precious flagship poster boy captain alive for your news shoot, you'll stay out of my goddamn sickbay until I feel like letting you in here! NOW MOVE!"

Spock stepped in, having only suffered a minor concussion, a few burns and a broken hand, to divert the dignitaries' questions. "I believe it would be more logical to await the captain's recovery before you ask your questions. If you will return to the conference room, I will accompany you shortly to answer your questions to the best of my ability as First Officer. These security officers will guide you there."

Spock sat back on Nyota's bed, releasing the barest sigh of relief as the stary eyed dignitaries were lead away. Uhura smiled at him, patting his hand. Admiral Pike and Admiral Pila walked into the room, both looking beyond happy. Spock stood up, his hand still in Nyota's grasp. Pike motioned for him to sit.

"At ease, Spock. You guys have been through a hell of a week, I'm assuming by your appearance," Pike smiled. "People we're beginning to think I was going insane because I refused to believe that you and Kirk had allowed the Enterprise to be destroyed. Thank you for coming back alive."

"It was our duty to come back to Earth and destroy the enemy we were unable to defeat the first time," Spock replied.

"Speaking of Captain Kirk," Pila looked around. "Where is he?"

"He's in surgery," Chapel said from where she was checking Nyota's leg. She inclined her head towards them respectively.

"How bad is he?" Pike asked.

"Bad. Even for Jim this is pushing his luck," Chapel explained. "He has ten fractured ribs, three of which were threatening to puncture different organs and force him to bleed out. We were in the middle of a crisis and with his tendency to be a very difficult surgery we weren't able to stabilize him enough for emergency surgery. He was supposed to avoid being hit or any jarring movements which became impossible with that shockwave. One rib punctured his liver while another went through his lung and punctured the skin. He went into shock and Leonard- Dr McCoy- barely managed to keep him alive long enough to get him here. He's still in critical condition and McCoy is on a warpath."

"He isn't the best for no reason," Pike smirked.

"How do you follow someone with so little regard for his well being?" Pila asked looking around at the crewmembers. She eyed Pike with a sarcastic glared. "How did you choose him as your successor?"

"He vwoudln't be our keptin vwithout them," Chekov remarked.

"You get used to the idea of the captain putting the ship and his crew before himself," Sulu added. "It inspires the crew to do great things."

"He's an idiot who creates the greatest bonds between his crew members," Uhura murmured. "Most of the people on this ship owe him their lives in more ways than one."

"He is an illogical human being that I can not imagine life without," Spock said calmly. "The very existence of this man is prudent to the survival of the world and through his illogical reasoning there is more logic than in some of my race."

"Wow… That is quite the compliment, Spock," Pike stared wide eyed at him.

"I don't think a Vulcan has ever even considered a human in that light," Pila watched him with new eyes. "I have not had the opportunity to have a long conversation with him."

"You'll enjoy it, Celia," Pike smirked. "He's quite the charmer sometimes."

Chapel had slipped off her shoes to sneak into McCoy's office. She was hoping to make sure he was asleep and steal the PADD's he'd taken with him to look over and make notes on. She froze when the couch creaked. McCoy grunted and he shifted on the cushions. Chapel sighed in relief and grabbed the PADD's. She stopped by the couch and pulled a blanket over McCoy's lanky body. His eyes flicked open and he grabbed her wrist. Chapel nearly dropped her shoes in surprise, her mouth a wide O. "You really think taking your shoes off is going to not wake me up?"

"Excuse me for trying," Chapel rolled her eyes, regaining her composure. "You've only been up for 36 hours straight making sure our captain hasn't died."

"Thanks for the consideration," He sat up and rubbed his eyes. "How's everyone?"

"Oh they're all fine, resting peacefully just like you were. Nothing we can't handle," Chapel smirked.

"Really?" McCoy looked at her cynically. "There's nothing wrong at all?"

"Nope. Nothing," Chapel smiled sincerely.

"You aren't just saying that so I can sleep?"


"Christine," He motioned her over. She walked over tentatively and stopped an arms length away. "Little Closer. Christine."

She wanted to snarl at him at the way he said her name. It was driving her up the wall. Chapel took another step forward. "Is this be-AH! Omph!"

McCoy had grabbed her wrist spun her around and pinned her to the couch next to him. "So. Care to tell me the truth."

"No. Not really," She glanced down at where his large cold hand was wrapped around her wrist.

"Bout what Jim said earlier," Chapel colored slightly as McCoy breathed on her neck.

"He's awake but he's running a fever," McCoy smirked and kissed her temple. "Damn you and your…"

She trailed off as he stood up and walked over to door. "Thanks Chapel."

"Oh… Admiral Pila…" McCoy smiled genuinely before he frowned at her. "What do you want?"

"Dr. McCoy, it is illogical to show disregard for your superiors," Spock said coldly. McCoy turned his snarling expression on the Vulcan.

"Leave him alone, Spock," Jim smirked weakly from his bed. "I've kinda pissed him off."

"I believe that to be an understatement, Captain," Spock crossed his arms formerly behind his back. "Head Admiral Pila is here to see you."

"I can see that," Jim smirked. "Can I talk to the Admiral, Bones? You're welcome to stay."

McCoy glared at him. It was the glower that made Jim feel like the little helpless kid who had just gotten caught thrice in a row sneaking cookies before dinner. Jim put on his best innocent pout even though pain was tearing through his chest. "Please Bones?"

"I'm knocking you out in 30 minutes. Sooner if you leave that bed," McCoy snapped.

"Don't think I'm even considering it in the future, Bones," Jim smirked weakly. Spock and McCoy walked away. McCoy returned with a chair.

"Here you are, Admiral," He said coolly. "You don't want your feet adding to your headache after you talk with him."

"Thank you, Dr. McCoy. It is very considerate of you to account for my old feet," Jim smirked as she sat in the chair. Pila was just reaching her mid 50's and was still in great physical shape.

"You don't give yourself enough credit, Admiral Pila," Jim smirked slyly. "You look great."

"Chris wasn't lying when he called you a charmer,"

"We have other names for him," McCoy muttered as he walked away. "Like idiot, slut, man-whore, a catastrophe, Murphy's law in human form. The thorn in my side!"

"Thanks Bones!" Jim coughed lightly. "He's normally a nice guy. Sometimes."

"Captain Kirk," Jim straightened the best he could. "On behalf of the entire human race and Starfleet, thank you for saving Earth and its people. Congressional metals of honor will be involved. For you and your crew. But to business," Jim looked at her, admonished by her sudden formality. "I believe that it is necessary that you reevaluate how you see your life in contrast to that of your ship and its crew."

"I'm afraid I don't quite understand, Admiral," Jim waved his hand in the air. "Pain meds screw with my head."

"Of course," Her smile was sympathetic before it morphed into a disappointed frown. "You take your life too lightly, Kirk. Yes, your ship is important and your crew as a whole is more important than your single life. They are all in your care. However, you are a Star Fleet Captain, one that the world will benefit from their life rather than their death. Next time, you should be more considerate of what your death will do to your crew and StarFleet. As I've seen from talking to your officers, you are too caviler in your exploits to finish your mission and your crew is affected by your constant status of being injured. This continuous idiocy is becoming an issue and although Admiral Pike would have liked to talk to you himself, I have taken a special interest in this. You really need to think about your decisions."

"May I ask why?" Jim raised an eyebrow. "I mean I'm flattered that the head of StarFleet Command is on my ship and paying me a visit and all but why are you personally here? I may be egotistical and believe I'm great and all but…"

"I knew your parents," Jim tried not to roll his eyes. "I went to the academy with your father and mother. Both brilliant people. I also met you when you were a tiny baby, narrowly missed boarding the Kelvin because I was assigned to another ship last minute. Helped your mother out with you from time to time when you were first born."

Jim's eyes had widened and he looked at her blankly. She smiled comfortingly. "Last time I saw you…. We were having dinner with my husband and daughter… Tarsus IV…. You've probably tried to block that place out. Just like me."


She smiled genuinely. "George Kirk's elder sister and you are my idiot nephew who seems to enjoy almost getting himself killed for the sake of the world."

"You had brown hair, long and curly right? Tough as nails," Jim smirked, his eyes twinkling with glee. "You didn't die on Tarsus…"

She smiled her eyes twinkling. "It is good to see you, Jim."

"My mom's going to freak when she hears about this,"

"Which part?" Celia smiled. McCoy came back 29 minutes later to Jim and the Admiral laughing, Jim curling on his side at the pain it caused.

"I should have known this was going to happen," He rolled his eyes.

"Hey Bones!" Jim grinned through tears of pain or laughter. It was hard to tell. "My aunt is the head Admiral!"

"And my mom's the Queen of England," McCoy pulled out a hypo and stabbed it into Jim's neck. "30 minutes to the dot. Night Jim."

"Seriously Bones! Pila is…" The drugs began to take affect. "Assumed name…Honor….uncle…"

"An assumed name, right…" McCoy rolled his eyes. "Sorry about him."

"Don't worry, Dr. McCoy," Pila smiled serenely at him. "He's always been a very funny boy when he's sick. Most vivid and crazy hallucinations. Nearly jumped out of a two story building because he thought he'd sprouted wings and could fly. Winona was tempted to admit him to a mental hospital with his insanity." McCoy was watching her, bemusement written on his face when she laughed. "I'm sorry you have to take care of him now but he's always been this way. Massacre or miracle couldn't change him."

"There's a Celia Kirk on file who is supposed to be about your age," McCoy said finally, realization painted on his face. "She disappeared off the grid about 14 years ago. During the massacre on Tarsus IV…"

"Found a guy, married him, lost him, kept his name," She winked at McCoy as she stood up. "These things tend to happen. You should know, Bones. Such an interesting nickname he's given you."

"You are different, Admiral," He inclined his head. "My apologies for earlier."

"Call me Celia, McCoy. You're practically family with how you take care of Jim," She smiled dazzlingly. "And he always did have the ability to bring out the best in everyone around him. My foul mood is usually gone when he's around. I've missed him all these years."

"Mine only seems to increase," McCoy growled. She smiled fondly and patted his shoulder.

"Leonard… Besides making sure he doesn't kill himself can you do me one or two other favors?"

"Of course," McCoy said, his voice strangled.

"Spock will be delivering weekly reports to me. I'd like you to add to these reports," She straightened up, a flowing twinkle in her eye. "Also… Tell my nephew that I am keeping tabs on him, even if he is a grown man. Tell him to remember our talk and that he isn't alone in this world."

She began to walk away but stopped at the doorway. "And tell him that his family is proud of him. His Earth family and his space found family. So he should stop doing crazy antics that are going to get him killed. Tell him… it's a request from his favorite aunt."

"You of all people should know how he feels about orders, Celia Kirk,"

"It's worth a shot. He shouldn't be dead. It's just who he is. He'll live forever,"

"I can agree to that if I can manage to keep him alive," McCoy smirked.

"Then I leave it to you…, Bones," She winked. "Keep my nephew alive,"

The End


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